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Food allergies– GO AWAY already

on October 13, 2014

Seriously? Has it really been two weeks since I’ve talked to you? WOW, life really takes hold of us sometimes and causes us to lose all track of time. We certainly can’t allow that to happen again! Does that sound like a familiar phone conversation w/ your best friend? I certainly hope it’s not one you’ve had w/ Jesus! Tho, I’m sad to say, it’s one I’ve had w/ The Lord before :/ How can I get so caught up w/ life’s circumstances that I just can’t find time to spend at his feet? That my friends means life is too busy and it’s time to RE-prioritize your life! If you don’t figure it out on your own, he’ll figure out a way to get your attention!

But, really, that’s not why I called you today 😉

I’ve spent the last year (or so) removing items from our home that I felt were physically harmful and/or toxic for our environment living w/ TS (Tourettes Syndrome). It started w/ replacing chemical filled cleaners, detergents, soaps, deodorants, everything I could think of that I could possibly make. This decision has been met w/ MUCH opposition from my TS child. I understand as a 14 yo boy he’s used to certain things a certain way and this really threw a hitch in his giddy! One of the hardest parts has been the fact that I throw away all his deodorants then he goes to his dads for a week and he comes back w/ more :/ I’ve yet been able to convince his dad that when your body is full of heavy metals, you do not want to add fuel to the flame by putting aluminum filled deodorant in a very sensitive/thin area of your body to soak in (insert extreme anger face).

I spent countless hours studying how to nutritionally help said child control his numerous vocal and motor tics by removing all artificial sweeteners, colors, dyes, and flavors only to find empty coke bottles in his bag after a weeks stint w/ his dad (insert even more extreme angry face).

I thought after we received results from son’s allergy tests that dad would get a clue and realize this is truly a serious matter (now, let me just interject here that “dad” is himself a hypocondriac; this is the same man who insisted I get an AIDS test when we got married because he saw “symptoms” in me that he saw on a tv show. Same man who was convinced he had cancer after watching a documentary. Same man who tried to insist his newborn have unnecessary eye surgery to correct a “crossing” which wasn’t there. Ya get the picture?). Dad tells TS son, “It’s not gonna kill ya!” Grrrrrrr~

Son has been determined allergic to beef, corn, dairy, eggs (the whites MORE than the yokes), gluten, yeast (has Candida), wheat and 2 molds! Now, I’ve already been cooking GF, DF, SF but there are times he’s allowed butter and cheese (up until the results came back it wasn’t a for sure removal) but then I could always say, “Fix yourself some eggs”, it was his “go-to” snack, breakfast, filler, just whenever he felt like it. Eggs are the perfect food right?! WRONG! Though I noticed his tics increase while eating store-bought eggs he didn’t have the same issue w/ organic eggs. I’ve been spending approx. $21 on eggs alone, every other week because he ate so many (scrambled, boiled, on salads, and deviled) and then I cook A LOT w/ eggs (muffins, pancakes, cookies, you name it). Second round of results came back w/ the allergy to EGGS….I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut! I know how to replace eggs in baking BUT there’s no replacement for scrambled eggs or an egg casserole :/

I ain’t gonna lie, I just needed to rant a minute….
Thanks for listening, call again real soon 🙂


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