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Day 14 ALL IN & THM

on January 25, 2016

Let’s talk about honey for a minute—-

What are the benefits of using honey as a natural sweetener?  Can you eat honey?  YES and NO!

  • Honey has antimicrobial properties
  • Honey will not ferment or create gut issues like candida
  • Honey is the simplest sugar to diges
  • Local honey can contain pollen that will help your body adapt to its surroundsing, alleviating symptoms of allergies and/or asthma

How do you know which honey to buy?  77% of the honey sold in grocery stores has NO pollen count!  This is NOT real honey!  Always buy LOCAL RAW honey

  • Even consuming local, raw, organic honey you’re not going to lose weight if you eat too much of it (No more than the equivalent of a couple tablespoons a day)


Day 14 / January 25 (E)

With your morning Spark you will take your 1st packet on the MNS sleeve, marked “30 minutes before breakfast” and if you’re using Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1 you’ll take these now.

BREAKFAST –  MRS or Choco Monkey Crepes (Pg 267 Cookbook) drizzled w/ Handy Dandy Chocolate Sauce (Pg 479 Cookbook) and a dollop of coconut whip (take both “with meal” MNS/White packets)

FullSizeRender (1)

SNACK – Chicken, diced cukes & babybel cheese

30 minutes before lunch take your last MNS/Yellow packet

LUNCH – (8) Grilled Nuggets and fruit cup


30 minutes before snack Catalyst/3 and Spark if needed


DINNER – Balsamic Chicken (Pg 56 Cookbook), Collagen Creamed Spinach (Pg 221 Cookbook) and Leftover Spaghetti Squash (kids got mashed potatoes)

I have never been crazy about crepes therefore I’ve only attempted to offer them to my children once (didn’t go over well) therefore I had prepared a Banana Oat Cake for the family (  This a a delicious cake and all good ingredients but it calls for ¼ c of pure maple syrup and I know it’s not THM approved, in times past when making it I used my homemade SF syrup but I haven’t had any of that in a while because I stopped eating so many pancakes/french toast dishes and I don’t mind my children have the REAL stuff.  I also was out of my GF all-purpose flour so I used ½ c almond flour and ½ oat flour (this would have been considered a crossover).   This crepe totally knocked my sock off this morning so I made one for them to split just to try.  My son liked it but lil’ bit wasn’t feeling well and actually didn’t eat anything so, yes, it was time we started the oils (y) (I use this brand)  I ain’t gonna lie, I truly think it was the handy dandy chocolate sauce that made the difference.  I could’ve eaten that whole jar full with a spoon it was so yum!

Just before leaving the house to take the kids to school it was announced that I needed to hit up Costco so I scramble to grab a snack for while I’m out.  There was some leftover chicken breast so I cut up some cukes, added lil’ S&P then got a babybell cheese round.  For some reason I was realllly strugglin with the buy one get one free hostess display (and I’ve never been a twinkie eater…or whatever it was, sweet sixteen donuts? haha).

Once I got back in the car and had my snack all was well!  Y’all know on Costco day I always try to hit up the Chipotle but this morning they weren’t open yet so the next best thing was Chick-filA where I ordered a fruit cup and 8 grilled nuggets (FREE).  Yes, I know I shouldn’t but I eat in the car because when I get home—IT IS ON!  Because I had to wait for my nuggets to be cooked they put a free chocolate chip cookie in my bag and I wasn’t even tempted, I just thought hey the kids will enjoy that.  As I was rummaging to the bottom for napkins, I realized the cookie was WARM!  Temptation hit and I caved!  I started with just a bite, then two, next thing you know I had melted chocolate all over my fingers and nothing but crumbs in the bag.  Y’all know I am not about complete deprivation so there was no GUILT over my “treat” but I sure didn’t feel too good…then the regret hit :/

Groceries means PREP!  When the fridge is already full it only makes sense to wash and/or cut everything up and put in individual baggies/containers.  I sliced onions, chopped green peppers, washed celery (bc my son will not wash anything before he eats it), washed grapes and raspberries, prepared kale for kale chips, diced cucumbers and got the zuccihini ready for some spiraling (woohoo).  I purchased a rotiserre chicken to cut up for making lettuce wraps, soups and/or salads for lunches the next couple of days.  Prepping also helps for those quick fix moments like this morning 🙂  Another thing I do that helps me out a lot (cause y’all know I’m kinda slack about PRE-reading recipes lol) is make enough dinner each night for leftovers.  Now this can both help and hinder, it helps in those uh-oh moments and is a huge hinderance when the fridge starts to fill up HaHa

For dinner I was planning to fix the Balsamic Chicken but such as par for course, I didn’t have 5-6 hours for a crockpot since I didn’t start preparing dinner until 3:30 :/  I used pork loin steaks and baked it in the oven.  Another thing is when I realized my curfunkle with another recipe, I got so discombobulated that I must’ve skipped my snack because for the life of me I don’t recall ever getting to it  😦  And it was my favorite—tapioca chia pudding Mmmm  Just means more for tomorrow!  Sure hope my babies feel better tomorrow ❤

Total water consumption 88 oz


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