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Day 11 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on January 22, 2016

Day 11 / January 22 (FP)

Check-in day!!!  Weigh yourself upon rising (but go pee first haha) and take your measurements 🙂  Though our cleanse has not been about weight loss but removing toxins it often has the pleasant side effect of removing inches!  If you check your weight this morning and you’re not down, don’t worry because this next step, the max or burn phase is where you’re going to kick it into high gear and start to gain your momentum in losing (woohoo).  I’d love to hear your results (y)

Upon awaking this morning things were somewhat different with the routine than the past 10 days.  Most people still wake up and mix water with their packet/scoop of Spark (I however like to start my day with lukewarm water and juice of a small lemon, this works just as well as the caffeine kick; I’m not much on caffeine in the first place but the Spark offers much needed vitamins and minerals I wasn’t otherwise getting during the cleanse plus I prefer to have a Spark in the afternoons) (y)

With your morning Spark you will take your 1st packet on the MNS sleeve, marked “30 minutes before breakfast” and if you’re using Catalyst/3 and ThermoPlus/1 you’ll take these now.

BREAKFAST –  **MRS (aka meal replacement shake) or THM/FP Sweet Dreams Cookie Oat Bowl (Pg 249 Cookbook) WITH the 2/White MNS packs

SNACK –  Tapioca chia puddin shake 😀  **See note

30 mins before lunch take the last/yellow MNS packet

LUNCH –  Cheesy Dream Soup (Pg 119 Cookbook) w/o parm and added spinach

30 minutes before snack I did go for Catalyst and ½ scoop Spark

SNACK – Choco Chip Baby Frap (imagine the most excited face EVER!) (Pg 421 Cookbook)

DINNER – Tuna and cucumbers

SNACK – Sweet dreams cookie oat bowl (½)

LATE SNACK – >1c Chilis Southwestern Chicken Soup

**Meal Replacement Shake – I call this MRS for short! You can drink this for whichever meal you choose but I always find it best for breakfast because I’m always in a hurry.  Due to the fact that I am following a THM Fuel Cycle the shakes are unapproved for this FP day :/

**My schedule snack today was Tapioca chia pudding which ya’ll know I could literally eat EVERYday!  When I retrieved it from the fridge it was kinda “runny” and though it would’ve tasted delish anyway it would’ve been much harder to eat w/ a spoon….SO I poured it in the handy dandy Vitamix with 6 cubes of ice and a scoop of protein (I use Dr Axe Healing Protein, even though it’s whey, for my son, but because it only has 1.4g fat/2g carbs/0 sugar) to boost the sustainability power of my pudding and turn it into a shake and Mmm Mmm Mmm…..I think I’m in love!

The cheesy dream soup today did include collagen but I don’t use the THM Integral just what I have on hand and you do not HAVE to add glucci (I only added ½ tsp) it just won’t be as “thick/creamy”.  You DO need the nutritional yeast, especially if leaving the parm out because that’s what makes it “cheesy”.  The recipe did not call for spinach but I gotta throw in veggies everywhere possible as I do not feel I get the recommended 5 servings a day if I’m not have a regular smoothie

Tonight we had an away game (not as far as some but still an hour) which means I had to pack stuff to carry with me…ok so what’s the big deal? I forgot until it was time to GO!!! Threw together a Choco Chip Baby Frap and let me just pause here to say I AM SO FLIPPIN’ IN LOVE!!!  I may never have another “snack” again that isn’t this——>


Grabbed the sweet dreams oat bowl my son didn’t eat this morning (even though his had real (homemade/natural) peanut butter rather than peanut flour) and cut up some cucumbers real quick to go w/ 4oz of tuna (wipe hands together in accomplishment), dinner and snack lickity split (y)

I made some Wonder Wraps (Pg 205 Cookbook) and those darn things did NOT mix smoothly so I’m curious as to how they’re going to be in my Light and Luscious Enchilada Casserole tomorrow :/

NOW, let me tell you about ThermoPlus, “he” will be your best friend lol  I contribute these lil’ babies to reviving my once dead metabolism.  I’m not kidding when I first started taking this I knew when they kicked in, it was almost like I had a mini hot-flash lol (but in a good way).  ThermoPlus supports the body’s ability to convert fat into energy.  When I added Thermo into my regimen (3 yrs ago) it was suggested that I take up to 3 a day, 30 minutes before a meal.  Well dumb me STARTED at 3 and I felt like a dawg!  So I backed off and took 1 before breakfast, then added 1 before lunch, within two weeks I was taking 2 before breakfast and have stuck to that because it seems to work well for me.  Do you know that I have JUST recently looked at the bottle to see the recommended dosage is ONE daily!  This just goes to show you should never take someone else’s “word for it”!  I preach often how EDUCATION is key and here I went totally against everything I believe in and neglected to read it simply because I trusted the person who got me started and took her word for it.  Read your labels people!  *I am now back down to just taking ONE 🙂

Total water consumption 120 oz


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