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Day 6 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on January 17, 2016

Sunday’s are never the best days for eating because unless I fix a crockpot meal we’re scrambling.  Every other week when we travel to spend time with in-laws that is not an option :/   Visiting there means lunch will always involve a buffet, snack options are chips or cheese toast unless I carry (I’m always packin’ haha) and dinner is usually something we can grab quick (leftovers, GF pizza or Subway)

Day 6 / January 17 (E)

Upon waking – Mix 16 oz of water with one pack of fiber and scoop (½)  of Spark and take the probiotic pack and 3 Catalyst

Follow up with another 8-16 oz of water

BREAKFAST – Cocoprotein drink and ½ grapefruit

SNACK – Tapioca Chia Pudding (Pg 234)

LUNCH – Mixed greens salad w/ cucumbers, grape tomatoes (3-4), broccoli, sprinkle of sunflower seeds and a light oil (1 tsp) and balsalmic vinegar topped with baked chicken/breast

SNACK – Wasa cracker, 3 oz tuna and cuke cubes

DINNER W/ 4 OMEGAPLEX – Shredded chicken over top of brown rice (cooked in broth) and a smidge of black beans with few diced tomatoes (seasoned with organic no salt seasoning).  If I had some brown rice crackers I would’ve crumbled up a few for the crunch but….

The cookie oatmeal bowl I had prepared for breakfast today was way “watery” so now that I have some fresh almond milk I may cook up a lil’ more oats w/ that and add to the watery mix in the morning to make my bowl an E rather than an FP.

Chia pudding is one of my favorite snacks (when I remember to make a head of time), has been from day 1 of THM.  I relied on the vanilla and berries to sweeten which was great but I’m thinking a doonk of sweetener would been the icing on the cake (y)

Today’s buffet was a tough one!!!  There’s just something about know you shouldn’t have something that makes you want it even more than ever!  After my salad, I picked 2 bites of fried okra from my lil’s plate then decided a few veggies would be good for me so had a small spoon of green beans and cooked cabbage BUT then there was cheesecake w/ graham cracker crumbs and y’all know I don’t believe in depriving myself so…..yes I did….3 whole bites that I ate ever so slowly to savor…just before the guilt set in because that’s the first SUGAR I’ve had in over a week.  It wasn’t at all sweet so I thought it couldn’t have too much sugar in it but then the headache that followed convinced me it had more than I realized :/ (Let me just add that I did not have guilt because I “cheated” but because I had sugar period when I’m trying to desperately to keep that poison out of my body)

Let’s discuss that subject that everyone considers to be a TMI…poop!  I mean it’s a natural process, everybody does it, so why does it make everyone so uncomfortable?  My whole life I was so irregular it was nothing for me to go two weeks without a BM but once I started Advo and eating a more clean diet, I’m an everydayer 🙂  EXCEPT when day 5 or 6 rolls around :/  I don’t know what it is!  I’m getting that extra fiber, drinking the water, taking the probiotics and omegas, all things that should be keeping things moving!  Ya know first there was the horrendous gas (that’s finally gone today praise The Lord because yesterday I thought I was going to get run out of ToysRus lol – ya can’t tell I’m NOT shy huh? I could tell you which aisle we had been down before even if I’d been blindfolded bwahaha) and then today zilchO, nada, nothing passing through! BUT the exciting part (yes poop can be exciting) when the damn breaks and it all let’s loose (huh hem…if you’re easily grossed out and not yet choking you may wanna stop reading HERE) you will be able to SEE that the cleanse is doing it’s thing.  I liken it to “seaweed”.  I hope that by today you’ve experienced the seaweed effect already but if not, never fear dear, it’s coming!

Total water consumption 100 oz

Check it—————–>————————^^^my 8 yo’s plateS


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