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Days 9 and 10 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on January 21, 2016

Day 9 / January 20 (Deep S)

Upon waking – Mix 16 oz of water with one pack of fiber and scoop (½)  of Spark and take the probiotic pack and 3 Catalyst

Follow up with another 8-16 oz of water

BREAKFAST – Fields of green omcake (Pg 240 Cookbook) this is basically eggs with a buttload of spinach

SNACK – Chicken salad and “just like wheat thins” crackers (because when ya got it you need to eat it) 🙂

LUNCH – Just like campbells tomato soup (Pg 292 Original)

30 minutes before snack 3 Catalyst and ½ scoop Spark

SNACK – Volcano mud slide muffin (Pg 274 Cookbook) with Whipped NoCream (Pg 490 Cookbook)

DINNER – Turkey over brown rice noodles w/ homemade sauce

Remember you do NOT HAVE to add your fiber to your Spark! That’s just how I enjoy it.  You can add as much or little water as you’d like to your fiber drink.  Some people just use 4 oz because they wanna get it down and over with while others say it’s easier to drink “thin” and add 10-12 oz.  I had a couple who actually liked adding their fiber packet to their oatmeal each day, but they did have to continuously add water lol

As easy as it is to make almond milk, I wonder why more people don’t do it!  I mean seriously, I make it approximately every 2-3 days.  1 cup of almonds will produce 4 cups of milk and approx. 1-1.5 cups of almond flour.  Ya can’t beat that with a stick!  Plus, chances are if you’re buying your milk from the store it’s loaded with all sort of ingredients as well as at least one type of carcinogenic.  Don’t have time?  Let me know, I’ll make it for you 🙂  I love making my own products.  Almond flour, almond milk, almond butter, peanut butter, jelly, syrup, ketchup, deodorant, toothpaste, chapstick, perfume, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, shave cream, face wash, cleaning products….ok, well now I just feel like I’m bragging (truly not meaning to) but there’s a plethora of stuff and if I don’t know how or haven’t tried it yet, I can do that too!

Making the Field of green omcakes I thought there’s no way I’ll be able to eat all this!  BUT I DID!  It was delicious, I’m thinking it must’ve been the addition of the parsley and nutritional yeast that made the difference in the regular eggs/spinach I make.  Oh and I used the red palm oil because I’ve had it a while and never think to use it.  I can’t prove it but I think the “om” stands of OHHH MYYY haha

There’s something about a hot, steamy bowl of soup on a cold, blustery day and Ohhhh boy, if you like canned Campbell’s tomato soup you will absolutely flip over this!!  It truly does taste JUST LIKE CAMPBELL’s (it calls for heavy cream but I make a heavy cream from cashews…i know, i know, no nuts on Deep S but 2 Tbsp of cashew cream I don’t think is gonna hurt me) 😉  And y’all know I don’t believe in missing out on protein so I added some shredded chicken and gotta throw veggies in everywhere I can so it has some spinach in there too!  AND if y’all haven’t tried the Whipped NoCream now is the time!  I’ll never have another S muffin without it!!  Normally I would sweeten a lil’ greek yogurt but this option is dairy free and it’s a winner (y)

And btw, if you make the Volcano mud-slide muffin, do NOT overcook it!  You want the center to be gooey :p


Total water consumption 104 oz



Day 10 / January 21 (Deep S)

WooHoo!  You made it!  It’s day 10, the LAST day of Phase I aka the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse!

Now that wasn’t so bad was it?  Tomorrow is a very exciting day.  You get to check in w/ your weight and measurements (if you WANT to).  Keep in mind that your cleanse was NOT about losing weight!  It was about removing months or years of built up toxins in order to prepare your body for optimum absorption of the nutrients you’re fixing to add! However, there is sometimes the added benefit of a lil’ loss during the cleanse 🙂  

Our supplement schedule starts tomorrow too (whoop whoop).  Go ahead and get your MNS box out and get familiar with what to take when.  Your sleeve of supplements have four packs.  The first one (MNS3/yellow) is to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast with your Spark (Catalyst and ThermoPlus options can be added here).  The TWO packets at the bottom (MNS3/white) are to be taken WITH your breakfast.  Trust me, it’s not that bad BUT if you feel you can’t possibly take that many at once you can space them out between breakfast and lunch).  The second pack in the sleeve (MNS3/yellow) is to be taken 30 minutes before lunch ←—-this seems to be the one I tend to forget, in which case I take it before dinner OR if I forget that too, I just hang onto them for when I let myself run out of MNS and I need something (y).  

People ask me all the time, “BUT WHAT AM I TAKING?”  Well, if you’re on the MNS3, your comprehensive weight loss system sleeves include Calcium Plus, ActoTherm and a Probiotic, BioTherm, CorePlex, CardoQ, and OmegaPlex.  ActoTherm aids in preventing a spike and drop-off of energy throughout the day, BioTherm helps your body convert fat into energy, and CorePlex is your vitamins and minerals (multi-vitamin).   If you’re taking a different multi-nutritional system I’m happy to let you know what’s in it as well (y)

Upon waking – Mix water with one pack of fiber (and scoop (½) of Spark) and take the probiotic pack with 3 Catalyst

Follow up with another 8-16 oz of water

BREAKFAST –  French Toast Bowl (Pg 266 Cookbook)

SNACK – (leftover) Chicken salad & Flax crackers

LUNCH –  (leftover)  Just like Campbell’s tomato soup (w/ spinach and chicken)

SNACK –  Best Macaroon Cookies

DINNER –  Slim Sloppy Joes (Pg 63 Cookbook) served with buns from (and homemade cheesy hashbrowns for family)

Herbal Cleanse pills at bedtime

Oh boy, I woke up thinking today was my first FP day so it really threw me when I couldn’t find my FP meal plan and I already had a headache so it wasn’t a great start to the day.  But once I realized it’s my last Deep S day and I was getting French Toast in a bowl at least my mood felt better!  Headache actually WOKE me up during the night!  That doesn’t ordinarily happen to me anymore.  SOOO why do I have it?? Well here’s your TMI warning—-I’ll keep it clean and just say I am now cleansed and headache free heehee  Once the headache was gone I gotta lil’ cleaning grove on which should make my family happy BUTTTTT I lost track of time and decided to just hit the fridge/leftovers for snack AND lunch (hey, it was getting all fulled up in there! Now it looks like my fridge was cleaned too).  

Not only did some of the house get a good work over but I got to spend a lil’ time in the kitchen (my favorite place in the house).  Whooped up some fresh peanut butter, salad dressing and Best Macaroon Cookies (this may be my favorite S while the Meringue Cookies my favorite FP, but next time I make the macaroons I’ll add more sweetener or maybe homemade Truvia instead because the NuNaturals wasn’t quite enough) and I’ve got everything laid out for tonight’s sloppy joes.  **For the record, I did NOT have one of the rolls for my joes (well, I had a pinch of one and by a pinch it was less than half) because of the almond flour (being made from almonds…not supposed to have nuts on DeepS), wish I had thought ahead to make troodles, that woulda been good.  **Pearl and Serene (THM founders) used to call the macaroon cookies “poop cookies” and now I know why…


Tell me about your routine and what seems to be working well for you.  How’s your exercise going?  Will you put more effort into that or keep at the same pace for the Max Results phase?  The next 14 days will be the time to kick it into high gear because we ALL want some MAX RESULTS from our burn phase, this is where we’ll start to see some weight fall off if we’re needing to!!  Will you keep the same food guidelines or do you plan to add dairy back into your diet?  I can tell you that ONE of the top habits of healthy people is that they are actively aware of their food choices.  Have you seen those people I’m referring to?  It’s like they’re always happy and smiling, have beautiful clear skin, they’re full of energy and always moving!  You don’t always see them in the gym or running down the street but typically in the grocery store.  They’re the ones shopping around the perimeter of the store wearing an “eat the rainbow” t-shirt and if they pick up something with a label they always read ingredients.  A key for them is avoiding processed foods (as much as can be in their control).

Healthy people are consistently aware of and monitoring their health!  They track their food, nutritional intake and their overall physical performance by regularly exercising.  Often they re-evaluate their routine because it’s about improvement (running further, lifting heavier) and nothing seems to be beyond their reach.

Healthy people are always on the lookout for new habits and open to suggestions to help them continue to grow stronger in every aspect of their lives.  My habit to pass along is don’t be afraid to step outside the dietary box (chicken, brown rice and broccoli), expand your culinary skills, cook new foods and record which ones seem to boost your metabolism or make you slow your roll, which foods give you more energy or cause you to bloat.

What healthy habits have you incorporated in your 24DC?  Where do you feel you’re succeeding and/or falling short?  How can I help?

Total water consumption 104 oz


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