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Day 23 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on February 5, 2016

No matter what your goals (weight management, gained energy or increased performance) AdvoCare has the products to help you! We are basically at the end of the Challenge so if you haven’t already you need to visit to determine which products can help you achieve your lifestyle goals. I’m here to help you with that (y)

Day 23 / February 3

With your morning Spark you will take your 1st packet on the MNS sleeve, marked “30 minutes before breakfast” and if you’re using Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1 you’ll take these now.

BREAKFAST – MRS or PB&J Greek Yogurt/FP (take both “with meal” MNS/White packets) **See note

SNACK – Costco Samples

30 minutes before lunch take your last MNS/Yellow packet

LUNCH: Chipotle Chicken Bowl w/ Brown Rice & Black Beans (because I ate it ALL and added light cheese and light sour cream I’m pretty sure I was pushed in XO)

30 minutes before snack take Catalyst/3 and spark if needed 😉

SNACK: ½ slice of birthday cake

DINNER: 1 slice of pizza

Big day, big day, big day!!! My husband’s 50th birthday AND my little FINALLY goes back to schools with a two hour delay (loud, crazy applause)! Breakfast was honey’s favorite scrambled cheesy eggs (I had lots of extra egg yolks but only two eggs therefore I did not get to partake I had another yogurt cup w/ peanut junkie butter & slim belly jelly), natural sausage and gluten-free toast. Although there was a two hour delay the little doesn’t get in any kind of hurry for anything. Meaning we were in a usual hurried rush out the door, however I did grab my water bag knowing that I needed to make a trip to Costco. You know what that means right? Chipotle! I neglected to grab snacks not realizing that I had a couple of other errands to run that would wind up keeping me out until pick time at school (insert sad face, about the snacks, not the pick HaHa). I thought well I’ll just make a quick run thru Chick-fil-A for more grilled nuggets and fruit cup (I have become slightly addicted to those—-that’s why they made it the freebie for the January calendar card!)….but then I decided to just opt for an early lunch.

Now my lunch delima was do I make this an E or S meal? My yogurt/FP breakfast was wearing off quickly as I was already somewhat hungry and it being my husband’s birthday we might go out to dinner so I just went all out and got all the toppings….then ate the entire bowl (what? YES I DID!). Usually when I got to Costco I’m not tempted by the samples….because they’re not out yet lol but today O-H M-Y G-O-O-D-N-E-S-S they were everywhere! I had my snack there 🙂 (1 bit of GF bread w/ smear of salmon dip, 1 GF rice cracker w/ sliver of salmon, 2 bites of kielbasa, 1 bit of Healthy Choice fudgesicle, 2 bits of a potato skin, 1 bite of nasty chicken patty and 2 bits of a veggie patty. All in all this was actually just a FP).

I had all intentions of fixing my husband the THM Basic Cheesecake but because I was out all day and thinking we’d go out before church I got itchy and ran by my cousin’s restaurant to buy a ¼ Strawberry Red Velvet cake (talk about wide-eyed look). This bad boy is FULLA sugar, margarine, gluten, unhealthy fats and bad carbs but the taste is oh so good….at least until the sugar headache kicked in then I wanted to take a long walk off a short pier :/ Luckily tho I only ate the top layer and shared the rest w/ the little (y) THEN to top off the whole foodie fiasco of the day (oh foodie fiasco, that’s a good recipe website) hubby did NOT want to go out but wanted a frozen, GF pizza with ham and pineapple so I had a slice of that for dinner

Total water consumption 88 oz

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