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Cereal or pop tarts? NO MORE!

on July 19, 2014

After learning what I’m about to share w/ you, it makes all the effort I put into Homemade Pop Tarts & Cereal worth every pain-staking moment.

(My favorite pop-tart AND cereal recipes, can be found at She has a most awesome “Cookie Crisp” recipe as well as “Cheerios” recipe but I ain’t gonna lie, making all those lil’ tiny holes are time consuming HaHa Both of these recipes are easily adaptable for our nutrition restrictions of GF/DF/SF)

Do your kids watch tv? With every Saturday morning cartoon comes commercials w/, they see all these brightly colored packaged foods, made to look “fun” and “healthy” (it’s always a bunch of “healthy” looking children with big bright eyes right?), even boasting about being “good for you” w/ words like “Whole Grains; Enriched: Fiber”. But what they don’t shout or include in bold letters on the front of the box is…FOOD DYES; ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS; CHEMICALS.

Over the past two decades childhood obesity has become rampant and the effects are more serious than most of us want to believe. Childhood obesity is a multi-system disease w/ devastating consequences (giving our kids a shorter life expectancy than we have). When your toddler (even if he’s 15 lol) is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store next week, instead of giving in to him to avoid embarrassment think about this… ARTIFICIAL is artificial! High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is highly processed w/ heavy chemicals, it’s GMO (genetically modified) and possibly contaminated w/ mercury. SUGAR weakens the immune system, is addictive and promotes fat storage. These ingredients have zero nutritional benefit, promote weight gain and can have harmful effects on the body. The term ENRICHED means that all vitamins/minerals have been removed and synthetic vitamins have been added back in, this is lil to NO nutritional value, they cause blood sugar spikes and promote fat storage.

When your child eats a bowl of sugary cereal (our family favorites were fruit loops AND capt’n crunch) 5-cereal-in-bowl their body is slammed w/ around 20g of SUGAR. This overload causes glucose to rush in their blood stream, while their pancreas produces extra insulin to covert all that glucose into glycogen for their liver and muscles to use. Shortly (approx an hour) the sugar rush will end and their blood sugar levels will drastically drop causing their energy to crash, they start to feel “hungry” and their stress hormones raise. Meanwhile the extra glycogen is converted into fat storage as their academic focus has gone from school to food. DON’T FRET, you’ve given your child convenience food options right? There’s always pop tarts Welllll, it’s the SAME THING! Again nearly 20g of SUGAR that’s going to give them the big energy crash, while opening them up for weight gain and all the unhealthy risks related to obesity. (Does any of this blood sugar, glucose, pancreas talk sound at all familiar?? Like THM type stuff?!)


I’ve started trying to live by the rule of NO MORE THAN 5 INGREDIENTS! Learn to read labels! When foods have a long list of ingredients you can be sure you’re eating something heavily processed. A whole foods diet is always going to be your best bet! Try to keep fresh fruits/produce on your counter to encourage healthier eating habits. However, as a parent, I know it’s easier said than done! We can keep those things on hand, doesn’t mean they’re going to eat them. BUT, don’t keep the No-No stuff on hand because they will always choose the bad over the good, it’s human nature 😉 I DO have a few pre-packaged, convenience, “processed” foods for school lunches or quick-on-the-go items. IMG_7869

I’m more willing to buy a convenience item if it is truly processed w/ organic ingredients (I know, call me crazy, just personally makes me feel it’s better for my family, HEY, it’s a PROCESS…time for YOU to get started on yours) 😉


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