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on March 24, 2016

Several months back I was given the opportunity to apply for Dr. Josh Axe’s launch team on the new book he’s releasing (ONE WEEK).  I say given the opportunity, my boyfriend….er uh Dr. Axe didn’t personally call me (dang it) but there was an ad on Facebook to “apply” and if you know my love for Dr. Axe then you know I wasted NO TIME screaming PICK ME, PICK ME…I LOVE YOU! (lol for all I know there were 1000’s of people chosen but I like to think I was just lucky to be one of a handful….I do know there were at least 500)  It wasn’t until last Sunday morning before church (when I decided to clean out my overflowing Inbox) that I saw an email from the Launch Team—-


You have been selected to be part of the Launch Team for “Eat Dirt” by Dr. Josh Axe.

—and let me say, I literally squealed OUT LOUD to the point that my husband thought something must be terribly wrong HaHa!

For the last three years I’ve had a passion for nutrition!  Initially it all had to do with vanity (I mean who doesn’t wanna look better) but once I looked better, I wanted to FEEL better and then I decided I didn’t want my children to ever face autoimmunity diseases, diabetes or heart disease.  THEN I thought, “if all these other diseases can be prevented I wonder if they could be reversed”.  The further I began to dive in and change my mindset about food the more I wanted to be a NATURAL mama, build a bubble around my commune and grow our own supply of EVERYTHING!

With all these thoughts and ideas swirling through my head with nutrition I began to watch how my son’s tics (from TS/Tourette’s) reacted to foods and I started making notes!  I watched his tics increase when he ate conventional eggs (once we swapped to organic it was better).  He’d literally go bazerk after eating tuna (which led me to believe he has some high-metals already).  Dairy caused his eye twitches to be so bad that it just about made ME sick, I don’t know how he didn’t pass out sometimes.  And I’m pretty sure my son has a leaky gut! The more I learned the more I started to see IN HIM and could pretty much pinpoint what he should stay away from and/or add to his diet.  But you try telling a teenage boy he can’t eat from the snack machine at school and see how fast he runs to it :/  Ok, so I finally find a naturopathic doctor in our area and we had him tested to find that he’s allergic to beef, corn, dairy, eggs, gluten, yeast, wheat and he’s eat up w/ Candida so should avoid sugars.  Do you think this changed HIS mindset (or that of his father)? Nope! 😦  His dad has him convinced, “It’s not gonna kill ya, you know your mom is crazy!” (you guessed it, we are not together).

Once I got my head wrapped around the FOOD aspect I started to look into the toxins and chemicals….and OH WOW!  That’ll really make ya wanna bubble your family!  We made some DRAMATIC lifestyle changes (I saw we, I DID!) but when the family is outside the house (the reach of my guidance and supervision) they pretty much eat/do what they want.  I feel like I bend over backwards trying to detox them then once walk through the front door they’re in the movie Brave shouting F-R-E-E-D-O-M!

Soooooo…..all of my research led me back around to The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin (I already had the book in my “library”) and I couldn’t get enough of those “AH-HA” moments (then my library grew with ALL of his books lol).  Rubin introduced Dr. Josh Axe and I’d give anything to live in TN and be a patient of his practice, under his guidance.  The more I learned of this man the more I believed that God had divinely “brought him into my life”.  He’s a Christian, believes nutrition can be healing AND he uses essential oils.  I quickly began referring to his website ( for everything (before looking anywhere else).  Dr Axe opened my eyes to a whole new world (and yes I can hear Aladdin singing that in my head haha)!

If you have health problems and think it could be Leaky Gut, find the cure w/ #EatDirt from @drjoshaxe  Get $300 in pre-order bonuses at!!  If you think that you may have a leaky gut but you’ve never been diagnosed go to and take the test.  THEN pre-order the book using this affiliate link so that the launch team knows how you found out about the book

Pre order banner

I will be posting about the book over the next several days so stay tuned…… I ain’t gonna lie ya’ll, I’m so excited I could squeal (AGAIN)


The contents of this blog are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.



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