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How to be successful on AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse / 24DC

on March 8, 2014

Here is your (generic) shopping list:
Non-dairy milk replacement (I use almond milk that I make)
Lean meats (beef, turkey, chicken, tuna, salmon, we’re not big pork eaters but I do have loins on the menu one night)
Salad (lettuce, spinach, mixed greens, romaine, whatever you like)
Fruits (apple & berries are best, use bananas sparingly)
Vegetables (non-starchy, limit corn & carrots)
Complex carbs (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoe, hummus, rolled oats/oatmeal (not instant))
Nuts & seeds (peanuts/almonds have most protein, almonds least fat & stay away from walnuts they highest fat)
Peanut butter (if you don’t make your own, get the most natural!)
Water (or make sure you have a refillable bottle, you need to ALWAYS have water w/ you)
Emergency supplies (aka protein bars)
**you can eat bacon, go turkey or at least be sure nitrate free
**you can eat wheat breads (if not intolerant) but LIMIT!

Simple snack ideas:  fruits, raw veggies, hardboiled eggs, unsweetened applesauce, hummus, nuts, seeds

The menu plans that I have prepared are what I’m eating and I just share w/ you, you can use it for ideas or totally disregard, your choice (it helps hold ME accountable).  IF this is your first cleanse you will find it best to keep it simple (Ex:  breakfast: eggs w/ veggies & fruit; or oatmeal;  snacks:  raw veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds;  lunch: salad always adding protein & careful w/ dressings (watch hidden sugars);  dinner:  protein, steamed veggies & complex carb if desired)

Exercise will benefit your health in so many ways, even if all you do is walk (walking is actually the best thing you can do for your mental & physical health).  However, you weight loss jouney is 80% WHAT your eating and 20% what you’re doing w/ it.  I suggest for beginners that you get some kind of “movement” every day however, for those of us who have lost and trying to maintain, we need to exercise at least 3 days a week (involving keeping heart rate up for a period of 20-30 mins)

Planning your meals ahead of time is a KEY TO SUCCESS!  Always knowing what it coming will help you to stay focused and keep you from making the wrong choice.  Now, I don’t say this often but go ahead and PLAN YOUR CHEAT (making it as “clean as possible).  There WILL be times when you’re going to feel you need something “sweet”, if you don’t have a plan of action, you’ll wind up reaching for the cookie bag you hid in the back of the cabinet (out of sight is NOT out of mind haha).  FIRST, I would try 2-3 Catalyst (can purchase at this works fabulous for my sweet tooth, WHEN I remember to take it heehee) w/ Spark to curb your sweet tooth, wait 10 mins.  If that doesn’t work…have on hand a Quest “oreo” protein bar (1g sugar & 2g sugar alcohol), or a Kind dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bar (5g sugar), OR an Oh Yeah chocolate caramel bar (4g sugar & 8g sugar alcohol).  These choices would also be GREAT to carry around in your car for those times you find yourself OUT & UN-prepared 😉  Now I ain’t gonna lie, all of the above choice are DELISH but try not to have a “cheat” every day…it ain’t easy but it CAN BE DONE!

Hope you’re as excited as I am about getting started.  Your about to embark on a wonderful journey to good health and feeling (as Tony would say) GAAAA-REAT!
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**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

The information on this site is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations is at the choice and risk of the reader.



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