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Do you know what’s out there?

on April 4, 2015

Okay…just breathe…DEEP IN – EXHALE!
There’s an epidemic running rampant and I want you to be prepared!

BATHING SUITS are popping up everywhere 😀

Does this scare you? Are you comfortable with your body image? Do you wish you actually looked like a swimsuit model? Yea, that was a dumb question because I’m sure we all dreamed at some point in our lives of having that “perfect” body. But what’s “perfect” may depend on what era you were born in or what kind of background you were raised with.

Our biggest concerns with bathing suits should be finding one that fits AND is comfortable! Finding one that doesn’t ride up the cheeks when you walk, sag in the butt when you’re wet and keeps all your “stuff” in place lol  That’s a legitimate concern! NOT whether or nor our bodies will be acceptable to others! NOT whether or not you resemble the model in the picture (just think PHOTOSHOP—girlfriend she ain’t real). NOT whether or not you are swimsuit “worthy”. I know, easier said than done, I’m guilty too (not just with bathing suits).

YES, pleasssse eat nourishing, nutrient dense foods that will give your body the energy it needs to do the awesome things you’re meant to do! Eating RIGHT lowers your risk of a plethora of autoimmune diseases, it fuels workouts (that you should be doing), builds strong bones, etc, etc… YES, pleasssse exercise your body! It strengthens muscles, bones, again lowers risks of disease, provides stress relieve, helps you sleep better and I’m hear to tell ya increases your sex drive (that in itself should be enough for some people) 🙂

DO these things because it’s the best thing for you! Get in the habit of eating clean every day of your life and some type of exercise at least 3-4 days a week.  Start with tiny lil’ baby steps of things you can handle even if it’s so tiny you think, “It’s not worth it”…every step you make will be a step in the right direction! You’re going to fall sometimes but stop whining, get up, start again AND adopt a long term goal—a lifetime of good health! Start today! By the time summer actually rolls around you will be happy with your healthier “better today than yesterday” body…in a swimsuit that feels good!

BTW…do you realize how much “the perfect body” has changed over the years?
Remember back in western days when the shapely women could only get “one kind” of job, the “homely” unmarried were teachers and the modest and pretty women were wives and mothers. Jump into the 1920’s with flappers and how “boyish” and “unshapely” they were with their long torso, flat-chests and no hips. That was the “in” back then, everybody wanted to be that way. The 1930’s and Greta Garbo brought back the “womanly figure” and that became the look every woman desired. In the 1940’s Joan Crawford brought “wide shoulders” (via shoulder pads) into popularity, the strong type where women wanted to appear slightly “masculine”. In the 50’s Marilyn Monroe was considered voluptuous! Women hated her for the curvy look and men wanted to be with her. In the 60’s thin was in…and I mean THIN! In the 70’s if you didn’t look like a Charlie’s Angel then you didn’t fit in and the 80’s became more about the hair than the body. The world seems to choose “the look” that everybody goes for. Let’s step out of “the world” and step into OUR COMFORT ZONE! Let’s be comfortable with who God made US but let’s not use “God made me this way” as an excuse to NOT TRY to be our best!

I ain’t gonna lie, I’d like the “perfect” figure but for me my figure IS perfect—as long as I’m feeding my family healthy and doing what’s best for us 🙂

I know I probably should stop adding graphics that aren’t “homemade” but I’m praying The Lord will keep the “evils that be” from coming after me with copyright troubles lol~  I found this graphic so very interesting that I’m hoping the originator will see it as a complement that I’m sharing it with you ❤
body image 100 yrs Of course it’s probably so tiny you can’t even see it :/


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