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AdvoCare Herbal (Group) Cleanse / Day 7

on May 17, 2015

I apologize, it seems somewhere along the way I veared off the beaten path and forgot to post the daily (day ahead) menu plan 😀  Whoopsie! Sorry y’all, I promise to do better from here on out 🙂

May 17th: Day 7 (MY day 7 was Mother’s Day)
Upon waking drink a Spark (1 scoop or pkg per 8 oz of water—I actually do ⅔ scoop w/ 12 oz) with your Probiotic Restore Ultra pill pack (optional 3 Catalyst)
Within 30 minutes YOU NEED TO EAT!

**Tomorrow/day 8 we are making another change to the morning routine—you will add the fiber pack back in AND you will NO LONGER be taking those big ole horse pills at night (unless you’ve forgotten a pack somewhere along the way in which case you will need to continue on that!).

Today being Sunday/church this will NOT be a difficult to menu day as I just do not have time 🙂 Typically I go for a coconut protein shake and the kids will eat dietary approved cereal w/ vanilla rice milk but this being our group cleanse time I wanted to offer up a lil’ more than that (you’re welcome haha)

BREAKFAST: EZ (2 ingredient) Pancakes
SNACK: Kind bar (because I can eat this between Sunday School and Worship service)
LUNCH: Mixed greens salad (cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes and chicken)
SNACK: Muffin in a mug
DINNER: 6 oz filet w/ sweet potato, small side salad and a slice of pumpernickel bread (honey took us out to Outback before church service. As a Mother’s Day special they offered a choice of cheesecake or carrot cake as dessert with my steak but I only had a taste…and it wasn’t even good)

1 medium ripe banana (did you know GREEN bananas have less sugar?)
2 eggs
Using a bowl and a fork mash and combine the ingredients together until a batter is formed and most of the banana lumps disappear. In a large skillet over medium heat pour the batter to make the pancakes, grease the pan with coconut oil or butter. When the pancakes are starting to set and bubble on the top, turn and cook them on the other side. (Depending on the size of your banana this will only serve 1 adult, maybe adult and small child. These do not need syrup but if you think it needs something remember the “sugars” and you’re trying to AVOID those (try topping with a tsp of peanut butter or a drizzle of honey)

MUFFIN IN A MUG: (Chocolate version-single serve)
Crack 1 egg in a microwave safe mug
1 ½ Tbsp golden flax meal (grind flax seeds)
1 ½ Tbsp almond flour
1 heaping Tbsp unswt cocoa
2-4 tsp truvia (sweetener of choice–if leave this off, after cook drizzle w/ honey Mmm)
½ tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp coconut oil
Get your workout in today by mixing this boogar all together
Microwave for 1 minute
You can actually whip some coconut cream with a lil’ added vanilla for a frosting and top w/ berries and oh my soul it’s to die for!

At bedtime be sure to take your “Herbal Cleanse Pill Pack” with some water. This is the LAST night for these (whew—aren’t you glad?).

You’ve been doing this long enough now that things should start becoming a habit. Water consumption should be easier now and eating often should feel more natural. I remember I literally had to eat by the clock when I first started, always keeping an eye on the time but now my body let’s me know ❤

How do you feel? What positive changes are you feeling? Would you like to start sharing what you’re eating? Speaking of eating, it’s always wise to keep a food journal in order to know which foods might make you feel a certain way…bloated/inflammation, digestive upset, stool changes. You’ll find that some foods will cause you to stall or make you feel thinner. Some of them don’t sustain as long as others and some make you so “full” you’re not ready to eat after 3 hours. Learn to listen to you body! Are you eating enough?! You don’t have to eat a LOT, it’s more important to eat 5-6 smaller meals during the day than just 3 large ones but you still need to make sure you’re consuming enough. I know this concept is hard to understand but you have to eat to lose! Let me know how I can help you reach your goals and make this a successful journey 🙂

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements


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