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Day 22 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on February 3, 2016

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day, day I shall never forget (haha I always have a song in my head and this is just the ONE that’s sticking this morning—-way better than the lil’ mexican restaurant diddy I started with)…  I DO feel absolutely amazing this morning!  This is gonna be a lil’ TMI so if you get easily offended jump ahead 😉  What is it about this way of eating that keeps me “going” so well?  It’s those good healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil and omega/fish oils) with lots of non-starchy, high fiber veggies that truly are keeping things moving but there’s also the magnesium (y)   I know from experience that when making drastic diet changes sometimes the digestive system takes a huge toll and can take a week or two (and maybe even longer for someone coming from a high processed, high sugar diet).  When all the other tricks seemed to fall short I found that constipation was easily alleviated with the addition of a magnesium supplement (citrate or oxide).  Magnesium is depleted from modern soils and is essential for nerve and brain health.  It is also a natural relaxant and loosens the bowels without causing addiction to laxatives (we do NOT want to take laxatives!!!).  Magnesium citrate is a more expensive supplement and typically used more for a chronic constipation issue (it’s actually in the that nasty stuff you have to drink before having a colonoscopy) and the oxide is more easily found and rather inexpensive.  DO NOT take too much magnesium as it can cause diahrrea.  A funny side effect I found when I started taking the magnesium is that it also helped me sleep (whoop whoop)

My tips for relieving occasional constipation:

Start your morning regimen with a Cleanse & Detox Smoothie

Drink a fresh squeezed lemon in warm water first thing in the morning

Chia or flax seeds to every shake, smoothie or oatmeal

Eat 2 stalks of celery each day

If you make puddings the addition or gluccomannan or gelatin are beneficial for the bowels

PRUNES!  I even add to smoothies for my kids because it helps “hide” the taste (which truly isn’t that bad)

Consider adding 1 Tbsp of Psyllium Husk to a recipe or glass of water (I recommend adding it to eggs because “drinking” it is worse than chugging the fiber drinks)


For more information on Magnesium refer to this blog post——>


Day 22 / February 2

With your morning Spark you will take your 1st packet on the MNS sleeve, marked “30 minutes before breakfast” and if you’re using Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1 you’ll take these now.

BREAKFAST –  MRS or Greek Yogurt/FP (take both “with meal” MNS/White packets) **See note

SNACK –  Choc Skinny Chip Muffin/S (Pg 279 Cookbook)

30 minutes before lunch take your last MNS/Yellow packet

LUNCH:   Grilled chicken nuggets and small fruit cup/E

30 minutes before snack take Catalyst/3 and spark if needed 😉

SNACK:   (too much) Popcorn

DINNER:  Smoothie (spinach, ½ banana, handful of strawberries & protein)

Today was a GGMS day for me!

I woke up feeling so fantastic I didn’t feel like I really needed a Spark to get me going and because I’ve just come out of the meneires fog I didn’t want the added caffeine (y)

I fixed the family some THM Pancakes however I only seemed to have the yokes of eggs and these pancakes are an E meal with the use of egg whites only so I altered the recipe but then decided it wouldn’t fit into MY schedule.  So I decided to switch up my ½ c yogurt snack into a 1 c meal.  My lil’ said, “These are the best pancakes ever” and I added some pumpkin and pumpkin spice for the hubs.  His response, “Goodness honey, these look like for real restaurant style pancakes” lol~  As exciting as it was for them to be so pleased I was even more excited about my own concoction (which he shared and also loved, wished he’d had it as a pancake topping).  Just before the snow hit I got some Fage 0% Greek Yogurt (1 cup has 0 fat, 9 carbs and 23 protein!  We do not count the carbs in our protein source so this is considered FP) and I laid in bed last night thinking about that slim belly jelly I’d made, which turned to peanut junkie butter and I thought wow PB&J yogurt would probably be really tasty :p  I added 1 tsp of each and then of course the idea of the handy dandy chocolate sauce hit and Boo-yah! a yummy, healthy and delish quick breakfast was created 🙂

Today marks day 8 of no school for the lil’ and being cooped up in this house so I told her we HAD to get out.  She is a true homebody and never wants to leave so I had to remind her that daddy’s 50th birthday is tomorrow so it is a necessity that we go buy a card (she makes all our cards and “shops” in her room so she is prepared but I totally have not kept up w/ the date and have to go BUY a card!)

What’s the deal w/ popcorn?  How does it fit in?  Good or bad?  Popcorn is a great snack IF YOU’RE POPPING it yourself!  Popcorn is an E snack that should not be consumed daily and should not be had as a meal!  Portion should be kept at 4-5 cups of popped kernels. BUT that’s without butter (no more than 1 tsp) and just using seasonings (I like nutritional yeast).  But that’s NOT what I did! :/  I had the GMO, over-salted, over abundant MOVIE popcorn and I’m betting it WAS in excess of 3 cups!


Total water consumption 88 oz


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