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Chocolate Pie I HAD TO SHARE

on March 25, 2014

Growing up my mama’s chocolate pie was always my favorite (truely it was the “family” recipe, only she & her sisters could make this delish dessert!) 🙂  Problem was, none of them had the recipe…ya know what I mean?  They just added some of this, lil’ of that w/ a sprinkle of who knows what.  When I was getting married (first time, at age 18) I sat w/ her in the kitchen trying to record how she made this wonderfully melty treat (I say that cause them babies would just melt in yer mouth) but it’s soooooooooo hard when they don’t measure anything!  (As an adult I must admit that I tend to do the same thing at times.  Now I’m ALL about following a recipe to the N’th degree but when I’m making something up on my own, forget about it!  Which obviously means when I try something that turns out perfect for the family, I can never duplicate it lol)

I’m now 43, my mama 70 and she don’t cook!  Come holiday time when my sister’s in town the only requested item is my mama’s broccoli casserole which apparently I’ve gotta figure out cause last year it weren’t hitting on too much 😦  My mother comes to my house for meals.  She says, “I just don’t remember how to cook!”  (After my divorce and moving back in w/ her, I took over all cooking responsibilities…now I’ve been remarried for years and she’s ten miles away but I’m still the responsible cook heehee).

**I’m sorry, side bar…IT’S SNOWING LIKE A MAD DOG OUTSIDE!!!  Here it is March 25th, Spring time and it is really puttin’ it down out there.  Needless to say, here in the Carolina’s the THREAT of snow calls off schools so I’m guessing any minute now I’ll get notification the schools are closing!  What’s really funny is that DOT threw out a buttload of salt on the roads yesterday AFTER the weather man removed snow from the forecast.  When will these silly people ever learn that GOD IS IN CONTROL?! anyway, back to the story… 😉
I haven’t attempted to make said chocolate pie in 20 years!  Quite frankly I just gave up and resorted to the fact that I would simply have to do without it except for when one of the sisters made it for a family gathering (which btw has never been the same since they all aged out of their cooking phases…unfortunately, most of them are widows now and don’t COOK for themselves)…but YESTERDAY!!!  OH GLORIOUS DAY…I found a THM Chocolate Pie recipe from that tastes ALMOST just like my mama’s pie and I’m in heaven!

choco pie

Now, I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t have high hopes!  I’d just made fresh almond flour (let me interject that generally what pieces don’t “sift” I generally put back into Vitamix and make almond butter, which in turn I use 3 Tbsp of to make almond milk…anyway those “moist” pieces that were too big to sift were used as my crust…which means I had a few “true” almond pieces) THIS WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I ANTICIPATED!!  This pie was “family worthy”!  My mama was here to try and didn’t get excited (but her non-excitement is because she knows I no longer use “sugar”! lol).  BUT I wish I’d let it set the required 6 hours before serving it to her because it’s so much better this morning than it was last night.  YES, I DID have pie for breakfast!  But hey, it’s gluten free, sugar free AND dairy free (I didn’t use butter OR ghee)…AND the crust is your protein which makes it a delicious ANYtime treat 🙂


2 responses to “Chocolate Pie I HAD TO SHARE

  1. I just discovered this post of yours today. I’m so very happy that you had success with my recipe and were able to finally have a chocolate pie similar to the ones you used to have (and healthy)! Food has always been a big thing in my family, so I use recipes from my grandparents and great-grandparents. It’s wonderful to be able to have traditional family recipes, they are special.

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