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Vios ~ Plant Based Nutrition Review

on May 25, 2017

There’s a new kid in town….
Vios Nutrition! Vios is Greek for LIFE ❤

I’m always looking to better my health and the health of my family so when I hear “Plant-based nutrition” (though we do eat meat) it always peeks my interest.  And then I hear the word “convenience”…well heck yeah, count me in (y)

THEN the real kicker—- “All Víos products contain quality certified organic ingredients, are gluten-free, non GMO and 100% vegan. There are no preservatives, nothing artificial, no fillers and no sugar added. Pure quality ingredients… the way nature intended.” so y’all know I was gonna check that out!

Vios Nutrition is a new, LOCAL (to me, NC) company and if I recall correctly they were just established in April, 2016 and reached $1 million in sales within their first year!!  WOW!

Víos currently only offers 2 products, PHYTE and Matrix.  With all the key words I look for in nutrition products I ordered “samples” of these products and anxiously awaited their arrival.

PHYTE is a phytonutrition greens supplement that contains a powerful proprietary blend of cereal grasses, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa leaves, and other greens. This unique combination of greens provides essential vitamins, minerals and proteins, and promotes overall good health. PHYTE is rich in chlorophyll, which is vital for the synthesis and function of healthy oxygen-rich blood, boosting stamina and endurance. PHYTE also contains essential enzymes and fiber that aid in digestion and help maintain healthy pH balance.

It’s a concentrated super, whole food, grown without pesticides and harvested at the plants’ peak nutritional level.  There’s no added yeast, sugar, salt, egg, fats, flavors, gluten, dairy or preservatives making it a perfect fit for my family’s dietary needs (no beef, corn, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar, wheat or yeast).

MATRIX is a complete, plant-based meal replacement shake with a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, branched chain amino acids pre and probiotics, and high quality fiber. Matrix is whey-free, with no added sugar, salt, synthetic vitamins or minerals, fillers or preservatives. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and is USDA Certified Organic.

Matrix’s protein blend promotes muscle strengthening and conditioning; its fiber and carb blend helps boost stamina, energy and endurance; pre- and probiotics promote digestive health and support the body’s immune system; and its revolutionary adaptogen mix helps the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Matrix is only 140 calories and contains 21 grams of protein.

Ingredients list is long but ALL REAL INGREDIENTS!! The protein comes from a blend of pea powder, millet powder, quinoa powder and pumpkin seed powder.  The adaptogen (herbs) blend consists of ashwagandha root, maca root and schizandra berry (uh yea, I had to look that one up too, it’s a real thing) powders.  Fiber in the mix is from golden flax seed, apple pectin, psyllium and aloe vera herb powders.  Then there’s a list of pre & probiotics as well as enzymes but those are some words that you won’t understand unless you already know what they are so I’m not gonna go into listing them 😉  Matrix also offers extracts of  vanilla, luo han guo, licorice and stevia.  Again, this product contains NO added yeast, sugars, salt, egg, dairy, synthetic vitamins or minerals, fillers or preservatives.

In the days leading up to arrival, I took a look at the owners and staff, and the business opportunity in the form of investment options.  Just think, what if YOU had gotten in on the bottom level of Facebook or Whole Foods, where would you be today?  I don’t have a plethora of cash laying around and there are lots of opportunity to spend what little there is on much needed repairs to our house but I started thinking…. “I’ve tried a lot of “vegan” proteins that leave a LOT to be desired, IF the Matrix was something I and my children could drink and would actually enjoy then there’s other people who are going to get excited about this product.  I mean look at our booming health food industry and the circle of “alternative options” is getting bigger, people are becoming more interested in “organic” products and wanting a “better way”…what if this is it?  What if I could take this high risk opportunity in a new company and it got BIG? What if my minimal investment actually paid off?”  I’ve never considered myself a dreamer and I’ve never (EVA) been a risk taker but my mind has been spinning with excitement, anticipation and what if’s!

THEN IT CAME!! My products arrived and I joyfully….sat them aside!  What was I waiting for?  I’d done all the research, I knew the products were good for me, all the anxious, giddy, excitement I had waiting (& studying) for them to get here and then I was afraid lol (yep that’s me, crazy like a fox).  BUT TODAY I BIT THE BULLET, I DID IT!

The PHYTE is your typical “greens” type powder, a dark, rich green that smells like…well, honestly, smells like grass haha (what else would you expect).  It contains barley grass, wheat grass, alphalfa leaf, sprouted barley, spirulina, chlorella, spinach leaf, nettle leaf and dandelion leaf with apple pectin, brown rice bran, beet juice powder and licorice root.  I have NEVER had a greens powder that I could drink in plain water so I did NOT attempt to do so this time either (though I may try it again just to see).  I added 1 c coconut water, 1 organic apple and juice of a 1/4 lemon with the greens pack and got it down with no problem!  Now, I ain’t gonna lie, I wasn’t as excited at the idea of trying the Phyte as I was the Matrix….I mean greens is greens am I right?  It looked rather disgusting but truly it didn’t taste bad at all.  I noticed almost immediately that I “felt” good, I felt healthy, I felt like I had gotten adequate “green” into my dietary which offered me a boost of “energy”.  I noticed I was being silly with my little, not my usual sarcasm but unbeknownst to me silly on her 9yo level haha.  Only downfall was that just including 2g protein I was still hungry.

Approximately 30-45 minutes later upon opening the Matrix I thought if it tastes half as good as it smells we have definitely picked a winner here.  Other vegan proteins I’ve had no matter what I added I couldn’t make it taste good enough to finish (bleeeeck) but I actually tasted this one just mixed with plain, unsweetened almond milk and it was “ok”, I mean I could’ve gotten it down and probably even finished it but wouldn’t have “enjoyed it”.  Like I said, OK, it had some what of a “dirt” taste BUTTTT once I added 6 cubes of ice and JUST a tsp of natural peanut butter….OHHH MYYY WORD!  I loved it!  Literally, it smelled like birthday cake (now my Dr. Axe whey protein smells like birthday cake and I love the taste but my son can’t have it because of the dairy), it didn’t have the “vanilla” taste I expected and there was no nasty aftertaste.  As a matter of fact the aftertaste was somewhat of a “sweetness” in my mouth 😀  Not only was it satisfying to my tastebuds but it was also pleasingly satiety (I never can use that word right)satisfying.  Didn’t make me feel FULL but satisfied…like I could’ve added another ounce or two with a tad more peanut butter and woulda been too much but just several more swigs woulda been good.

And added bonus which some will consider a TMI (but if you’ve stuck w/ me for long you know I’m all about sharing too much information haha) but within 30 mins (heck maybe less, because if was BEFORE this paragraph) I had my second BM today 🙂  (If y’all know my story, I used to go WEEKS and not have one but once I started watching what I ate and supplemented correctly I’m regular…but not regular like a “healthy body” should be.  Every time you eat, you should poop!  I’m typically 1-2x/day but it’s just now noon time and I’ve been 2x so whoop whoop)

I could’ve added the PHYTE and the MATRIX together rather than having two separate drinks but I wanted to be sure I tasted them individually

Bottom line, I will order MORE!
Not sure yet about the investment but it’s now something I’ve become MORE interested in since trying the products.  Just have to figure that out pretty quickly as that option is only available 6 more days (yikes)

OH…one more thing about the company…
“A key aspect of living The Víos Life is to help improve the communities where we live and serve, and to assist those who are less fortunate in the developing world. We are proud to partner with Hydrating Humanity, a faith-based non-profit humanitarian organization providing clean, safe water, hygiene training and hope for people in developing nations.

Each year, inadequate access to safe drinking water and improper sanitation cause an estimated 1.9 million deaths in developing countries, mostly among young children. Hydrating Humanity’s core purpose is to help connect resources to needs in developing nations throughout the world. It does this by first recognizing the strengths a particular community has, then partnering with that community to empower the people for a change, at a local level, that is sustainable long after Hydrating Humanity has left.

Víos is committed to supporting Hydrating Humanity’s critical mission. Each time a Brand Partner joins the Víos revolution, we provide six months of clean drinking water and hygiene training to a person in a developing nation, helping the organization to spread hope throughout the world.”

I ❤ ❤ ❤ working with a company that GIVES BACK!!


*Disclaimer – This review was written by hotsparkmama with no outside influence or any compensation from this company or their representatives.  I tried a new product that I enjoyed and wanted to share with others.  I will however, be looking into the investment opportunity with this new company, Vios Nutrition.


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