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Let’s talk more about breakfast~ Oh, and uh, a leaky gut

on March 26, 2015

I promise you, I did not fall off the edge of the earth lol~  I’ve been attending a Diabetes Summit that’s taking up a lot of my time, then there’s the usual housekeeping, practice and ball games, making all of our “stuff”, preparing meals (for whoever is at home and on-the-go) and trying to STUDY!  Ya know life can really take a hold of ya sometimes but HEY, it’s better than the alternative right?!  NO, I do not personally have diabetes but I have a special relative that does and boy does she struggle with it on a daily basis.  She has a myriad of symptoms which seem to be turning into much larger issues (started w/ gestational diabetes, wound up having half her thyroid removed, overweight, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, chronic fatigue…i mean really the list continues to grow) and I desperately want to help her!  Having ONE autoimmune disease leaves the door open to having more autoimmune diseases and though I can’t personally prove it I think it’s all coming from what we eat!

Though the summit is geared towards the topic of Diabetes I’ve had these “AH-HA” moments regarding my son and all his issues.  No, I do not think he has Tourette’s because of diabetes hahahaha but I DO believe there’s a HUGE gut – brain connection and that his food allergies definitely affect the quantity and severity of his tics (**side bar—funny story, my lil’ princess prays for her brother every day in school and the first time she said, “Pray for my brother’s tics” of course all the lil’ kids said “Ewwwww” thinking he had lil’ bugs stuck all over him). One of the sessions was talking a lot about leaky gut.  I’m sure we’ve all heard that term by now and have an idea of what it is but Tom O’Bryan explained it in a way that caused me to shout–out loud, while alone, in an empty house–THAT’S IT! HE HAS A LEAKY GUT!  I ain’t gonna lie, it was like this huge light bulb started flashing in my head getting brighter and brighter until I just about went blind with tears because it makes sooo much sense as to WHY he has all these food allergies!  (The hard part to swallow is how to get him to understand the severity of it in a way that causes him to STOP consuming these foods!) He explained it this way (maybe not verbatim but in a nut shell), “Look at your intestines as this 25′ tube lined with shag carpet.  That shag carpet is covered in cheesecloth.  As food goes down into the tube it is being broken down by digestive enzymes into these tiny molecules that are able to pass through the cheesecloth into the carpet where it’s still getting smaller and then into the blood stream. EVERY time you eat gluten (using this example b/c of so many having gluten sensitivity) that cheesecloth tears, then it’ll repair itself, next time you eat gluten that cheesecloth tears again, then it’ll repair itself, etc. etc. repeat, etc. Eventually it will stop repairing because there’s too much damage. So the next time you eat gluten those broken down pieces aren’t getting small enough before they’re getting through the torn cheesecloth, these large molecules are being dispersed into the blood stream too early causing your body to make antibodies to gluten (or chicken, or dairy or whatever). Next you wind up with “molecular mimicry” (when your thyroid or pancreas or whatever it is that looks like those gluten molecules) and those antibodies start to attack.  They think they’re attacking the gluten molecules! Because your pancreas, thyroid or other tissue looks like the gluten molecules it’s being attacked and therefore becomes damaged. Now your tissue or organs are getting damaged and you’re getting elevated antibodies wreaking havoc and making more antibodies that are trying to rid the damaged cells but what it’s actually ridding is your once healthy organs.”  Like I said, he probably didn’t word it exactly that way but you get the jist of it 😉 To make a long ah-ha moment a lil’ shorter…I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my son has LEAKY GUT!

Let me just wrap this leaky gut discussion up by stating that it is a huge reason for why people have so many food allergies!

NOWWWW….we can talk about my favorite subject 🙂 FOOD!!! In particular BREAKFAST (aka the most important meal of the day).  You should never ever, ever never, wait did I say never because I meant EVER skip breakfast! Consuming a healthy breakfast within one hour of waking is ideal in achieving a healthy metabolism (that can be boosted by as much as 30% for the day), balanced weight, capability to focus and making better food choices for the rest of the day. You cannot establish all that by eating cereal, 2 slices of toast and a glass of apple juice! SUGAR – SUGAR – SUGAR that’s what I’m seeing :/ You’ll find that within 1-2 hours that you’re craving SUGAR (and quite possibly a massive headache) so what will you do next?  Most likely you’ll be searching for carbs…and that’s where your mindset will stay the rest of the day because lord knows you will not have any clue what’s being said on that conference call (yes, I can speak from experience lol).

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Literally!! Stay away from the boxed stuff…cereals, packaged oatmeal, nutra-grain bars! It’s even OK to consider having last night leftovers. Who doesn’t love a good steak and eggs breakfast to start the day? Make sure you include real food, good fats, vegetables and protein. Cook with coconut and olive oil. Include veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus and avocado. Include healthy proteins like turkey sausage, smoked salmon and eggs (good any time of day unless you have a diversion to them).

Leave out the JUICE! Fruit juice is just straight up sugar. We grew up on OJ or grape juice for breakfast but have you looked at the labels on the store bought brands?? Did you know that fruit juice can contain more sugar than a can of Coke — up to 12 teaspoons per glass. You’d be much better off eating an orange or bowl of grapes, that way you’re at least consuming the fiber along with the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  IF you want juice—MAKE YOUR OWN! 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. Spinach is a perfect veggie to add because it has lil’ taste when mixed with fruit (kale is much stronger).  Or better yet opt for a green smoothie instead. I love smoothies you can include the fiber (skin or pith) with nothing wasted. I always include protein (protein powder, cottage cheese or greek yogurt), vegetables, chia, and fruits like berries…and when I remember I add Tbsp of coconut oil for a good fat!

Stay away from the breads!! 2 slices of whole wheat or whole grain toast will raise blood sugar levels the same as a snickers bar.  Don’t even have gluten-free toast and think you are doing yourself a favor. Most contain sugar, thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers to give them the same texture as the gluten based breads. Also many gluten-free products are made from corn, potato, tapioca and maize starch, starches will send your blood sugar levels UP. You’ll quickly learn that those gluten free alternatives are FULL of SUGAR!!!  IF you must have bread (because let’s face it we all JUST WANT IT sometimes) try your hand at homemade spelt or a paleo bread (made from pumpkin), it’s gluten free, high in protein and nutrient dense. Sourdough is made with a fermented dough that makes the bread easier to digest and doesn’t cause undesirable spikes in blood sugar levels (Gwens Nest has a good recipe for sourdough). The gluten in sourdough is less likely to cause food intolerance. Spelt, though still a “wheat”, is an ancient grain which has lower levels of gluten that people find easier to digest.

I for one am honestly guilty of offering my children a fruit salad with breakfast (notice I said WITH and not in place of). I know that fruits are a natural sugar BUT still sugar! Even too much of a good thing can be bad! Massive amounts of fruit still contain sugar therefore you will have spikes in your blood sugar levels and the viscous cycle of wanting more sugar will kick into high gear. When considering fruit for breakfast ALWAYS ADD A PROTEIN and no I’m not referring to that left-over steak at this point HaHa…consider making a coconut milk pudding (Grassfed Girl has delish recipe) or if you have no diversion to dairy go with a greek yogurt (less sugars than others AND has awesome protein) and add chia seeds to either of those. I always go with berries for my fruit/flavor!

Avoid EVERYTHING fried in vegetable oil! Vegetable oils are rancid oils and they turn your insides rancid as well! I make a hashbrown waffle sometimes (with peppers/onions, s/p) in coconut oil :p

There ARE healthier options for pancakes, I’ve given those to you in the past but would be happy to refresh your memory if need be 🙂 Do not ever revert to the boxed versions…hungry jack was good, quick and easy when all I had to do was add water but it was not worth knowing the damage I was doing to my family’s health :/

This life of good health is a journey, not a destination, we’re still learning as we go here 🙂  I hope you feel free to chime in at any time and let us all know what you’re doing to start your health journey ❤

And now for a brief commercial— Check out my NEW Essential Oils website for amazing health tips, DIY ideas and snack recipes all containing the power of these God given 100% pure plant extracts!


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