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AdvoCare Herbal (Group) Cleanse / Day 10

on May 20, 2015

May 20th: Day 10 (YOU MADE IT—pat yourself on the back, high five the mirror, bow for you deserve all the praise!)

Upon waking drink a Spark (1 scoop or pkg per 8 oz of water—I actually do ⅔ scoop w/ 12 oz) with your Probiotic Restore Ultra pill pack (optional 3 Catalyst)
Within 30 minutes drink your fiber w/ 6-8 oz of water and don’t forget to chug it!
Within 30 minutes YOU NEED TO EAT!

BREAKFAST: Almond Butter Pancakes top w/ berries
SNACK: Coco Protein drink
LUNCH: Left-over pesto shrimp w/ sauteed spinach and small apple
SNACK: Protein treat
DINNER: BIG SALAD (church night are rushed, especially w/ son taking driver’s ed until 6 making church 45 mins away!)

½ cup almond butter
½ cup unswt applesauce
1 egg
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp cinnamon

I totally found a perfect last day of the 10 day cleanse treat for you to enjoy for your snack. I accidently stumbled across this lil’ yummy trying to find something new and exciting for my children to enjoy, that looks amazing and yet nutritious to boot! Start w/ putting a glass (or 2) in the freezer overnight (I used a wine glass since this was a special “dessert” and made it look very fancy)
1 frozen banana
½-1 c water
Blend these two well and then
Add 1 scoop vanilla protein (my kids truly hate the taste of vegan protein but the sweetness of the banana takes care of that). Blend again but not too long or it will be very “frothy” and you’ll have way too much!
Melt/mix together:
1 Tbsp raw cocoa (I used less maybe ¾ and that turned out to be too much UNLESS your fixing 2 of these)
1 Tbsp coconut oil
Drizzle chocolate mix inside frozen glass and then drizzle softened/melted nut butter (my kids aren’t “Paleo” so I used peanut butter but almond butter would be even better!)
Pour protein shake into beautiful glass and VOILA~
Walked 1 ⅓ miles
Approx 130 oz of water
protein treat
For those of you who are continuing on w/ the entire 24 DC I will guide you as far as when to take your pills and start you off on a meal plan but MY KIDS ARE OUT OF SCHOOL FOR SUMMER! Which means things are about to get REAL up in here :/ therefore I may be a lil’ busy!  You should be in the habit now of eating something nutritious (not empty calories from a package!) every 3 hours, consuming plenty of water and knowing what to or NOT to eat! Feel free to go through old posts for recipes and remember this—-STEAMED/RAW VEGGIES (should be the bulk of your meal covering half your plate), PROTEIN (at least 10g at each meal, the size of your palm) and COMPLEX CARB (half the size of your fist). Though you are no longer on a dairy restriction if you’re doing fine w/o then continue on the same path but don’t beat yourself up if you feel you must reimplement, just don’t overdo it! LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU!

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements


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