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Just another snow day

on February 24, 2015

Being prepared for snow is one thing but not even knowing that the snow is coming can find one in a tough situation! One good thing about the fact that we MAKE everything there’s no worry when we wake to ½” of snow, still heavily falling on top of what we already had leftover from last week…if we run out of milk, bread or deodorant we just make more 🙂

I’m an early riser! I love getting up before the neighborhood dogs decide to roll over. It affords me some much needed alone time to spend w/ the Lord and to ponder what changes to make in my daily schedule (not necessarily the greatest of plan haha too much thinking time can overload my day). I get breakfast cooked and on the table (complete w/ supplements) and lunches packed before waking the children. Typically we know when there’s the slightest hint of snow in the area…with empty bread shelves and scarce milk supply but not this time! No hint! I knew it would be cold (low 18) but never heard a word of ANY precipitation! Therefore the thought of looking out the window when it started getting light out never occurred to me this morning…UNTIL I had to wake the children and my son finally came out of his room (fully dressed) saying, “The radio said schools are closed and delayed.” to which I responded “I don’t know why they would be”…THEN I looked out to see that EVERYTHING was completely covered in a blanket of snow. Now it’s gorgeous don’t get me wrong…especially when the big flakes fall and flurry all around but I was ill-prepared for a “snow-day” (aka NO SCHOOL). I had a funeral to attend, a lunch meeting and my regular week Costco shopping with the possibility of a date night w/ my honey tonight. The idea of missing out on some alone time w/ my honey was rather disheartening but having the kids at home with snow meant TOGETHERNESS even though they’d want to be outside (my son even OFFERED to shovel the driveway before 800am) and I don’t fret about missing out on grocery shopping…there’s NOTHING we absolutely have to have!

I was able to catch up on replenishing necessities such as…. homemade sugar-free syrup, homemade gluten-free/sugar-free vanilla, deodorant, hand sanitizer, son made his (peppermint) body wash, lil princess made her (lemon) foaming hand soap, and I even tried something new “Fridge Refreshers”.

Do you remember growing up and always having a box of baking soda in the fridge? I always wondered what that was about…ya didn’t use it for anything, ya just kept it tucked away in the back. When I got married and had a home of my own at 19, I too had an opened box of baking soda in the back—even though I had no idea why lol~ Well, now I know it was to soak up any funky smells that we are all bound to wind up w/ at some time whether it’s from an opened to-go box with leftovers, rotten broccoli or spoiled milk. Finding a slightly “off” odor this morning seemed like a good time to try it out because I no longer like having that orange box in my fridge 😉

All of the above took less than an hour out of my morning and will last me a good month, then we all sat—together—watching a movie (Soul Surfer which happens to be lil’ bits favorite, she says “because it’s a Christian movie and they talk about my Jesus”) ❤

What do you do when YOU run out of “staples” on a snow-day? Do you wrap up and venture out to Walmart with all the crazies (that cringe at just the sight of flakes) and take a chance on slipping into a ditch with your babies in tow…OR do you make what you need and just “go w/ the flow”? I have learned to love making everything from scratch at home, I find such accomplishment in naturally taking care of my family and dare I say pride in knowing I’m doing them good removing chemicals and toxins from our home that are found in everyday products. I ain’t gonna lie, I especially LOVE when my children come to me and say, “Mom, I need ‘this’, can I help you make it?”

For ideas on making your own products with essential oils visit

Want to know where to purchase your own essential oils?

Do you realize how easy it is to make your own dairy-free milk? There are several options but if you’re new to making everything the easiest (cheat) way to make almond milk is take 3-4 Tbsp of almond butter, add it to 4 cups distilled water and blend in good (high-powered preferably) mixer. I use this for cooking! If you want to drink it, add vanilla and/or 1-2 dates to sweeten 😛
And cashew milk being the newest version of DF on the market? Yep, that’s easy too! Soak 1 cup of raw cashews in water for FOUR hours. Drain and rinse. Add 4 cups distilled water with your soaked cashews and blend to creamy perfection (no straining needed..thank you to Sherry @ for teaching me that one). I’ve discovered cashews are wonderful for making dairy free “sour cream” and “heavy cream”…who knew?


2 responses to “Just another snow day

  1. Andreka Johnson says:

    Good Afternoon!! I stumbled on to your blog trying desperately to get a hold on this 24 day challenge I purchased a year ago and did not use. Is it possible to contact you for a few more pointers with this???

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