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Day 1 Cleanse starts tomorrow

on March 10, 2014

One might think I’d started my cleanse today by what I’ve been eating…oh yeah, except for the fact I figured I’d better finish off that greek yogurt which I added w/ protein powder, splash of almond milk and berries Mmmm- Tomorrow..NO MORE DAIRY for 10 whole days!!!  But “I got dis”

Upon waking in the morning…
Step 1 Mix scoop/pk Spark w/ 6-8 oz water (+3 catalyst)
Step 2 W/n 30 minutes mix fiber pk w/ 6-8 oz water (followed by lots of water)
**Now depending on what flavor your Spark is I would combine these two steps into 1 (I use Mandarin Orange for that)
Step 3 W/n 30 minutes EAT BREAKFAST (you do not HAVE to wait 30 mins and you may say “I’m too full from the fiber” but you need to eat w/n an hour of waking each day.  This lil’ trick will boost your metabolism by 30% for the day)

Breakfast:  3 Scrambled egg whites w/ veggie of choice (I use spinach)  w/ a slice of cantaloupe
**This is an E meal; GF/SF/DF
Snack:  Almonds & strawberrys (these are easy travel snacks and I have a class Mon)
**This is a S snack;  GF/SF/DF/EF
Lunch:  Spinach salad w/ chicken, squeeze juice from a lemon as dressing
**This is a FP lunch;  GF/SF/DF/EF
Snack:  Chocolate chia pudding
**This is a S snack:  GF/SF/DF/EF
Dinner:  Baked salmon (S/P, lemon juice, add peppers & onion garnish if like) w/ asparagus (drizzle EVOO, S/P)
**Be sure to take 4/OmegaPlex
**This is FP meal;  GF/SF/DF/EF

My exercise today will be 30 minutes of strength training involving resistance bands and/or sandbag weight followed by 30 minutes of stretching/yoga.

Chocolate Chia Pudding (@forkandbeans)
•4 Tbs chia seeds
•1 c. non-dairy milk
•1 Tb raw cacao powder (or regular ol’ cocoa powder)
•drizzle of agave for sweetness (optional)
•Toppings of choice (I love berries and chopped almonds on mine).
DIRECTIONS:   1.Place all ingredients into a mason jar. Screw top tight and shake vigorously.   2.Place in refrigerator overnight (chia seeds will expand as they set).   3.Mix with a spoon and pour desired toppings on top. Take it to go.      choc chia

Bon’apetite everyone and good luck~
PS:  Don’t forget to take your Herbal Cleanse Pill Pack at bedtime (I literally take these to bed w/ me!  If I take them too early they tend to make my head feel weird…my meneires is a very sensitive sort) 😉


4 responses to “Day 1 Cleanse starts tomorrow

  1. Alicia says:

    Can you do the fiber drink with the mandarin spark in orange juice?

    • chellemills says:

      Hmmmm…that’s a lotta stuff goin in together haha
      It is NOT recommended that you mix the fiber OR spark w/ OJ simply b/c of the SUGARS in orange juice. (However, there’s a youtube video I’ve seen of a distributor mixing it that way…this is not a good idea!) Try mixing your fiber and spark w/ just water! My daughter mixes her fiber w/ Naked (which I still think has lotta sugars but they’re more “natural”; I really haven’t looked into that). I have a friend that mixed hers w/ oatmeal but she had to keep adding water to it haha. MY first time, I gagged…A LOT! MY second dose was easier but I was choking it down! I stood over the sink and guzzled. I finally on a whim mixed it w/ spark and now I drink it sometimes even when I’m NOT cleansing 😉 Good luck Alicia, let me know if I can help any other way God bless~

  2. Alicia says:

    Ok my next question/ suggestion can you compile a list of THM on plan foods such as what’s at the end of the S and E chapters that you can eat during the cleanse phase and max phase? I’m confused on what I can and can’t eat during the 24 days challenge

    • chellemills says:

      Oh wow honey…I don’t think I have that kinda time LOL~
      During the challenge think MEAT, FRUIT, VEGETABLE (do not try to worry w/ using the THM recipes). Follow along on my journey as I give you THM w/ Advo meal plans
      THM allows room for “breads” where following Advo you need to TRY TO LIMIT those. During cleanse, NO DAIRY (you know THM alots room for dairy so hold off on that). During a challenge focus on high protein/low carb. I’ve found it much easier to implement both if I don’t over think it 😀 They really can go hand in hand. (The dairy restriction is the hardest part for me on the cleanse b/c I love cottage cheese smoothies but I’ve found that almond milk goes a long way in allowing me the joy of smoothies during that time. I don’t have as many but the big boy comes to mind as a good one, FSF, and variations of those) IF I get time today, I’ll try to “list” some things out for you 😉

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