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24DC is over…now what

on February 6, 2016

Your 24DC is over!!!!  Did you re-measure and weigh this am?  How were your results? Were you pleasantly surprised, right where you expected or disappointed?

My results weren’t phenominal but I’ll take it!  I have a total 6” lost (2.5 bust, 2.5 waist and 1 hips) and 6.6 lbs (clap clap clap) but I FEEL GOOD and that’s the important part.  All of my loss came strictly from eating as the only workout I did was wall-sits and squats while brushing my teeth and tric-cep dips.  Imagine how good results could’ve been if I had WORKED OUT!  

Breakfast was a celebration——–> CHOCOLATE WAFFLE


30 minutes before breakfast 1st MNS, Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1

BREAKFAST: Chocolate Waffle/E (Pg 265 Cookbook) w/ coconut whip and strawberry pieces (both with meal MNS pks) *doubled the recipe for 3 belgian waffles and the whole family was happy!! ❤

SNACK:  Grilled nuggets/FP

30 minutes before lunch last MNS

LUNCH:  Leftover “perfect pizza”/S

30 minutes before snack ½ scoop of Spark

SNACK:  Apple slices w/ PB and few grapes

DINNER:  Chicken Tortilla Soup/E

Of course my celebration continued and took a turn for the worst :/  That neglect bug hit when I left for school, not only did I forget my snack bag, I forgot to give the kids their lunches.  After hitting Whole Foods and finding their organic fruit a lil’ too organic (meaning rotten) I decided to run by Harris Teeter.  As of late HT has had a great organic section….but before I could get there my hunger kicked in and my shopping morning was just getting started (uh oh).  My buggy started filling will organic apples, romaine, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers AND zucchini….but then I couldn’t take it any more.  See there’s a Starbucks in this store right next to bathroom (which I absolutely couldn’t avoid any longer) AND I had a freebie on my SBX card that was going to expire so YEP, I HAD to do it!  Immediately thereafter the headache started raging.  THEN at the ballgame I succumbed to the pressure of a friend not wanting to eat alone so I joined her 😦  I have never been tempted by the nasty ballgame concessions even though everyone around me is coming in w/ corn dogs, bbq sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and chicken sandwiches.  Not to mention all the candy bars and soft drinks.  I know they have to feel rotten, bloated and themselves a lil’ deep fried.  But standing in that line those fries looked so good smothered in cheese…….THEY WERE NOT GOOD!  The fries were limp and the cheese has NO flavor!! However, I ate them because I paid for them and I regretted every minute of it.  Especially when some of my friends looking to me for guidance caught me! #ohtheshame  Needless to say I will NOT be stepping on the scales in the morning, I already FEEL bad!

So now that your challenge is over—WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?  The best advice I can give you is to keep up your momentum and MAKE A PLAN for the following months!  If you don’t have any support I’m more than willing to be you accountability partner and help you keep on track.  I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my 25+ regimen but I keep up w/ my MNS3, Catalyst and ThermoPlus (I have the FiboTrim and CarbEase but I haven’t made any conclusions about how well those work just yet).  Depending on your needs there are several options to choose from.  If you don’t already have an AdvoCare advisor to turn to let me know and I’ll help you get together your own plan but if you already know what your next step is going to be just head on over to my website and get your orders placed ❤


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2 responses to “24DC is over…now what

  1. Cheri says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog as I searched Advocare and THM together. I know spark and MRS are not considered on plan…do you still use those as “personal choice” items? Do you have a list of tips for doing the two together? I am already very familiar with both…would just love to find a way hey work together.
    Do you use advobars at all?

    Thanks for any help…

    • chellemills says:
        Hey honey, welcome to hotsparkmama 🙂
        I believe (with any plan) you have to choose what works best for you!
        I personally manage great using Advo in conjunction with the THM principles. I start every day w/ Spark (consider it an E drink) and w/n an hour I’m eating! The MRS I actually only drink on Sunday mornings (getting ready for church), because of the high carbs I consider this to be a CO (though I love these, I don’t drink more often because of the 12g sugar…which I don’t understand being there to begin with. I truly believe that at some point Advo will come around to using better sweeteners but for now I’m just willing to make the concessions w/ the 12g and Spark’s sucralose)
        As far as the AdvoBars go….the ONLY ones I really like are the Gingerbread flavor and again, I have them on-hand but rarely eat them (23 carbs, 10 sugars). ONE other reason I rarely consume is because they’re “seasonal” and I don’t want to be without HaHaHa I like to keep “bars” on hand for those times I’m unsure where I’ll be when it’s time to eat. They’re easily portable, convenient to eat on the go and handy for emergency situations (over-time ball games, stuck on the road, nowhere to eat but MickeyD’s). Quest bars have great protein but sweetened w/ some sucralose; Kind bars are fantastic but only about 5g protein.
        I say keep a food journal and make notes of everything you’re doing/eating/feeling and it will help you determine where you yourself are willing to make concessions with any plan.
        Good luck and keep me posted. Let’s go be healthy!

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