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on February 6, 2017

I love daily Facebook “memories” but quite frankly, it does sorta freak me out!  I mean does it kinda make ya go Hmmmm…

My memory popped up the other day and as usual I like to scroll back through to see how my life may (or may not) have changed…  I am proud to share that particular memory with you as I feel my family’s health has improved drastically over the years because of not only how we eat but how we treat 💕

Y’all know my AdvoCare testimony but now I’m on a new path to great health (in addition to Advo)

I am in FULL agreement that a WHOLE FOODS diet is the best way to optimal health!!

Shopping around the parameter of the store and staying away from the aisles is a great tip to keep in mind. The aisles are full of processed, preservatives, trans fats, and tons of sugar. That stuff is killing us…LITERALLY and causing our nation to become obsese! I also KNOW that even doing so, there will still be nutritional gaps that need to be filled w/ supplements. I’m not shy about telling y’all when I started AdvoCare it was more about vanity than health and nutrition! It is true I was concerned about my health after having a mini-stroke but even that didn’t put me on the right path. Yes, I wanted to FEEL better! I was tired of having daily heartburn and migraines…

But truth be told, I wanted to look good to my husband! I wanted to see a picture of myself and not cringe over “the way that I’d become”. AdvoCare helped me to jumpstart my weight loss as well as dramatically improve my health. But there was still the issue of my family’s health. Though I was feeding them “better”, they didn’t always eat what I prepared. You know my lil’ Princess was sick A L-O-T for what seemed like several years! And yes, she’s always taken a children’s multi-vitamin (which after I finally taught myself to read labels I discovered was full of preservatives, artificial colors/flavors and full of sugar). I hated knowing going to the doctor would mean antibiotics EVEN when there was no infection (“We’ll give her this just in case”), that my friends is why antibiotics DON’T work when our children DO NEED IT.

Once it finally hit me (like a brick) that the enthusiast’s TIC disorder/TS was in all actuality a “gut-brain” issue I started looking into what he should or rather should not be consuming. One of the big “triggers”…ANTIHISTAMINE. He’d been suffering w/ allergies something awful and I’d just recently started giving him an OTC allergy medication. So what could I give him? Once I started STUDYING (and I’m talking on my own, NOT for my nutrition certification class), reading everything I could get my hands on and talking to anybody I found that was dealing w/ the same type situations, I began to realize there are a LOT of people looking to CURE their families in a non-pharmaceutical way. I’d already hit up Pinterest on numerous, numerous occasion for “natural remedies” to headaches, back pain or pms   This is when I started to consider essential oils. It was w/in a matter of days that a FB friend (who’s posts NEVER show up on my feed) posted information regarding “an oils class”…hello God, I hear ya knocking!!

Essential oils provide something for you that cannot be found anywhere else. They are pure botanical extracts. I’ve heard it asked, “Why can’t I just eat a lemon or squeeze it’s juices into my water, why do I need the “oil”?” (Shhhh…it was actually me that asked the question) These oils are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED meaning it would take 45 lemons vs. a 15ml bottle, we’re talking you would use 2 drops of the oil into your 16 oz water rather than half+ of a real lemon. (Lavender? 30 lbs of flowers vs. 15ml oil!). These oils can be used aromatic (drops in a diffuser), internal (by mouth, in liquids, meal recipes, etc.) and/or topical (apply to certain areas of the body depending on the function of the oil being used). DoTERRA has opened my eyes to a whole new world… I ain’t gonna lie, I gotta LOT to learn so there’s more to come…

Until then, for further information go here

Now, I can’t wait to see what memory will freak me out tomorrow


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