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When you don’t have a workout regimen…where do you start?

on February 9, 2016

When you don’t have a workout regimen…where do you start?

You know the famous phrase “You must learn to walk before you can run” well I say HOW TRUE!  Walking is fantastic exercise!  For those of us who started out on a larger scale than most walking is about the only thing you can start with.  Not even brisk walking but simply MOVING!  Once you begin to “feel” a lil’ better you’ll slowly start to feel that motivation set in and take over!  Starting with a low intensity plan will feel doable from day one which will improve confidence and that’s a key to returning for another workout.  It’s not easy in the beginning when you’ve led a basically sedentary life to find motivation but getting fit WILL make you feel better, I promise!  

I am by no means considered a runner but when I was walking regularly (which I will pick back up when the morning temps are above 50) I would try to throw in a smidge of running.  By smidge I mean I would walk ¾ of a lap and jog/run ¼, then continue as many times as I felt I safely could during my 2 miles.  Studies being done on the combo of walking and running show to have reduced fatigue and muscle pain (compared to running alone—-I personally believe that hard running is the worst things you can do for your knees).  

If you already have bad knees or hip problems don’t even attempt to run at all but do still start some kinda exercise program!  I can tell you that using an elliptical will work wonders and swimming is a fantastic starting point (y)

I always used to say I was allergic to exercise.  I mean just the thought of doing any made me wanna throw up (come to find out I was just TIRED haha).  It’s still not my most favorite thing in the world to do but I’ll tell ya, it’s like when I used to wait tables, I dreaded getting ready to go to work but once I got there I loved the interaction with so many different people.  After a good workout (walk or DVD) I’m always glad I did it because I always feel so much better!  So how do you get started when ya don’t LIKE IT?  Well, my suggestion to you is find something something with the kinda movements you like making.  I know what you’re thinking, you like that bending at the elbow with hand to mouth motion lol I gotta solution for that….pick up some cans, hand weights or even a broom handle and get to bending 🙂  Don’t punish yourself with exercise by doing something you despise, I mean that’s just failure waiting to happen.  Trying to accomplish a task you hate…are you gonna opt for a second time?  

ZuuuuuumBA!  That was my favorite form of exercise!  (Notice I said was?  It still would be if my morning instructor hadn’t quit because I can’t go to night classes.  Hey, I’m still searching for a good morning instructor if you know of one.)  I’m not Saturday Night Fever dancer and I can’t do twirls of any kind, I sometimes feel I have to left feet but I LOVED to zumba.  Talk about a great workout!  You could be freezing entering the studio but trust me, it didn’t take long at all to think someone must’ve jacked the heat up to 100, you could get to sweating up a storm in no time.  Honey, you could burn anywhere from 500-800 calories for that hours depending on the amount of effort you put into each move.  And the visible signs of that exercise were rather quickly seen by everyone!

You hear that phrase “No pain, no gain” but don’t believe that!  If what you’re doing is causing you pain (other than soreness) do not keep attempting to get through it.  That pain is your body’s way of telling that you’re overdoing it or not equipped for that particular movement. You are going to wind up really hurting yourself and hating every minute of it will cause you to quit!

Just take that FIRST STEP!



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