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Early Christmas BOGO Day 5


I hate to leave you but I really must say… good bye Today is our last BOGO Special and it’s a sad time… or is it?

Day 5
This HERO line was formulated to soothe and cool!  For the record I use BOTH and typically daily!  Works well on my plantars fasciitis so my feet don’t cramp through the night and use it on arthritic finger during the day! Honestly, I can’t live without MY Deep Blue

BUY Deep Blue Essential Oil / 5 mL ($44 retail / $33 wholesale)
Deep Blue is a blend of oils perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout. Colder weather can intensify the stiffness in your joints so use your oil and rub in tandem to ease movement. Massage deep blue with few drops of carrier oil onto growing kids legs before bedtime.  We add drops of this oil into a glass roller bottle (lick the lip gloss bottles we used to get as kids) with some carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil, jajoba, almond or even vitamin E) and apply specifically to achy joints (elbows, knees, shoulder)… you think I’m crazy but you can literally feel the pain slip-sliding away 😉
DB oilGET Deep Blue Rub (4 oz lotion $42.67 value) FREE!!
Deep Blue Rub provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas. This perfect duo is an essential addition to your bathroom cabinet and gym bag. Own this power packed combo for a Wholesale price of $33 or Retail for $44.
DB rubHow ironic that I’ve been “promoting” the Deep Blue rub basically all week in the Simple Solutions Kit and here it is as a BOGO special!!  Trust me, do not worry about having “too much” rub… THERE’S NO SUCH THING!  My ball-playerS go through a tube of this stuff in NO TIME!!  It’s convenient for throwing in their gym bags and easy application before or after a game ❤ Oh be sure to check out all the other items in the Deep Blue product line

When you’re looking for the most economical way to join consider this..
1- you can always pay retail Y Tho?
2- you can pay $35 for a wholesale membership which offers you a 25% off retail (like getting a Costco or Sams card)
3- you can purchase an enrollment kit and your $35 fee is included in the already discounted price

May I suggest the new Simple Solutions Kit?  It offers more than you may expect and for today only when adding a BOGO special it offers pretty much double lol~

DeepBlue for aches, pains, & sore muscles (think “natural icy hot”)
Serenity for restful sleep and calming anxiety                                                                 –OnGuard to help boost immunity, kill airborne pathogens and wipe out bacteria
Lemon is a phenomenal cleansing agent, purifies the air,  has digestive benefits and supports healthy respiratory function

How about some diffuser options?? For a LIMITED TIME the Petal and Lumo diffusers already come with free essential oils 🙌🏼 That plus today’s BOGO? 😱 #WinWin

What is so special about the essential oil brand my family uses? Purity!  Efficacy! Helping others!

An important aspect of the pursuit of purity includes the extensive scientific testing that dōTERRA® performs. We do more than 52 different tests, but the analytical chemistry is only part of the equation. Purity includes the biological chemistry, which is how the different products interact with our bodies. There is no way we can pursue what’s pure without adding biological chemistry into the discussion. That’s just one more reason I’m grateful to be aligned with a company that looks at the whole picture of purity.

Pictured below is a DNA molecule interacting with STAT3, a protein which is responsible for many important biochemical processes that has been studied alongside essential oils by dōTERRA’s research partners.


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Early Christmas BOGO Day 3

Make sure you’re following these BOGO tips when you order to maximize your shopping experience!
bogo tipsBUY Lavender $30.67 Retail / $23 Wholesale
lavenderLavender is a MUST have oil to keep on hand at all times! Is is the most versatile oil used!  Properties include calming, relaxing and melting away tension. It also supports a great night of rest and is go to when it comes to first aid.  Get burned taking pans outta the oven “throw some Lavender on it”, bug bite itching “how bout grab the lavender”, little bit of anxiety about crowd of people coming over “lavender can be your go to”, feel a headache creepin up “try some lavender” 🙂

GET Peppermint FREE ($29.33 value)
Peppermint cools the body (so rub on your feet for hot flash), helps you stay alert, relieves head tension, promotes feelings of clear breathing and relieves stomach upset when ingested….this oil packs a punch! Driving late and fear you’ll doze off? Grab some Peppermint!  Sinus headache got you in a fog? Use your Peppermint!  Funky breath gonna knock somebody out? (lol~) Put a drop on your tongue.  Car rides make you queazy? Roll Peppermint around your belly.  I dare to say this might be the #2 versatile oil used 😉

day 3

Can’t get enough oil education? Be sure to like and follow my page for daily oil education, usage tips, and recipes! —–>

IF you do NOT have a wholesale account yet, THIS is the perfect time for you to get started. A Wholesale Account will allow you to save an additional 25% on all the products this week!  Grab this enrollment kit! At just $105, it’s a steal and waves the $35 wholesale registration fee! That means wholesale pricing on anything you want for a year is included!

Simple sol

Simple Solutions / Enrollment Kit

PLUS get $50 in FREE oils with our Enrollment Promo this month #WhatWhat I KNOW you won’t need help with what to spend it on but IF you do, I’m here 😉

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Early Christmas BOGO Day 2

Did YOU order Day 1’s awesome BOGO Special (On Guard / Breathe)?  I certainly hope so because it will kill those lingering flu germs better than Clorox (y)  IF you did not get it because you thought “I don’t know what to do with these oils” then don’t you worry… because I’ve got you covered 😉  When you join my team as a wholesale customer THIS WEEK I’ll send you this germ buster special as a gift
onguard bacteria

Don’t worry, I love helping people, it’s the “desire” that we read about in Psalms 37:4, it wasn’t a goal I set out to help others until God put that desire in my heart.  It’s true, I will go out of my way for you.  BUT there are some people I have had to “cut-off” because honestly I think they feel their time is worth more than mine because I am “only“ a stay-at-home mom who’s only work outside of the house consists of watching my grandbaby BUT…
~I am a health coach
~I teach people how to take the health of their families into their own hands thru nutrition and essential oils
~I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
~I am a certified Weight Loss Specialist
~I have diplomas in Childhood Nutrition, Personal Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition
NOT to mention I have the same mom responsibilities as every other typical mom who has a husband and children at home (AND because I have a son with special dietary needs maybe even more).  
I will answer your questions and guide you (over and over and OVER AGAIN) but there comes a time when you need to study and learn a little on your own!  TAKE NOTES!  I will guide you in the right direction and help you in a pinch but you can hold the same resources in your hand that I do… a lot of it comes from trial and error 😉

<<drum roll please>> NOW, let’s roll out Day 2’s BOGO

BUY DigestZen (Digestive Blend)

GET (not one, but TWO FREE) Stronger AND Tamer from the Kid’s Collection




Get ready to have digestive support for the whole family! DigestZen is one of the fastest acting oils to calm down indigestion, bloating & stomach upset. Use topically or internally as needed…a household must have!

Own two of the top oils from our Kids Line that are perfectly packaged in a convenient roller bottle! Tamer is the latest addition that is a digestive blend to soothe and cool with an amazing uplifting aroma. Stronger is used on the back of the neck or bottoms of the feet for an added boost or protection when you are not feeling your best. day 2 DZOwn all 3 oils for Wholesale of $33 or Retail $44!!!!

The brand of essential oils you use DOES MATTER!!!  When I first started using essential oils my sister asked would I be offended if she went with a different brand.  My response was, “I’m just excited you’re going more natural, use what works”.  After about 6 months she was frustrated and discouraged because I was having such success and she was NOT… until she finally made the switch.  Since oils are starting to get more recognized lots of companies are popping up all over the place trying to get in on the action.  You can’t go into any store without seeing “100% pure; All-Natural”.  Don’t believe EVERYTHING you read!  The FDA does not regulate the essential oil industry so companies can use as little as 10% actual essential oil in their bottle (filled up with synthetic fillers) and call it pure   😦 it actually saddens me that so many people are fooled.  Y’all if you can find a bottle of Frankincense for $5 I certainly hope you don’t expect much.. and don’t come crying to me that it didn’t work because your body will be able to tell the difference between that and the real stuff!

I have tried others with no health benefits and quite frankly they didn’t even smell good but now, for the last six years, I only use my brand because it’s true high quality, the pureness of the plant can be smelled from the bottle and IT WORKS!

Are you not a member yet? Now is the time to enroll and get your own membership! Our enrollment kits are the best option, and any BOGO this week can be added to your enrollment order!  Here’s the kicker though, each BOGO is only available for that day!
New kits
IF you need help choosing which kit best suits your needs please do not hesitate to reach out 🙂  AND DON’T FORGET this month when you enroll with at least 100PV we’re going to give you 50 points (=$50) in your account to use next month towards these wonderful products


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Christmas coming early.. BOGO tomorrow

Do y’all realize that Christmas is ONLY 5 weeks away?!?!?!  Yikes!  When I was “single” my shopping (& wrapping most years) was done by late August (I can’t help but laugh at that now, WHO does that?)

Well, guess what?  In the Essential Oil world Christmas came early!  It all started Nov 1st when the Holiday items came out but TOMORROW 11/18/19 we got something special every day through 11/22.  It’s BOGO baby (aka buy one get one free).

WHAT is Day 1 BOGO???
day 1 power couple
Buy ON GUARD (Protective Blend)  $45.33 / $34.00
ON GUARD Receive BREATHE (Respiratory Blend) for FREE ($29.33 VALUE)
BREATHE This article will help you Get Ready with dōTERRA On Guard and Breathe

Are you not a member yet? Now is the time to enroll and get your own membership! Our enrollment kits are the best option, and tomorrow’s BOGO can be added to your enrollment order!
wholesaleLet me give you more good news… there’s NEW ENROLLMENT KITS!!!



AND GET THIS… You can even get your shipping back in points if you order through the Loyalty Rewards Program!
free ship

**Wholesale members that enrolled prior to Nov. 1 are eligible for this. Ordering through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a perk you receive beginning with your second month of membership.
To get full shipping credited back in points: Run the order as an LRP order and process it (don’t save as a future order if ordering BOGOs). DōTERRA offers half of what you spend credited as an LRP incentive and half credited for utilizing the website vs. a customer service rep. Do both and get 100% back in points! ($3.99 shipping = 4 points)
New members (enrolled in Nov.) cannot utilize the LRP, but they do receive shipping points back on their initial enrollment order. After that initial order, any other BOGO orders will need to be placed as a one-time order (still a great deal with wholesale pricing!) However, as long as the one-time order is placed online (not called in), they still get HALF of their shipping credited back in points!

To show our appreciation we’re offering a special promotion just for NEW CUSTOMERS.  This month only, when you enroll with 100pv order, we’ll give you 50 FREE POINTS (points = $$)

How it works:  During the month of November, earn 50 points ($50) by placing a 100 PV ENROLLMENT ORDER.  You will see this reflected in your account on or just after the 15th of December

Just in case you don’t understand HOW Buy One, Get One FREE works ….

  1. Each day a NEW BOGO deal is launched and that deal is only good for the day it is posted.
  2. For any current dōTERRA member, please go into your back office and order your BOGO on your account. You will get your cost of shipping back in points and you can order up to FIVE BOGOs per day … this is a great time to share with your family and friends (and I for one am always thinking ahead–Christmas, Birthday, etc)
  3. Non dōTERRA members, you have the opportunity to order through me IF you’re one of the first FIVE people to contact me and send payment for your BOGO (+ tax) via PayPal using the friends & family option 🙂
  4. For orders done through me -> Shipping is FREE if you are local (you will need to pick up at my home in Madison, NC) and a flat $8* for the US (*subject to change if any BOGO includes a diffuser) will cover BOGOs from the entire week.
  5.  For those non members who are interested in becoming a member, a membership is the smartest way to get your oils this week! Friend don’t let friends buy retail!! 😉
  6.  You only need to put in the oil you are buying! The free oil will automatically appear when you process!

Want to learn more about this amazing duo?  Be sure to look back at previous HSM post


**DISCLAIMER – The products and statements made about specific products on hotsparkmama have not been evaluated by the US FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  All information provided here unto is for informational purposes only based on known and/or personal experiences. It is not intended to substitute for advice from your healthcare provider.

The information and research stated here has been of my own accord through countless hours spent in training, nutritional classes, biblical health coaching and information gleaned from various books and other sources.  All research and information was gathered independently of Charity Baptist Church, AdvoCare and Essential Oils and is for informational purposes only.  I am NOT a Nutritionist, Dietitian or bible scholar, I am simply a MOM trying to teach my children to serve a mighty sovereign God, take care of their bodies NOW so they won’t have to worry later and that there are alternative options in doing so.   I am a certified FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), Weight Loss Specialist, with diplomas in Childhood Nutrition, Personal Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition using essential oils while striving to be the best Biblical Health Coach (whew, that was a mouthful) ❤

 **I am an Independent Distributor of essential oils and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of good health, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

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