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Day 1 ALL-IN 24DC & THM

on January 10, 2016

Day 1 / Jan 11th (Deep S)

We start our Advo mornings with Spark and Catalyst then follow up with Fiber and more water.  But I choose to add my Spark and Fiber TOGETHER (w/ double the water).  For me, this helps me “enjoy” the fiber drink without making me feel I have to chug (and not gag).  I’ve noticed the “new”’ instructions for the cleanse say to have your fiber drink WITH your breakfast but this causes me to feel too full/bloated and then I have a hard time eating.  I believe in eating every 2.5-3 hours and I do NOT want anything to keep me from eating.  Think of your metabolism as a burning fire.  Ya know, it takes a while to get that roaring fire started, I mean some people even through fuel on it haha  But once it gets going all ya gotta do is stoke it a lil’ and just keep adding the logs.  However, if you let the fire go out and have to start all over ya got another task ahead of you to get those logs burning good again.  Same concept goes with food, once the fire (metabolism) gets started ya wanna keep it going.  It’s a whole lot easier to keep your metabolism moving than to let it die down and try to kick start again (y)

The most exciting thought of adding the THM plan/recipes with the Advo Challenge was the thought of all the yummy S/satisfying meals….but then it hit me….for the first 10 days I can’t have any dairy (WHUUUT??  “But the Advo app even says you can have dairy in moderation.”  Yes, I noticed it does say that however, I believe that dairy coats the insides of our intestines and the cleanse is working to scrub the walls of our intestines so kinda seems like they’d be fighting against each other doesn’t it?  Therefore I choose to avoid dairy as much as possible)

I gotta confess—-I started my challenge a week earlier because I have some friends depending on my help with meal plans and such therefore I felt it best to get a couple days head start (just in case I had a Pinterest fail or something lol and needed to replace it).  Another confession, this being my first Fuel Cycle, I’m just now (after the fact) realizing I should NOT have included ANY fruit on the Deep S days :/  Yet with Advo we can have unlimited fruit….all I can say is I’ll never do another Fuel Cycle lol~  I almost considered going back and editing my meal plan to remove what lil’ fruit I did have but then I wouldn’t be “real” and hey, we all make mistakes!  I’ve learned not to beat myself up about it and just pick up and carry on (y)  Let there be fruit! 😀

So here was my DAY 1 of the AdvoCare Nationwide ALL IN 24DC

Upon waking – Weigh in and record (don’t weight again until day 11)

Mix 16 oz of water with one pack of fiber and pack/scoop (⅔) of Spark and take the probiotic pack and 3 Catalyst  **I only use the Mandarin Orange or the even the Mango Strawberry for mixing with fiber

Follow up with another 8-16 oz of water while prepare breakfast

BREAKFAST – CIM Pancakes.  I made the cake in a mug recipe into pancakes (Pg 380 original THM book).  

SNACK – Cookie in a mug.  Melt 1 Tbl coconut oil, add 2 Tbl flax meal, 1.5 Tbl almond meal, ¾ tsp Stevia (I have a hard time w/ the bitter vs sweetness of stevia so I use homemade Truiva), ½ tsp baking powder (I don’t use baking powder, I replaced w/ baking soda), dash of salt, splash of vanilla and 1 egg.  You can make this whatever flavor you want by adding different fruits but I realllllly wanted a cookie so I added 1 Tbl chocolate chips (I use Lily’s allergy friendly and sugar free).  Microwave for 1 minute OR bake 350 approx 20 mins.  

**Flax is fairly cheap and you can use a coffee grinder to easily grind your own flax into meal (y)

LUNCH – Heavy S Salad in a jar (Pg 189 Cookbook).  Olive oil/vinegar dressing is perfect but I use very lil’ dressing and opted for the 1000 Island I had open in the fridge.

30 minutes before snack 3 Catalyst and ⅔ scoop Spark (I didn’t NEED a Spark, I just had a taste for one because at this point of the day I’d already had 90 oz of water and wanted some flav-UH

SNACK – “Almond Joy” Skinny Chocolate (Pg 371 original THM book).  I made the original skinny chocolate and placed whole almonds and sprinkle of unsweetened coconut flakes.


DINNER W/ (4) OmegaPlex – Stir-fry over zucchini noodles with Pork Loin


SNACK –  Small apple with nut butter

Herbal Cleanse Pills at bedtime

All day I felt “hungry” which is not necessarily a bad thing because that just means my metabolism is rev’n like the fast engine machine I want it to be (haha) but that made me feel I was eating literally all day…it’s a good thing I record everything because it helped me to realize I was eating on schedule as I should be every 2.5 hours.  On a typical day I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks but really trying to pay attention to what and when PLUS the fact that I start my day between 4:30-4:45 AM and due to ball season it never ends before 10:00 PM; more awake hours in the day means more food right? 😀

I don’t typically have more than one spark a day and on a regular no-cleanse day I definitely only have one and not even a whole scoop/pack but let me tell ya the weird thing—-I didn’t need that 2nd spark today, I wasn’t tired, didn’t feel I needed a boost or anything, I just wanted the taste of it.  Not 10 minutes after finishing off that 2nd spark I WAS YAWNING!!!  What is up w/ that? Lol~

Before bedtime take the Herbal Cleanse Pills from the cleanse box.  I literally take these after I’ve gotten into the bed and ready to go to sleep!!!  If I take these as early as 30 minutes before going to sleep it makes my head feel funny :/  IDK why, I believe it must have something to with my meneires disease because I don’t know of anyone else who’s ever had this issue.

Total water consumption – 120 oz


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