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Day 13 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on January 24, 2016

We woke up to the most beautiful snow today (1/17 my day 13) which means there was a bit of a slow start….especially when I realized my lil’ was OUTSIDE playing already lol~  But I feel HEALTHY, oh so happy, I feel jolly and giddy and freeee (bahaha now if y’all know me I always have a song in my head and this was “sung” to the “I feel pretty” song) 🙂  I don’t know if the way I’m eating, the weight I’ve lost, the fact that all my family will sit together in church today or maybe just a combination of all the above ❤

Day 13 / January 24 (E)

With your morning Spark you will take your 1st packet on the MNS sleeve, marked “30 minutes before breakfast” and if you’re using Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1 you’ll take these now.

BREAKFAST –  MRS or I had a CocoProtein 😛 (take both “with meal” MNS/White packets)

SNACK – Small apple w/ tsp natural (homemade) Peanut Butter

30 minutes before lunch take your last MNS/Yellow packet

LUNCH – Egg Roll in a Bowl (Pg 62 Cookbook) *To make this an E add quinoa

30 minutes before snack Catalyst/3 and Spark if needed

SNACK – Banana Oat Shake (Pg 413 Cookbook)

DINNER – Spaghetti Squash (Pg 224 Cookbook), Green Beans and Chicken Breast smeared with Laughin Cow Swiss Cheese Wedges

I have decided that if I had no children my husband and I could literally LIVE off the Egg Roll in a Bowl!!!  It’s quick, easy and soooo delish.  After church the kids got Subway (too many processed meats, too much gluten and trust me they’ll “pay” but as my lil’ says, “Thank you Lord for essential oils”) and I was absolutely STARVED so needing something quick I knew I had some cabbage and turkey meatloaf left so my mind went to the bowl (y).  To make this an E I added quinoa.  Quinoa is one of those things I make in bulk and divy out into individual servings that I freeze and can pull out in a hurry to throw in the pan with whatever.  Hubby actually came to me and said, “That was so delicious I think you should make it at least once a week”.  Hey, there’s not too many things he says that about (except for the GF pizza, he wants that twice haha).  It’s so funny—when I met my husband he was eating spinach from a can, “Not because it tastes good but it’s good for me” but since we switched to an unprocessed diet away he’s the #1 critic!  The lil’ seems to complain about almost everything and my son might not like it too much but he basically eats whats set before him….yet they all say, “You should have a healthy restaurant” hahaha

My son is gonna be the death of me, for the last two days he is CONSTANTLY asking me to fix him the Baby Frapp which is fine but HE can fix it….otherwise I’ll be making double to split lol  Nothing wrong with that except I think our bodies need variety to “keep it guessing and burning” 🙂  

But for today I have planned the Banana Oat Shake which I’m super excited  about because trying to be so strict on the FP Cycle I haven’t been getting much fruit (even on E days).

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that meal planning doesn’t always go as we PLAN! It helps us w/ our shopping, knowing what we can/cannot have, and keeps the stress off the guess BUT I’m not always quite on track.  HOWEVER, personally anyway, it helps ME to have one in place for those moments when I just don’t feel like today’s lunch, I can pick and choose from what I had two days ago or what I’m planning 3 days from now!  Do you meal plan?  Does it help you or do you feel tethered down?

Here’s a few tips for preparing your next meal plan…
#1  Be sure to have your calendar handy (already filled out w/ school-vacation days, ballgames and other misc. appointments).  I know on away game days it will not be feasible to have a sit-down family dinner so I must plan for a crockpot meal or prepared meal that can easily be warmed up and/or something easily portable.
#2  Be realistic!  Don’t try to “out do” your last good meal.  If you’re unsure if it’s suitable for your kids don’t attempt a new dish.
#3  Give yourself some grace.  Just like I do!  I may not fix what’s scheduled for today or I may not fix anything that’s ON plan.  This is just life and things happen.  Ya know that saying “Choose your battles”, don’t let what you eat stress you out.
#4  Prep as much as you can ahead of time.  I’m telling ya this is where I big time fail.  I’m notorious for NOT looking at a new recipe and realzing there’s something that needs to be prepared ahead of time (aka the DF cheese sauce for enchilada casserole).  I am however pretty good about chopping and dicing veggies when I bring them home.  I’ve even gone so far as to pre-cook a lot of meat and freeze them for quicker meals.  I also make a large batch of quinoa and freeze in individual size pkgs according to E or S meals.
#5  Look at your plan every morning and every evening.  Before I go to bed each night I look at it to see what’s for breakfast and if I need to have something “setting” in the fridge or crockpot—well I don’t ALWAYS but that’s my intention lol~ But even though I do forget to look at night sometimes, I usually do check it out in the morning because there’s always meat to thaw.

Total water consumption 88 oz


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