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Uh oh…Houston we have a problem

on January 10, 2016

Wanna hear something funny? Not funny haha but ironic….

Following THM while doing AdvoCare is proving to be—-well—ordinarily same as any other meal plan with just a lil’ extra time but doing a Fuel Cycle just might be the death of me!  I never realized how much I second-guessed myself :/  Here I have been working diligently on a THM 2 Week Fuel Cycle to help kick off our Nationwide AdvoCare 24DC….and I obviously had NO IDEA what a Deep S really is!  What?  Yep, not kidding!  I may have to rework the whole first week…that or just let YOU know ahead of time I am NOT the best THM’r and you’re basically on your own lol~ (Quite frankly, Sunday’s are the busiest days ever around here because we live in NC but spend the day in VA with in-laws and don’t return to NC until our 6:00pm church service, so I don’t know WHEN I’ll be able to adjust the meal plan to include my new found knowledge)  IF this is your first AdvoCare 24DC or you don’t know (or care) THM, the best advice I can give you is KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!  Think high protein, low complex carb, lots of fruits and veggies.  Salads w/ protein are a fantastic lunch and just add the veggies you have on hand 🙂

Deep S is not simply hitting the S meals with a hard hammer down attitude!  These meals center around the purest fats without carbs (extra virgin oils) and the natural fat in meats and eggs.  Butter can be utilized in deep S but coconut oil fats work more metabolism revving qualities, which is good because we should be dairy free!  Who knew?  Well maybe you did but I did not, like I said this is my first Fuel Cycle.  Regular S friendly foods don’t necessarily fit into the Deep S category.  For instance my S plan contained some fruit and nuts but in Deep S there should be no berries, tomatoes, onion, nuts or seeds.  We should focus on leafy greens and the lowest carb, non-starchy veggies.  It’s a good thing most Deep S meals should be dairy free because our cleanse carries that same restriction (though Advo suggests minimal dairy is ok, I say DON’T DO IT!).  Deep S can allow an occasion Tbsp of Parmesan or light sheep’s cheese but I say why torture yourself by adding a lil’ cheese when ya can’t have a lot lol~

Apparently there are THREE types of S meals but let’s not interject that issue into this conversation just for confusion sake (there are also Heavy S and Light S meals)

I ain’t gonna lie….I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!!!!


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