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doTERRA BOGO Special #3

Anyone using essential oils has already discovered the power in just one little drop and is probably kbows how to get their hands on more.  But those of you who don’t know what they are…LISTEN UP!

What are essential oils?
The standard answer is…  Essential Oils are pure plant botanicals extracted from every useful part of a plant, tree or flower (meaning stems, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, rinds, seeds, and even sap).  These volatile aromatic compounds are tiny organic molecules w/ protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes to help heal infection.

But what they really are is nature’s first medicine.  I’m not here to give you a bible study but when asked what’s so special about essential oils I have to start w/ the fact that God intended plants to become our medicine when we need healing.  They are God breathed therefore contain power from his actual words, created w/ his voice! Essential oils are divinely ordained as medicine for God’s children and are meant to be used w/ his guidance accompanied w/ prayer 🙂  (I get chills and sometimes even teary eyed when I teach about this to a class full of people)

I hear people say “..but they’re too expensive”.  Com’mon people look at it from the perspective of someone who spent countless hours in doctor’s office waiting rooms (and the ER on several occasions), there are 250 drops in a 15 mL bottle, that’s 250 doses!  For the most part you only need ONE DROP to cure what ails ya!

Well, here’s your chance to basically get your oils HALF OFF (so to speak).  Once every so often the brand I use and highly recommend will offer BOGO (buy one, get one free) specials and THIS IS THE WEEK!!!!  You will not get this kinda deal anywhere else 😉

The first two days were amazing (On Guard w/ Lavender and Spearmint w/ Peppermint) and I have a feeling it’s only going to keep getting better ❤

Day #3
Buy DIGESTZEN $41.33 (retail) / $31 (wholesale) plus tax/ship and get MARJORAM free ($25.33 value)

DIGESTZEN (Digestive Blend)- Many essential oils have been recognized for their digestive health benefits. DigestZen® takes advantage of these well-established healthy compounds in a proprietary blend of pure essential oils. Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander and Anise each have specific attributes which add to the overall efficacy of this potent blend.  dōTERRA’s DigestZen helps reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion. Works well for diarrhea and constipation. Can even help calm a cough. For aromatic, topical, or dietary use.

💧Aids in digestion of food (Be sure to take with you in your purse or whenever eating out.)
💧Eases feelings of queasiness
💧Great for little ones during times of stomach upset.
💧Helps reduce bloating/gas
💧Add to water or tea to help maintain healthy gastrointestinal tract.
💧Helps reduce occasional indigestion
💧Have on hand during heavy meals.
💧Take DigestZen when traveling or flying for motion sickness.

Watch this one minute video about the benefits of the Digestive Blend


MARJORAM – Also referred to as “wintersweet” or “joy of the mountains”, Marjoram is one of the most common herbs found in kitchens around the world. Valued for its calming properties, Marjoram may be added to a soothing massage blend for targeting tired, stressed muscles. For aromatic, topical, or dietary use.
I use it mostly in a “pain” roller and when kids have a fever.
Apply to the back of the neck to lessen feelings of stress*
• Apply to muscles before and after exercising
• Valued for its calming properties and positive effect on the nervous system*
• Supports a healthy immune system*
• May promote a healthy cardiovascular system*.

💧Apply to the back of the neck to ease tension and stress.
💧Diffuse before going to bed for a good night’s sleep.
💧Use Marjoram EO in any recipe that calls for marjoram.
💧Great for stressed or tired muscles
💧Valued for its calming properties
💧Stress relief – Add to your bath to ease and soak away stress.
💧Taste Enhancer – Add to olive oil for an herbal punch of flavor. Yummy in bread dips!
💧Stomachic – Marjoram oil can help keep your stomach in proper working order.
💧Soother – Rub on the bottom of your child’s feet to soothe fussiness and restlessness.
💧Immune Booster – Put one drop into a 4 fluid oz drink to support your immune system.
💧Nerve Invigorator – Use aromatically, topically, or internally to calm and support the nervous system.
💧Muscle Relaxation – Dilute with fractionated coconut oil then rub on stressed muscles before and after you exercise.
💧Vasodilator – When taken internally, marjoram offers cardiovascular support.
💧Respiration – Drop on the wall of the shower to support respiratory function and clear airways.

Watch this one minute video about how to use Marjoram


There is now a limit of 6 that can be ordered per account so if you’d like to add one of these bogo specials to your arsenal let me know and I’ll bulk order


I ain’t gonna lie y’all, this is way better than Christmas (and lasts a whole lot longer) heehee

If you are not yet a member of doTERRA with your own wholesale account you can join by going here and signing up but don’t forget to add your DIGESTZEN to your cart and the MARJORAM will automatically be added!

**This offer expires TONIGHT at 11:59pm MST, so take action ASAP


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I love daily Facebook “memories” but quite frankly, it does sorta freak me out!  I mean does it kinda make ya go Hmmmm…

My memory popped up the other day and as usual I like to scroll back through to see how my life may (or may not) have changed…  I am proud to share that particular memory with you as I feel my family’s health has improved drastically over the years because of not only how we eat but how we treat 💕

Y’all know my AdvoCare testimony but now I’m on a new path to great health (in addition to Advo)

I am in FULL agreement that a WHOLE FOODS diet is the best way to optimal health!!

Shopping around the parameter of the store and staying away from the aisles is a great tip to keep in mind. The aisles are full of processed, preservatives, trans fats, and tons of sugar. That stuff is killing us…LITERALLY and causing our nation to become obsese! I also KNOW that even doing so, there will still be nutritional gaps that need to be filled w/ supplements. I’m not shy about telling y’all when I started AdvoCare it was more about vanity than health and nutrition! It is true I was concerned about my health after having a mini-stroke but even that didn’t put me on the right path. Yes, I wanted to FEEL better! I was tired of having daily heartburn and migraines…

But truth be told, I wanted to look good to my husband! I wanted to see a picture of myself and not cringe over “the way that I’d become”. AdvoCare helped me to jumpstart my weight loss as well as dramatically improve my health. But there was still the issue of my family’s health. Though I was feeding them “better”, they didn’t always eat what I prepared. You know my lil’ Princess was sick A L-O-T for what seemed like several years! And yes, she’s always taken a children’s multi-vitamin (which after I finally taught myself to read labels I discovered was full of preservatives, artificial colors/flavors and full of sugar). I hated knowing going to the doctor would mean antibiotics EVEN when there was no infection (“We’ll give her this just in case”), that my friends is why antibiotics DON’T work when our children DO NEED IT.

Once it finally hit me (like a brick) that the enthusiast’s TIC disorder/TS was in all actuality a “gut-brain” issue I started looking into what he should or rather should not be consuming. One of the big “triggers”…ANTIHISTAMINE. He’d been suffering w/ allergies something awful and I’d just recently started giving him an OTC allergy medication. So what could I give him? Once I started STUDYING (and I’m talking on my own, NOT for my nutrition certification class), reading everything I could get my hands on and talking to anybody I found that was dealing w/ the same type situations, I began to realize there are a LOT of people looking to CURE their families in a non-pharmaceutical way. I’d already hit up Pinterest on numerous, numerous occasion for “natural remedies” to headaches, back pain or pms   This is when I started to consider essential oils. It was w/in a matter of days that a FB friend (who’s posts NEVER show up on my feed) posted information regarding “an oils class”…hello God, I hear ya knocking!!

Essential oils provide something for you that cannot be found anywhere else. They are pure botanical extracts. I’ve heard it asked, “Why can’t I just eat a lemon or squeeze it’s juices into my water, why do I need the “oil”?” (Shhhh…it was actually me that asked the question) These oils are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED meaning it would take 45 lemons vs. a 15ml bottle, we’re talking you would use 2 drops of the oil into your 16 oz water rather than half+ of a real lemon. (Lavender? 30 lbs of flowers vs. 15ml oil!). These oils can be used aromatic (drops in a diffuser), internal (by mouth, in liquids, meal recipes, etc.) and/or topical (apply to certain areas of the body depending on the function of the oil being used). DoTERRA has opened my eyes to a whole new world… I ain’t gonna lie, I gotta LOT to learn so there’s more to come…

Until then, for further information go here

Now, I can’t wait to see what memory will freak me out tomorrow

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The kid is back in town

Hello strangers!  It has been so long since we’ve talked :/  Do you have some time to catch up?  I mean, shoot fire this could take a while 🙂

Basketball consumes our lives (and I LOVE it!).  The enthusiast has become quite the player.  Last season he never wanted to take a shot but has always been tall so made a great defensive player.  He just wasn’t aggressive enough to “get in there”.  What a difference a year makes.  NOW, he’s THE TALLEST (16 yo in May, standing 6′ 4″ or 5″…we’re not exactly sure on that one lol) and towers over most, he’s aggressive (which makes it super fun to watch; no I don’t mean he beats up players haha), he gets 99% of the jump balls at start of the game AND he shoots…he scores (can ya hear that buzzer in the back ground hahaha)!  As a matter of fact he’s one of the top scorers.  Oh man, I love basketball!!!  However, he’s gotten his license and that puts a whole new spin on things (more on that when we have more time because you’re coffees gonna get cold).

My lil’ princess isn’t quite so little anymore but she still seems to rule the roost.  She’s a precious soul with a heart to give.  She’s still raising money for The Lamb Center Orphanage in The Philippines but is saddened because people don’t “give” or “buy” with vigor like they the did the first year she started it.  She sold fun size candy bars at school and ball games for $.25 a piece until Halloween hit and that ruined her business because everybody decided to eat (& try to sell) their own.  She plays piano beautifully and has a great talent for it, however she hates to practice which is making these more difficult pieces even more grooling (is that a real word).  She’s scheduled to try out for fine arts at school and her teacher has high hopes of her playing at the state level (she’s a 3rd grader y’all, she likes her friends and playing Star Wars dolls with daddy).

My eldest lovey and her husband have built and moved into their first house or should I say mansion (insert wide eyes here…that boogar is 3000 sq ft, has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, an office and a small salon and is absolutely amazing!!)  I am so excited for them I could spit!!  Now, it’s time for God to step in and give me er..uh..them some babies to fill those rooms.  She’s been married for 7 years…it’s TIME! I’m ready 🙂

Since the last time we chatted I got into Thirty-One because I didn’t have anything else to do (eye roll).  Honestly, I felt sorry for this girl so I attended her party and bought a bag.  Then she started selling and nobody was buying anything at her launch party (I’m sucha sucker and they know it) so I got a bigger bag.  THEN when I saw that I could have “all ten of these pieces” in the enrollment kit for just $99 I thought oh yea baby bring it!  Well, it would be Christmas before too long so maybe I could have a couple of catalog parties and make a little money for Christmas right?  BBL (big belly laugh)!  I was still ordering retail items for myself to help those parties and well, you get it, lots of inventory and no parties.  But man I got some nice bags lol!  However, I can’t carry FOUR BOXES of bags so for Christmas EVERYBODY (even the boys) got Thirty-One (which the girls were extremely excited)!!  Now some lovely strangers are getting awesome bags at fantastic bargains because I’m trying to sell them in my eBay store (for example a $48 crossbody purse just sold for $19.99 with free shipping—-these people are killing me).

Just before Christmas, well December 15th to be exact I had a horrible wreck!  This wreck was totally my fault!  The night before I had to have a rather serious and somewhat uncomfortable talk with my enthusiast and after dropping the kids off at school I was so lost in thought that I literally forgot I was driving.  Once I “came to” I realized there was a small, red truck STOPPED in front of me waiting to turn left.  I grasped the steering wheel, braced myself against the back of the seat for impact and thought “Oh God, this is it, I’m gonna die”.  When I opened my eyes there was smoke filling the truck and I thought it was on fire so I opened my door (being locked nobody from the outside could open) and then realized I couldn’t move my neck.  Excruciating pain!  My truck wasn’t on fire but the airbags had obviously deployed and the smoke from those were choking me but I wasn’t allowed out of the vehicle until EMS arrived.  The first lady on the scene came to check on me and all I could do was ask about the other driver to which she responded “I don’t even see another vehicle” and she took off running leaving me to believe I must’ve pushed him into the woods and he was surely dead.  Y’all this was a horrendous experience!  “What have I done? Lord whoever it is, protect them, please let them be ok.”  The next person I asked said, “He is laying on the ground.”  Was he thrown from the vehicle or did he get out and lay down, at this point I can’t see a thing, my truck is full of smoke, I’m coughing which hurts so bad I can’t describe and I think “Was I on my phone? No, I wasn’t texting. Did I even have the phone in my hand?”.  I don’t typically text while I drive but I have read texts driving before.  Y’all it’s a horrible thing!  If you text and drive please stop before you take someone else’s life!  Could you imagine LIVING knowing you were the reason someone else wasn’t.  Ok, so no I wasn’t, I checked later and all my “new” messages were still there.  EMS arrives, puts the collar on my neck, says the other guy is ok, “He’s in the office waiting to get checked out.”  See, he was turning into his place of employment and his co-workers drove a golf cart out to pick him up and take  him to the warm office while he waited for a 2nd ambulance.  I wasn’t in “shock” (I’ve been there before) but I was hysterical over the “unknown” with this other driver.

Ok, so longer story short….I was released with whiplash, the other guy was fine (age was on his side) and both our vehicles were totaled.  But wait, here’s the amazing part!  We should’ve both been killed that day!  God showed His grace and mercy to us and much favor to both our families.  Looking at my truck there was a “semi-circle” of damage to the center (I’d overheard that first lady say, “I saw her going off the road like she was trying to avoid him”—I don’t remember that but you’d think I would’ve hit him on the corner bumper).  The day I went to check on “Tyler” (yes, I needed to find out how he was) I saw his ’93 Ford with a “semi-circle” of damage to the center of his back bumper.  Y’all I have goosebumps and tears telling this story but I wholeheartedly believe that was God’s army of angels huddled between our vehicles and taking the impact that would’ve killed us ❤  God is good, all the time! (I’ve spent the last 3 weeks visiting the chiropractor 2-3/week trying to get rid of this crazy neck problem; oh two weeks after wreck my lower back “gave out” and doctor said “you’ve got to remember you had a lot of trama, it’s gonna take time”) wreck

I am more convinced of the power in essential oils than ever before.  On the ambulance ride I was nauseated and the EMT wanted to administer Zofran through an IV but I just asked for my purse and started with my Peppermint Beadlets (funny story I won’t go into but he has a friend that uses essential oils and knew about the beadlets).  While in the ER I declined all pain meds (remember I don’t even keep Tylenol in the house anymore) but the very second they took the collar off and sat me up it was all this immediate, flooding pain and of course I started to cry (which hurts my husband) and quickly grabbed the DeepBlue roller in my purse and had him start applying!  Every twenty minutes (or so) he was applying Frankincense (for inflammation), “Pain” roller (Frankincense, Oregano, Marjoram and Lemongrass) and then Deep Blue rub/lotion.  I was AMAZED how well it worked!!!! Wreck was Thursday and I was in church Sunday morning!  If that’s not testimony enough to get y’all wanting some of these amazing products then maybe this will help…JUST until Jan 15th with any 200pv (every item has a point value to it) order they are going to send you a FREE Frankincense (that’s a $93 retail value) free-frankAND check this out there’s a NEW YEAR NEW YOU promotion running all month.  When you enroll with your own wholesale account (25-50% discount) this month/Jan with at least 100pv and then order 100pv through your LRP (loyalty rewards program) next month/Feb they are going to add 100 points (equal $100) to your account.  That’s $100 in FREE oils of your choosing (PLUS $93 Frank if your initial order was as much as 200pv)!!!  I ❤ this company and these products soooo much!   lrp-graphic

Oh yea and Paparazzi Accessories? My $5 bling, yeah I still sell that too!  Problem IS I replenished all my 100’s of pieces of INVENTORY before Christmas when I started signing up for live events.  Those small “holiday market” types events do NOT draw in the people like one (ME) might would’ve thought.  I spent more for a table at these events than I recouped in sales…as a matter of fact, I only “broke even” once :/  So if you have a particular style in mind and trust me to pick a piece out for ya let me know lol~

Last but certainly not least…I’M BACK IN THE SADDLE UUUH-GAIN (you know you’re gonna be singing that all day now) and currently on day #4 of an AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge (meaning day #4 of the 10 day herbal cleanse) while implementing THM (aka Trim Healthy Mama) eating principles.  I feel fantastic, have already lost some belly bloat and have not been the least bit hungry!  I really believe applying the THM principles of separating fats and carbs helps me to stay satiated while the LLV (aka Lifelong Vitality) supplements and Catalyst have helped with the lack of energy most people suffer when starting a detox.  And oddly enough NO HEADACHES!  In addition to any/all of the above mentioned products I’m using tension blend, detoxification blend and magnesium supplement (which also helps to keep “things moving” if ya know what I mean).

I’ve missed you truly I have and I’m gonna do better, I promise! ❤


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What health issues do you battle

Do you ever wonder how to protect your health and avoid and beat cancer and other diseases?

Whether you seek to prevent serious diseases like cancer and heart disease — or beat them — you’ll discover many powerful and proven insights you aren’t hearing about from doctors that can literally save your life.

Want to join me and be a part of what’s being called the decade’s most important health event, for free?

For 3 days, nearly 50 of the world’s top health experts, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Josh Axe, Sayer Ji and many others, are getting together LIVE to reveal the most powerful but little-known health secrets. Tune in and watch it from anywhere in the world for free.

You won’t hear information like this anywhere else.

Register here —–>> for this free event starting October 14, 2016

This event is going to change your life and the lives of the people you love. The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium (October 14-16) is bringing together more than 40 experts to give more than 60 presentations. History will be made.

Watch LIVE. Watch FREE by signing up here, now!

The Ultimate Live Symposium October 14th-16th


Speakers will include:  Chris Wark * Dr. Ben Johnson * Dr. David Jockers * Dr. Eric Zielinski * Dr. Joseph Mercola * Dr. Josh Axe * Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby * Dr. Sherri Tenpenny * Dr. Tony Jimenez * Erin Elizabeth * Dr. Charles Major * Mike Adams * Ocean Robbins * Sayer Ji * Ty & Charlene Bollinger * Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski * Jordan Rubin * Dr. Andrew Wakefield * Jeffrey M. Smith * Dr. Jonathan Wright * Dr. Jack & Heather Wolfson *KC & Monica Craichy * Dr. Darrell Wolfe * Dr. Rashid Buttar * Dr. Leigh Ann Connealy * Dr. Patrick Quillin * Dr. Robert Scott Bell * Dr. Thomas Lodi * Dr. Daniel Nuzum * Cherie Calbom * Dr. Veronique Desaulniers * Dr. R. Ernest Cohn * Dr. Roby Mitchell * Dr. Lee Cowden * Dr. Edward F. Group III * Dr. Terry Harmon * Dr. Bill Cham * Dr. Galina Migalko * Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat * Dr. Sunil Pai * AJ Lanigan * Carol Alt * Dr. Howard Fisher * Mary Tocco * Dr. Irvin Sahni * Paul Barattiero * Dr. Bradford S. Weeks * Jefferey Jaxen

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Educate, expose and eradicate cancer

Educate, expose and eradicate cancer by learning ALL you can in how to prevent and treat it!

episode 3

Did you know there’s a virus that kills cancer? I’m guessing nobody does because it wouldn’t make big pharma the fat cow anymore! It’s called RIGVIR and in Russia, it’s FREE! To learn more about it just click the link below to register for and view “A Global Quest”. It is packed full of real, usable information that you can start applying today! Last night’s Episode 3: Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMO’s, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow is still available!

Friends and family who really know me know that I have had a passion to help others over the last 3-4 years like never before. I am in a constant state of research and learning. Weight, Cancer and finding alternative methods to treat symptoms otherwise masked with medication seem to be the biggest concerns of the people I’ve talked to. In order to help everyone as best I can I’ve become certified in Fitness Nutrition, gotten my diploma in Personal Nutrition, am currently working on my diploma for Weight Loss Specialist, I’ve received certificate from the Essential Oils University and am also a part of Dr. Axe Essential Oils Transformation. I tell you all this not to toot my horn but to say I TAKE THIS STUFF SERIOUSLY! I study and don’t just follow the lemurs. I do not want to simply offer you my opinion, I want to KNOW that what I’m sharing is backed up by real research!

What’s the best advice I can give you about WEIGHT? Eat REAL food! ❤

I haven’t personally faced cancer (but with the astounding statistics I could in the future) but those of you who have or currently are OR just want to avoid it… PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY SERIES!!!

If you are ready to take your own healthcare seriously and use alternative methods to everyday situations (even if it’s lessening the chemical footprint in your home) please contact me today and let’s set up a time to talk about how essential oils can benefit you and your family.


**DISCLAIMER: This website (including any/all site pages, blog posts, blog comments, forum, videos, audio recordings, etc.) is not intended to replace the services of a physician, nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have an urgent medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider. Any application of the recommendations from this blog is at the reader’s discretion.

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Do you ever wonder…

Do you ever wonder….
– The TRUTH about how cancer spreads
– How/what essential oils can benefit a compromised immune system
– Are there foods to avoid when dealing with cancer
– The most effective diagnostic methods for breast cancer (and the serious problem with mammograms)
– The effect and importance of hormones relating to cancer
Learn this AND more!

There have been so many studies done over how essential oils can benefit an ailing body but how can it help a compromised immune system that has allowed cancer cells (which everyONE has BTW) to metastasize?

I’ve heard from many people when getting the diagnosis of cancer that their doctors say NOTHING about nutrition!  As a matter of fact most of them were told to go eat whatever they wanted because the calories would only HELP!  I mean, hellur?  We ALL know that sugar feeds cancer…so what’s the deal?

Have you ever been concerned about mammograms?  I HAVE!!!  And due to fibroids I’ve had 3 years in a row that included 2 diagnostic mammos each year.  I’ve always wondered…is all that radiation actually CAUSING cancer?  I think the fact that Breast Cancer is THE #1 cancer….I have my answer!

Even if you could care less and have no concerns over cancer, register to watch so that I can have this series in my video library (because with today’s statistics showing by 2020 1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 3 men WILL HAVE CANCER…you’re going to want me to have this information to share) 🙂

Episode 3 starts tonight at 9:00 PM but you can still view Episode 2 “Cancer Fact & Fiction, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer” until 8:00 PM

Do me a favor and Puuuuuh-LEZE register HERE

global quest

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Did you watch?

Did you watch Episode 1 of the The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest that started last night? It’s not too late, the first episode will be available for 24 hours. Please, please, I implore you to register and watch as it could be the MOST IMPORTANT documentary I’ve ever seen!!! Cancer is in fact a GLOBAL issue that effects millions!

This documentary is a TRUE STORY shared by 131 doctors, scientists AND survivors from more than 20 different countries. They all have one common goal—-to CURE CANCER and teach others there are ways around doing so without the poison of chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy has been proven to stimulate cancer stem cells—-YEP! Those cancer killing treatments are known carcinogenics….which cause what? You know it, cancer!!! PLEASE WATCH!!

Click the link below, enter your name and email TTAC will email you the episode link each day….

Register to watch here!

Ty and Charlene Bollinger and the TTAC staff have an amazing passion to share the truths they’ve found with all of us and I don’t want you to miss out!  I viewed this documentary/9 part series back in the fall and it only verified what I already thought about conventional cancer treatments…what an eye-opener this must’ve been to so many!

I feel it’s no longer a question of IF we get cancer but WHEN!!  I want to have my “plan” in place so this time I’M TAKING NOTES 🙂  However, I’d love to own this docu-series and I CAN with your help!  By clicking the link I’ve provided and registering to view this documentary, I will “win” the entire TTAC: A Global Quest Continues on DVD and you will walk away with more knowledge than you though possible (as well as a few AH HA and OH NO moments).  After you register, YOU will receive your own link to share with others so that you may earn your own copy as well (y)

Ty sent out an email with some Q&A I thought you might find interesting…..

“So here you go… I wanted to answer 6 of the most common questions real quick below before we get started tonight. 🙂

Q. What television channel is this being aired on?

A. First, while the quality of this documentary series easily qualifies it for being aired on TV, TV stations would likely consider the content “too controversial” for reasons you’ll understand with tonight’s first episode that you don’t want to miss.

Plus, none of the major cable channels or even the networks are available to everyone everywhere… certainly not for free! We have many people registered to watch from all corners of the globe, and the only way we can reach everyone anywhere and show this entire series free is via the Internet. 🙂

Q. Does this docu-series give real solutions or is this just a clever sales pitch to sell me some “magic” potions?

A. Just ask anyone who’s watched our first two earlier docu-series,  “The Quest For The Cures” and “The Quest For The Cures… Continues,” or the millions who saw and shared “A Global Quest” when we first aired it in 2015 to limited release!

What you’ll see is as “real deal” as it gets, and no, don’t worry, we’re not selling any “secret potions.”

We’re truly on a mission, as you’ll see, to educate the world about all the best ways to prevent, treat, and beat cancer — many of which you’ve never heard about before because Big Pharma and others don’t want you to know about them!

We’re sharing this genuinely life-saving information so that you know your options for treatments… and so that you’re MUCH better prepared for preventing cancer in the first place.

You’re going to be blown away by everything you discover during these next 9 days!

Q. Is it too late for my friends and family to sign up free for this series?

A. We’ve been getting this question a lot for days, and even as of right now — with the important Episode 1 starting tonight at 9:00pm Eastern — no, it’s still not too late! 🙂

Just send them this link …

…and encourage them to sign up as soon as possible to watch Episode 1 tonight!

Q. How long is each episode?

A. Each episode is about an hour and fifteen minutes, with the exception of the first episode tonight, and the last episode (episode 1 and episode 9). These two are close to two (2) hours long as we just couldn’t edit them down any smaller — the information was just too valuable.

Q. Where else can I get the episode links and other updates about the series?

A. Great question. We know from past experience that email services like Gmail and Yahoo can be a little aggressive and sometimes they put our emails into your junk folder or even just straight into the trash.

(PLEASE make sure to check your “Promotions” tab if you use Gmail and haven’t been seeing email from us, and move it into your Inbox. If you use Yahoo, Hotmail, or others, please check to make sure our emails are not going into your spam or bulk folders. Please be sure to add our email ( to your email contacts list!)

And a great solution is to also follow us on Facebook here. This way, if you do miss our email somehow, you’ll still be able to get the links each day on our Facebook page!

Q. What if I have questions or need more clarity about something discussed in one of the episodes?

A. We’re going to be doing a LIVE Q&A where I will be go episode by episode answering your top questions! 🙂

Below every episode, on the page, you’ll see a section that says “Live Q&A With Ty.” Just click on the link in that section and submit your top questions about that episode.

**Note** you can submit questions about each and every episode. So please don’t be shy; if you need more clarity or answers, please submit questions for me to answer.

Okay, that’s it for this email. 🙂

I hope this helps, and keep an eye out for another email from me soon today with the link to watch tonight’s episode. (Remember, we go live at 9:00pm Eastern US time.)

Thanks and I’ll see you tonight,

Ty Bollinger

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