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Why am I tired, sluggish, foggy

on February 13, 2016

Let’s face it, it happens—we all go through times of feeling tired, run down, and/or sluggish. How do you handle it? Run to the snack machine, the nearest starbucks OR your kitchen full of real foods? Those sugary processed treats and sweetened coffees are not gonna do the trick! Yes, those items will give you a quick boost of energy…followed by a huge crash! Then what? You feel tired, run down and sluggish all over again and the viscious cycle continues. So how do we avoid that merry-go-round? We don’t buy the ticket to ride that’s what 😉

Fatigue and lack of sleep can definitely be the cause of these lack luster moments but I’m hoping by now you realize another main culprit to your energy level is your nutrient intake! Poor dietary choices will put you in the same funk and downward spiral that insomnia can and will! Sugary packaged foods are simple carbs that will definitely bring about that crash within an hour of consuming. It’s just the body’s way of adjusting to the sudden amount of increased insulin.

Do you feel hopeless yet? HaHa Truly that’s not my intent here. I ain’t gonna lie, there are times I get caught in the vortex and feel I’ll never get out but I’m here to tell you there IS hope! We all have the same tools—-REAL FOOD but you gotta have REAL COMMITMENT!

Everyone is looking for that quick boost and turning down the wrong road will only leave you more fatigued. My sister just asked me yesterday, “I eat all organic, I drink coffee and I take all these supplements to increase energy but why am I always so tired and ready to take a nap?”  I’ve told her exactly what I’ve told y’all before….keep a journal with good notes, pay attention to your body and remove those foods you know your body doesn’t tolerate! It doesn’t matter what “other people” do and what works for them because what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone.

However, a great place to start aside from the journal is to eat nutrient-dense, low-gycemic foods! Foods that contain lots of vitamins and minerals while not affecting blood sugar levels. Example: Carrots are full of vitamins B, C, E and K and minerals magnanese, potassium, folic acid and zinc but they carry a high-glycemic index so they obviously aren’t beneficial in large quantities (especially for diabetics).

First of all check your water intake! Sometimes our body’s are dehydrated and that’s coming across as hunger and/or making us feel drained, foggy and just flat wore out.

Most Americans eat a high processed (drive-thru) diet therefore find themselves iron deficient, of course a lot of them don’t even realize it! Therefore getting some extra iron can help you feel better almost immediately. What are your high-iron foods? #1 is going to be the dark, leafy greens (spinach, kale, arugula, mustard greens or certain types of lettuce, like romaine but not iceberg). These greens will not only add iron but also provide you with essentials Vitamins K and C as well as minerals folate and calcium.

One thing to keep in mind is that some vitamins are fat soluble meaning you NEED to eat some healthy fats as well to ensure they’re being absorbed well by the body.

Please do not cut out all carbohydrates thinking that’s healthy! We all need fruit and especially when feeling drained we need to turn to citrus fruits (and citrus essential oils will work in the same manner). Just as even the smell of coffee can improve your mood and energy, the smell of citrus fruits will offer a quick energy boost. But I want you to actually EAT the fruit lol~ Grapefruit, orange, tangerines, clementines, lemons, limes these all offer antioxidants and thiamin and will boost your metabolism.
We need fats but not the kind you get from that McDonald’s cheeseburger or boxed meals but the healthy kind, Omega-3 fatty acids or fish oils! These omegas can be found in fish such as salmon and sardines, nuts and seeds. If you are deficient in omega-3s you feel it physically but chances are you don’t know what it’s coming from. These fatty acids affect everything from our moods to our brain health. Hmmmm, maybe that foggy feeling is screaming feed me fats, ya think?


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