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AdvoCare ALL IN 24 DC w/ THM

on January 6, 2016


Who’s ALL IN?  I’m in and ready to rock this challenge!  BUT, I have discovered I might not be “all there” lol probably not the brightest bulb in the bunch!  I am not only following THM while participating in the AdvoCare Nationwide ALL IN 24 Day Challenge but I’m also attempting my first THM Fuel Pull Cycle (insert doey wide eyes)

When I decided to jump on the Advo wagon (at 203 lbs) I got the jist of the “plan” rather quickly, high protein, low carb and avoid ALL THINGS WHITE (flour, sugar, milk, potato).  I dropped an amazing 43 lbs with what felt like very little effort (just by removing the bad).  What I considered to be my unobtainable goal of 50 lbs was looking to be nearer to “possible”.  This is where the Trim Healthy Mama plan became a part of the plan

Let me give just a quick overview of the THM plan 🙂  Eating liberal fats and carbs but separating them between meals rather than including all at once.

S (short for Satisfying) meals basically consist of protein and fats (butter, oils and cheeses, non-starchy vegetable, berries, nuts and seeds).  S meals are liberal with fats and they MUST have lower carbs  They should always be furnished with non-starchy veggies (these are gentler on your blood sugars).  Consuming a higher fat meal while pulling back on the carbs offers your body FAT as the primary fuel source rather than glucose.  What qualifies for S meal?  Over 5g fat and under 10g carbs.

E (short for Energizing) meals consist of protein and moderate amounts of starch (whole grains, beans, root veggies or natural sugars from fruit).  E meals will offer some energy since they offer your body glucose as the primary fuel source.  These meals are higher in carb counts while cutting back on the fat.  What qualifies for E meal?  Under 5g fat and over 10g carbs.

If you wind up having a meal that contains both high fats AND high carbs this is considered a CrossOver meal which I personally call CO.  CO’s are not conducive for weight loss and too many of these will encourage GAIN :/  Crossovers will have more than 5g fat and more than 10g carbs.

There are other food types and fuel burns called “S Helpers” but this is where I get totally lost and just avoid this knowledge lol BUT the exciting part is the last fuel type called FUEL PULL (FP for short), these meals are centered around the protein while cutting back on the fats AND the carbs.  S and E meals have one healthy fuel of either fat OR glucose (carb) to burn at each meal.  FP meals strip both of these primary fuels almost fully away and force your body to immediately burn it’s own fat as fuel (I can hear the applause all the way in NC).  FPs are NOT to be utilized often, only occasionally and only after you feel you’ve been ON PLAN 100% for 2-3 months and still find you’re in “turtle mode” then it’s time to give the FP cycle a try…and it’s TIME for ME!

I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve put on approx. 15 lbs of the original lost 50 over the last two years and I canNOT go “that route” again so it’s time to get serious and kick into high gear!  I’m hoping by combining what I know the AdvoCare WILL DO with what I know the FP Cycle can do that I’ll be back into my HEALTHIEST SELF YET in no time ❤

Herein lies my problem—-the S meals can include cheese but the 10 day cleanse cannot :/

Keep in mind that I am NOT a THM purist so to speak therefore I am perfectly comfortable using Advo while following THM simultaneously whereas some people might look at me with that waggin finger and say “No! No! No!”  You have to choose where you’re willing to concede and what you consider acceptable for YOUR health!  (this is truly turning out to be a daunting task…the meal plan that is…but I know I can always just keep it simple and eat REAL FOOD)



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