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I’m still breathing and I have referral codes

on July 3, 2015

Where oh where could she be?  Well let me tell ya, I spent over 3 hours working on a post (about 4 weeks ago) then….my computer crashed so I spent those weeks after POUTING in protest HaHa which you can clearly see didn’t do a thang for me!  THAT lost post was explaining WHY I’d dropped off from existence right in the middle of an AdvoCare (group) 24 Day Challenge! (For which I am so sorry btw) :/

Rather than trying to pick up where I left off (because you know I forget to sniff my Rosemary enough to help my memory haha) we’re just going to pretend that issue was resolved and move on lol~  (Though I do apologize for just leaving you floating in the wind all that time) :/

I have GOT to be one of the busiest people I know yet I just keep adding more fuel to the fire (praise the Lord for my essential oils because without them I’d never sleep, always be draggy and biting everyone’s heads off haha)…

Maintaining this blog has obviously been put on the back burner but I’m pretty good at keeping up with all my Facebook group pages so I’ll attach the links to those (y)

I still use/sell AdvoCare (nutritional supplements for weight loss, maintenance, boost metabolism, increase energy and enhance sports performance) but if you’re interested in knowing which products will best suit your needs please contact me so I can help guide you with the correct products.  IF it turns out that AdvoCare is something you intend to stick with (and trust me YOU WILL) I can tell you the most economical way to purchase your products is by enrolling as a distributor in order to get the discount of 20-40%.  Once other people see the change in you they WILL come and ask HOW YOU DO IT and then who knows, you may just start up your own little business. What IS AdvoCare?  It’s a solution for healthy weight management, nutrition for a healthy and balanced lifestyle through supplements in addition to help with a balanced eating plan, vibrant energy with on-the-go nutrition, and advanced sports nutrition (AdvoCare has several UNPAID sports stars that endorse this company and use our products and Drew Brees is actually our spokesperson)

I still make everything in our home to try to avoid the plethora of added toxins/chemicals into our bodies (I mean some things you just cannot avoid like when you’re OUTSIDE but when it comes to INSIDE my home we’re covered).  And when I say everything I mean EVERY THING that I can possibly think of (deodorant, cologne, hairspray, shampoo, toothpaste, and foods including condiments and mixing my own flours, milks and nut butters).  I’ve got friends asking me to do a “show” lol but then when I agree to seriously have everyone over to my house for “class” nobody responds :/   I think they’re afraid I’ll put them to work (they’d all really rather I do it for ‘em)!

I still love and LIVE essential oils because I believe without these natural plant botanicals we would be in a whole heep of trouble!  I believe that most people these days are just starting to see the light when it comes to their family’s health and a lot of them are beginning to look for alternative methods.  Friends and family members started to take note when they noticed the changes in my little one once she started using the oils and now a buttload of others have followed suit and found these tools to help their families.  (Essential oils do not heal the body yet they give the body what it needs to balance itself out)  These little bottles of goodness have changed our perspective on “alternative solutions” and that has changed our lives and the lives of many around us.  Without even trying, a business was built!  The time I put into studying the hows and whys of essential oils for my family has paid off in a financial way as well (added bonus Boo-Yah).  NOW—let me clarify, I am NOT a doctor, I do not work in the medical profession HOWEVER I’m not just JoBlow off the street trying to pedal-push snake oils.  I STUDY!  I’ve gone through many hours of education being taught by very knowledgeable doctors/educators and I’ve continued further educating myself through books, doctoral seminars, webinars, and essential oil classes.  Do I know it all? NO! But even my husband (he’s a hard critic) said to me last night, “You have a lot of educational knowledge about these oils” (yes, I bout passed out I pinched myself so hard to ensure I was indeed awake haha)  What ARE essential oils? They are volatile compounds extracted from every useful part of plants, flowers and trees but watching a short youtube video will explain a whole more than all the information I can verbally share w/ you 🙂 Please contact me for the brand that I trust and use for my family.

I now sell Paparazzi Accessories $5 jewelry and I am having SO MUCH FUN with these online/FB parties.  If you’ve ever wondered what $5 jewelry looks like then check out my website or join my FB group (so you’ll be alerted of any specials and parties you might wanna take a look at to see how they work) —–> Now, I ain’t gonna lie, I love DIAMONDS, real ones (they’re my birthstone!) but who can afford to dress up every outfit with expensive jewelry? (NOT ME!)  The next best thing is costume jewelry that looks expensive but is only $5 each.  I kid you not! $5! Everything!  Necklaces comes with matching earrings, rings are stretchy or adjustable, bracelets are adorable, headbands are awesome and hair clips can be used for more than just hair (well with that said, you can even use a stretchy band ring as a decorative ponytail holder) I know right?! Who knew?  And if you feel $5 is still too much, you can host a party (from your un-clean, even disarrayed home haha no matter what state you live in) and get yours FREE!  As a matter of fact I have a party coming up Monday, July 6th at 7:00PM/EST Paparazzi MYSTERY MADNESS party that I’d like to invite you to join 😉 The person with the most earned points will become our mystery hostess and win all the hostess benefits (WooHoo it don’t get no better than free bling)

My precious, sweet, tender-hearted lil’ princess is 7yo and has a true desire to serve the Lord with gladness.  Ps 37:4 Delight thyself in the Lord and he will give thee the desires of thine heart.  God put a desire in my little’s heart to raise money for the homeless children (yes, there are homeless CHILDREN, street kids all around; babies left on the street, live toddlers dropped in dumpsters and 5 yo pushed out of moving cars to live or die alone) of the Philippines.  Our church supports a missionary named Sonny Dix and his wife started and runs The Lamb Center where she takes in as many of these children into her orphanage as the government will allow.  Her expenses are high and constantly growing (just as prices of everything go up everywhere) and my baby wants to raise money to send the orphanage.  She started a project called Hannah’s Mission right after school let out in May (it’s a yard sale page of sorts).  She has taken some of her prized possessions, those things which she deemed worthy that other’s might want to buy, put a price to them and trying to sell them on Facebook.  She has also talked to people in an effort to receive donations to her mission.  This little 7yo got to send $146 a couple of weeks ago and you would’ve thought she was mailing a million dollars.  Right after that she had two generous people offer to donate by matching $1 for $1 (the first agreed to match the next $100 while the other the next $50).  In the last two weeks she has received almost $200.  If you feel God’s calling to “help out” with supporting a good cause please consider donating to Hannah’s Mission or The Lamb Center

It dawned on me a couple of days er…uh…weeks ago that I buy a lot of items online #1 because I can’t find them locally or #2 because they’re cheaper online (when I’m buying enough to reach the free shipping requirements) and all of these websites I purchase from have referral programs that I don’t utilize as I should.  I’ve mentioned several times before that I use (gluten free flours, organic snacks, raw ACV, etc) and that referral gives YOU and I (BOTH) $10 off $30 purchase (but it has to be YOUR FIRST purchase…then everytime you share your referrral code thereafter you’ll receive $10 of your next $30 purchase when someone new makes their first purchase) just click this link to recieve referral rewards—->

Well now there’s a new website called Thrive Market.  Thrive is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable.  The only thing about Thrive is that you must purchase a year membership ($59.95) such as like that of a Costco or Sams membership though they do offer you a free 30 day trial membership (which was all it took to get me hooked lol). By clicking this link —-> you who place your first order will get 25% off and I’ll earn $10 in Thrive Cash (when I started this post in JUNE that $10 was $30 for each referral!).  (Thrive does not have as many items as Vitacost but their prices are comparable and in some cases less expensive and their stock is expanding)

I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting to share, quite frankly I’M POSITIVE there’s something I’ve left out….let’s go sniff some Rosemary 🙂

**DISCLAIMER:  This website (including any/all site pages, blog posts, blog comments, forum, videos, audio recordings, etc.) is not intended to replace the services of a physician, nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Information is provided for informational  purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have an urgent medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider. Any application of the recommendations from this blog is at the reader’s discretion. AdvoCare is not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this website and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it. I am an independent distributor of both AdvoCare and Essential Oils and I simply share my personal experiences with said products (y)


2 responses to “I’m still breathing and I have referral codes

  1. Carole says:

    It is more of a question than a comment. I’ve don’t the 24 dc and I STILL have this horrible potato chip fetish thing going on. Its like I gain ground and then lose it. Can you offer me any suggestions.


    • chellemills says:

      Carole…haha…sorry! We all need some thin crunch every now and then 😉 Try kale chips different taste no doubt but so much better for you OR you can make your OWN potato chips (thinly slice potatoes, drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper) or even sweet potato chips Mmmm 😛

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