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Day 3 ALL IN 24DC & THM

on January 12, 2016

Day 3 / January 13 (Deep S)

I woke up feeling I didn’t get enough sleep last night but that’s my husband’s fault because he was very chatty after going to bed but once I got moving I’m ready to rock out another day!

My meal plan has gotten a lil’ off track but that’s ok! That’s why I LOVE having everything written out, it helps me feel less stressed “moving things around”. When I had to start my days willy nilly not knowing WHAT my options were “in a minute” I was stressed and seriously wanting to melt down by the time the kids got up!

Upon waking – Mix 16 oz of water with one pack of fiber and scoop (⅔) of Spark and take the probiotic pack and 3 Catalyst
Follow up with another 8- 16 oz of water while prepare breakfast

BREAKFAST – 3 scrambled eggs with spinach cooked in coconut oil

PRE-SNACK SNACK – Almonds (see story below) (BUT NOW I KNOW NO NUTS FOR DEEP S!!)

SNACK – Lettuce wrap w/ grilled chicken, cucumbers and pure straight up olive oil and a sprinkle of basil

LUNCH – Brown rice (cooked in stock and butter) w/ mexican chicken (has lil bit of diced tomatoes and black beans and does include some cheese)

30 minutes before snack I took 3 Catalyst and as desperately wanted to enjoy that fruit punch spark that I’ve grown to expect each day on my drive to picking up the kids…therefore I’ve just lessened my scoop to a true ½

SNACK – Small apple with nut butter 🙂

DINNER W/ (4) OmegaPlex – Crispy Salmon (Pg 283) in coconut oil with zucchini fries (no parm pg 357)

SNACK – Skinny chocolate (because I can and I’ve just been needing some chocolate today!)

Herbal Cleanse pills at bedtime

Did you know nuts are not just nuts? Seriously, you can’t even buy nuts without added ingredients anymore. I always carry a snack/water bag in my car for “just in case” but had to drive my husband’s car to take the kids to school today. Then he asks me to for a prescription…ok that’s easy enough, but is it? :/ Now it’s 8 am and I’m the ONLY one at the pharmacy (it winds up taking them 37 minutes to fill), they don’t carry some of the things on his growing list and it hits me I’m not going to make it home for my scheduled snack. Let me interject here to tell y’all…I LOVE FOOD! Eating has ALWAYS been a favorite past time but now I choose to make better choices with my habits (y)  So no worries on the snack right? I mean, I’m in a store for petes sake, I can just hit the snack isle and find something fairly healthy. BwaHaHa!! There’s a plethora of snack bars, all of which I know are full of sugar and the ones that aren’t are $4 each (I just can’t make myself do it!!) I finally found NUTS! Ah ha I say and get excited but alas it was short lived. These nuts are in a can and processed for an extended shelf life, so I take a quick peek at the ingredients and seeing a LIST I return them to their location. The cashews and the sunflower seeds both had added ingredients…salt (ok I can handle that) but safflower, soy and or peanut oil? Really? Do nuts really NEED added oil of any kind? I don’t mind extending my ingredient list to 5 but is it necessary? I wound up finding an individual pack of RAW NATURAL ALMONDS with ONE ingredient 🙂 I decided they really must be the perfect food, they saved me in my time of need… but then I started to wonder where/how they were grown… lol~

About 10am I remember thinking “Wow I feel great! I have energy! I feel almost giddy!” But about 12 the shoe dropped and I started to feel a lil’ headache coming on. I am one of those people who does not believing in taking pills for anything if I can avoid it and with essential oils we don’t even keep pain relievers in the house anymore (weather has finally turned off cold here in NC so it’s not that, haven’t had problems with my allergies in months thanks to my oils so….) it got me to thinking about the fact that I wasn’t watching the clock (and I wasn’t hungry) but I also started thinking about my water consumption! My morning shopping trip through my eating times off and it was past time to eat…with that being said I wanted something to eat STAT which means I didn’t take the time to fix my DA BOMB salad again today, I just warmed some leftover brown rice with mexican chicken but the only problem w/ that is I had to make it a S meal so added approx 2 Tbsp of cheese (I know I know dairy in moderation is acceptable). Sure enough, ate my lunch, headache GONE! (**Now I realize that it’s suggested the Deep S days should be dairy free as well)

So today’s lesson—I really suck at the S meals not being able to use dairy LOL~ Funniest part is the ONLY dairy we keep semi-regularly in our home is cottage cheese (for shakes, thm pancakes and pan bread) and shredded cheese for what else but S dishes lol

BTW—-I just wanted to remind y’all I’m NOT a purist so don’t go fussing at me when I add a lil’ “THM unapproved” to my diet 🙂

How was your first two days?  Are you taking all the products correctly and consistently?  I know with the previous 10 day cleanse you had a different schedule (ex: days 1-3 and 8-10 fiber drink, days 1-7 herbal cleanse pills and 4-10 probiotics) it was a lil’ confusing and hard to keep up with when to take what.  This new formula I loved because it’s ALL the products EVERY day!  However, IF you should happen to forget to take something, don’t worry, just add it on at the end.  IF the fiber drink is what you forget just do it next meal (or before).  Do you feel you’re reaching your water consumption goals?  Is it a struggle to get enough?  I had a client just today ask if she could add sugar free candy to her water for added flavor.  I said, “Well you could but why not add some fruit for flavor or maybe some of those calorie drops (I have no idea what those are called btw)?”  Let me tell you about her though…last week she cut out sodas and started drinking the water, added clean eating and hit the gym 3 times, by the time she weighed in before starting this cleanse she was already down 5 lbs (y)  It’s amazing what happens just by REMOVING certain items from our diets

Total water consumption 160 oz (WoW, that’s a lotta water—-it was not even intentional to drink so much)

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