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The kid is back in town

on January 11, 2017

Hello strangers!  It has been so long since we’ve talked :/  Do you have some time to catch up?  I mean, shoot fire this could take a while 🙂

Basketball consumes our lives (and I LOVE it!).  The enthusiast has become quite the player.  Last season he never wanted to take a shot but has always been tall so made a great defensive player.  He just wasn’t aggressive enough to “get in there”.  What a difference a year makes.  NOW, he’s THE TALLEST (16 yo in May, standing 6′ 4″ or 5″…we’re not exactly sure on that one lol) and towers over most, he’s aggressive (which makes it super fun to watch; no I don’t mean he beats up players haha), he gets 99% of the jump balls at start of the game AND he shoots…he scores (can ya hear that buzzer in the back ground hahaha)!  As a matter of fact he’s one of the top scorers.  Oh man, I love basketball!!!  However, he’s gotten his license and that puts a whole new spin on things (more on that when we have more time because you’re coffees gonna get cold).

My lil’ princess isn’t quite so little anymore but she still seems to rule the roost.  She’s a precious soul with a heart to give.  She’s still raising money for The Lamb Center Orphanage in The Philippines but is saddened because people don’t “give” or “buy” with vigor like they the did the first year she started it.  She sold fun size candy bars at school and ball games for $.25 a piece until Halloween hit and that ruined her business because everybody decided to eat (& try to sell) their own.  She plays piano beautifully and has a great talent for it, however she hates to practice which is making these more difficult pieces even more grooling (is that a real word).  She’s scheduled to try out for fine arts at school and her teacher has high hopes of her playing at the state level (she’s a 3rd grader y’all, she likes her friends and playing Star Wars dolls with daddy).

My eldest lovey and her husband have built and moved into their first house or should I say mansion (insert wide eyes here…that boogar is 3000 sq ft, has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, an office and a small salon and is absolutely amazing!!)  I am so excited for them I could spit!!  Now, it’s time for God to step in and give me er..uh..them some babies to fill those rooms.  She’s been married for 7 years…it’s TIME! I’m ready 🙂

Since the last time we chatted I got into Thirty-One because I didn’t have anything else to do (eye roll).  Honestly, I felt sorry for this girl so I attended her party and bought a bag.  Then she started selling and nobody was buying anything at her launch party (I’m sucha sucker and they know it) so I got a bigger bag.  THEN when I saw that I could have “all ten of these pieces” in the enrollment kit for just $99 I thought oh yea baby bring it!  Well, it would be Christmas before too long so maybe I could have a couple of catalog parties and make a little money for Christmas right?  BBL (big belly laugh)!  I was still ordering retail items for myself to help those parties and well, you get it, lots of inventory and no parties.  But man I got some nice bags lol!  However, I can’t carry FOUR BOXES of bags so for Christmas EVERYBODY (even the boys) got Thirty-One (which the girls were extremely excited)!!  Now some lovely strangers are getting awesome bags at fantastic bargains because I’m trying to sell them in my eBay store (for example a $48 crossbody purse just sold for $19.99 with free shipping—-these people are killing me).

Just before Christmas, well December 15th to be exact I had a horrible wreck!  This wreck was totally my fault!  The night before I had to have a rather serious and somewhat uncomfortable talk with my enthusiast and after dropping the kids off at school I was so lost in thought that I literally forgot I was driving.  Once I “came to” I realized there was a small, red truck STOPPED in front of me waiting to turn left.  I grasped the steering wheel, braced myself against the back of the seat for impact and thought “Oh God, this is it, I’m gonna die”.  When I opened my eyes there was smoke filling the truck and I thought it was on fire so I opened my door (being locked nobody from the outside could open) and then realized I couldn’t move my neck.  Excruciating pain!  My truck wasn’t on fire but the airbags had obviously deployed and the smoke from those were choking me but I wasn’t allowed out of the vehicle until EMS arrived.  The first lady on the scene came to check on me and all I could do was ask about the other driver to which she responded “I don’t even see another vehicle” and she took off running leaving me to believe I must’ve pushed him into the woods and he was surely dead.  Y’all this was a horrendous experience!  “What have I done? Lord whoever it is, protect them, please let them be ok.”  The next person I asked said, “He is laying on the ground.”  Was he thrown from the vehicle or did he get out and lay down, at this point I can’t see a thing, my truck is full of smoke, I’m coughing which hurts so bad I can’t describe and I think “Was I on my phone? No, I wasn’t texting. Did I even have the phone in my hand?”.  I don’t typically text while I drive but I have read texts driving before.  Y’all it’s a horrible thing!  If you text and drive please stop before you take someone else’s life!  Could you imagine LIVING knowing you were the reason someone else wasn’t.  Ok, so no I wasn’t, I checked later and all my “new” messages were still there.  EMS arrives, puts the collar on my neck, says the other guy is ok, “He’s in the office waiting to get checked out.”  See, he was turning into his place of employment and his co-workers drove a golf cart out to pick him up and take  him to the warm office while he waited for a 2nd ambulance.  I wasn’t in “shock” (I’ve been there before) but I was hysterical over the “unknown” with this other driver.

Ok, so longer story short….I was released with whiplash, the other guy was fine (age was on his side) and both our vehicles were totaled.  But wait, here’s the amazing part!  We should’ve both been killed that day!  God showed His grace and mercy to us and much favor to both our families.  Looking at my truck there was a “semi-circle” of damage to the center (I’d overheard that first lady say, “I saw her going off the road like she was trying to avoid him”—I don’t remember that but you’d think I would’ve hit him on the corner bumper).  The day I went to check on “Tyler” (yes, I needed to find out how he was) I saw his ’93 Ford with a “semi-circle” of damage to the center of his back bumper.  Y’all I have goosebumps and tears telling this story but I wholeheartedly believe that was God’s army of angels huddled between our vehicles and taking the impact that would’ve killed us ❤  God is good, all the time! (I’ve spent the last 3 weeks visiting the chiropractor 2-3/week trying to get rid of this crazy neck problem; oh two weeks after wreck my lower back “gave out” and doctor said “you’ve got to remember you had a lot of trama, it’s gonna take time”) wreck

I am more convinced of the power in essential oils than ever before.  On the ambulance ride I was nauseated and the EMT wanted to administer Zofran through an IV but I just asked for my purse and started with my Peppermint Beadlets (funny story I won’t go into but he has a friend that uses essential oils and knew about the beadlets).  While in the ER I declined all pain meds (remember I don’t even keep Tylenol in the house anymore) but the very second they took the collar off and sat me up it was all this immediate, flooding pain and of course I started to cry (which hurts my husband) and quickly grabbed the DeepBlue roller in my purse and had him start applying!  Every twenty minutes (or so) he was applying Frankincense (for inflammation), “Pain” roller (Frankincense, Oregano, Marjoram and Lemongrass) and then Deep Blue rub/lotion.  I was AMAZED how well it worked!!!! Wreck was Thursday and I was in church Sunday morning!  If that’s not testimony enough to get y’all wanting some of these amazing products then maybe this will help…JUST until Jan 15th with any 200pv (every item has a point value to it) order they are going to send you a FREE Frankincense (that’s a $93 retail value) free-frankAND check this out there’s a NEW YEAR NEW YOU promotion running all month.  When you enroll with your own wholesale account (25-50% discount) this month/Jan with at least 100pv and then order 100pv through your LRP (loyalty rewards program) next month/Feb they are going to add 100 points (equal $100) to your account.  That’s $100 in FREE oils of your choosing (PLUS $93 Frank if your initial order was as much as 200pv)!!!  I ❤ this company and these products soooo much!   lrp-graphic

Oh yea and Paparazzi Accessories? My $5 bling, yeah I still sell that too!  Problem IS I replenished all my 100’s of pieces of INVENTORY before Christmas when I started signing up for live events.  Those small “holiday market” types events do NOT draw in the people like one (ME) might would’ve thought.  I spent more for a table at these events than I recouped in sales…as a matter of fact, I only “broke even” once :/  So if you have a particular style in mind and trust me to pick a piece out for ya let me know lol~

Last but certainly not least…I’M BACK IN THE SADDLE UUUH-GAIN (you know you’re gonna be singing that all day now) and currently on day #4 of an AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge (meaning day #4 of the 10 day herbal cleanse) while implementing THM (aka Trim Healthy Mama) eating principles.  I feel fantastic, have already lost some belly bloat and have not been the least bit hungry!  I really believe applying the THM principles of separating fats and carbs helps me to stay satiated while the LLV (aka Lifelong Vitality) supplements and Catalyst have helped with the lack of energy most people suffer when starting a detox.  And oddly enough NO HEADACHES!  In addition to any/all of the above mentioned products I’m using tension blend, detoxification blend and magnesium supplement (which also helps to keep “things moving” if ya know what I mean).

I’ve missed you truly I have and I’m gonna do better, I promise! ❤



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