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How do you sleep?

on April 13, 2015

Are you getting enough shut-eye? I mean REALLY, at night time, not just when you get still in your most comfy chair! Most adults NEED a good eight hours of sleep a night. I am so busy with every day life and quite frankly when something has to give, it typically winds up being SLEEP (I used to say, “I can sleep when I’m dead!” These days I sometimes feel dead walking around like a zombie getting up at 4:30am to extend my day). Don’t we all give up on sleep rather than something else like say weekend play or fun evenings with our fams?!  I mean, I don’t know about you but the ONLY day that I can “sleep in” is Saturday—and by sleep in I mean pass 6am.  But it is inevitable that every Saturday my husband’s body says “hello handsome” around 5 (insert big dear in the headlight eyes!), he does NOT normally get up before 6 (and most times later than that) ANY OTHER DAY :/

I used to go to be completely exhausted!!!  Worse yet, I woke up still feeling tired and going through the day was almost torturous without a nap!  It was as if when I laid down at night, no matter how tired I was, my mind would just spin with thoughts of did I do that, how can I finish this, what must I do tomorrow.. So if you feel wide awake when your head hits the pillow at night know that you ain’t the only one!! Approximately 60 million Americans report having experienced insomnia at some point in their lives. Even worse, 40 million Americans suffer from long-term sleep disorders.  Come to find out mine was not necessarily a long term disorder as much as it was unhealthy diet/lifestyle.

If you don’t suffer from sleepless nights (consider yourself lucky), odds are at some point in your life you’ve had times of restlessness, experienced tossing and turning or the mind chatter effect where you’re brain just will not SHUT-UP!  Do you lay there wondering, “What in the world? Why can’t I sleep?”  I can say from experience I know that’s the worst thing to do! Laying there with your mind wandering will only cause further frustration and anxiety….this will only make it harder to drift off, causing further exhaustion the next day.  Whew, what a viscous cycle…I’m getting tired just thinking about it LOL~

Once I changed my diet and started exercising regularly (welllll haha) I started sleeping better.  I think most nights I was asleep BEFORE my head hit the pillow but then there were still nights that I would wake up at odd hours and couldn’t go back to sleep.  This is around the time I discovered essential oils.  Let me just tell you right now that I sleep like I have never slept before!

Missing ANY of those much needed Zzzzs is nothing to yawn about.  The health risks associated with a lack of sleep can include poor cognitive function, problems with attention and concentration (duh).

There are so many essential oils to help with sleep!  Only problem is how do you know which one to choose?  Well everyone’s body chemistry is different and what works for me may not work for you but you’ll never know until you try.  When I started using oils more, there were so many recipes for every issue I researched that it was a lil’ overwhelming so I went to the book.  My “oils bible” is an amazing tool to have on hand when you start your own journey to good health with the help of oils.  This book lists all the oils and what they’re used for as well as listing which oils to use and how to use them for specific health goals.  It will even give you several options (because let’s face it, WHO has each and every oil on hand?), so if you don’t have the #1 choice, chances are you’ll have the #2 or maybe #3 😉

Here’s just a few options of ways to help you get a better night sleep….

Take a warm bath with a few drops of Lavender or Roman Chamomile. Your body temperature drops rapidly once you exit the shower or bath. Research shows that this decrease in temperature can trigger a sleepy feeling because your heart rate, digestion and other metabolic processes slow down. This can make it easier for your brain and body to power down, too.

Lavender rubbed on the bottom of your feet and Cedarwood on your big toe before you put socks on. Optimize your temperature for sleep, the ideal balance is a cooler core and warmer extremities. I know I for one can NOT sleep when my feet are cold BUT I DO like it cooler in the room at night to help me sleep better.  One study revealed that wearing socks dilates your blood vessels and can help blood flow, leading to a more optimal temperature for snoozing. (Cedarwood is known to calm the mind chatter and the big toe is the reflex point for the brain)

Don’t try to go to bed early unless you actually feel SLEEPY! Once your eyelids are telling you it’s time apply a mixed sleep blend mixed with Grounding and Calming blends over the heart, wrists and/or back of neck. I use this sleep blend over my heart/chest with Cedarwood on my toe and sleep great every night. Most nights I don’t even wake up to pee 🙂

If continuous thoughts and ideas keep you up, consider jotting down what’s on your mind. Processing your feelings (good and bad!) can help you relax into a sleepier state of mind. When you’re thinking through that stuff and you’re lying down, it can become circular (this is what I call mind chatter when you feel your mind just keeps spinning). By writing things down or making a list of to-dos, you’ll calm those thoughts bouncing around. Instead of endlessly worrying about the next day’s agenda, you’ll have already planned it out how you’ll get everything completed before you hit the hay. There have been times I actually did not even turn the light on to see that I was writing legible, as long as I “got it out” I was able to relax and stop thinking about it 🙂

Lying in bed and worrying about your inability to fall asleep will hinder your ability to fall asleep! The second you start feeling tense instead of letting that grow into an all night battle, get up and go into another room until you start feeling sleepy (NO, this is not permission for consuming a midnight snack—avoid the kitchen/eating). You want to condition your brain to associate the bed with sleeping. Feeling frustrated creates a stress response where the body creates adrenaline. To combat this harmful feedback loop, divert your attention by reading, having a cup of chamomile tea or doing anything relaxing, even if that for you is folding laundry haha until you start to feel drowsy, but NO electronics (that means DO NOT turn on the TV to check for a movie OR turning to social media for entertainment).

Make a sleepy time sheet spray out of Lavender and Vetiver, together these two create a blend that aids in an all night sleep. Every night my lil’ one goes to bed peacefully with this sprayed over her pillow (and even her lil’ stuffed bunny).  I ain’t gonna lie there are still times of distress or upset over daily trials or family loss but chances are there’s an oil for that 🙂

If you’re having sleep troubles please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding questions and/or solutions on how to help you get some much needed Zzzzzzzzzz

If you’re ready to start your own oils journey and looking for a supportive team contact me and find out how to join my team for the deepest discounts.  Your enrollment fee is waived/included when you choose to start with an enrollment kit.  And as usual I’m here to help ❤


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