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Day 24 – AdvoCare 24DC

on January 29, 2014

“I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love…and I don’t care who knows it (throwing my arms up in the air w/ a twirl)” – THAT my friends is a line from one of my favorite movies, ELF 😀  But what I’m referring to today is S-N-O-W!  We finalllllly have some real snow, I mean, stick to the ground, cover everything in white, falling all day kinda stuff….and though I think it’s TOOOOO COLD/12 for the kids to be outside, I have let the Princess outta the house layered up for 20 mins at a time hana snow layers

It’s today, it’s today, it’s today….what day you ask?  TOday, our LAST day of the 24 Day Challenge!  Are you excited it’s over and going back to your unhealthy habits?  NO!  You feel so amazing that you’re wondering “what’s next?” right?!  Welp, let’s get thru this last day, weigh, remeasure and check-in tomorrow (day 25) then we’ll discuss your next plan of attack 😉

DAY 24:  PHASE 11:  WEDNESDAY 1/29/2014:
Food is the most abused anxiety drug.  Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.

Upon waking, mix Spark (pouch or scoop) w/ 8 oz water & take you first “30 minutes before breakfast” yellow pill pack (THIS IS ALSO WHEN I TAKE MY 3 CATALYST/1-2 THERMOPLUS)

BREAKFAST:  **Take both white pill packs (or can split w/ lunch)
MRS OR 2-3 Scrambled eggs w/ spinach: S/GF/DF

SNACK:  Strawberry-Chocolate “Cheesecake” Smoothie (I know y’all wouldn’t know it, but I LOVE smoothies!!)  Yep, came up w/ this one this morning…think PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN
1/2 c almond milk
1/4 c plain greek yogurt
1/4 c cottage cheese
handful of frozen strawberries
Blend, blend, blend
Add scoop of chocolate protein and blend until well mixed
You’re welcome 😉


LUNCH:  Lettuce Wrap:  FP/GF:
Large leaf lettuce wrapped around 4 oz tuna w/ cucumber slices (can add tsp FF/light mayo or mustard)

SNACK:  Oatmeal Cookies:  GF/DF/SF:
3 mashed ripe bananas
1/3 c unsweetened applesause
2 cups oats
1/4 c almond milk
1/2 c raisins (optional)
(*chances are I will add GF/DF/SF chocolate chips)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
Bake 350 for 15-20 mins
This is a great treat for everyone’s sweet tooth!

DINNER:  Pork Loin/Steaks w/ roasted sweet potatoes & french green beans:  S
We do not eat much pork around here but these are delicious (marinate in “milk” to make tender), using your favorite (low-sodium) seasoning.  Bake at 375 for approx. 45 mins.  On a separate pan place cut up potatoes w/ coconut oil and cinnamon.  I cook my beans in a boiling pot of water w/ minced onions and garlic pepper (cover to cook out water).

Now, tomorrow when you get up…don’t forget…pee, weigh & measure (IN THAT ORDER lol~) then tell me how you did 😉

Easy ways to add exercise to your daily life:  During commercial breaks do push-ups.  While you’re brushing your teeth do some squats.  Standing at the stove waiting for dinner to finish up, stand in a squat position, twist at the waist and alternate punches (keep in mind that using more than one muscle at a time will burn fat/calories faster).  Waiting for kids to “come on before you’re late for school”, wait while doing wall sits.  Just do something~

PS.  I read a really good article today at Healthy Living How To that I think you should take a look at regarding the “S” word <<in whispering hushed tones>> yep, that dirty word…we all LOVE it, but we don’t talk about guessed it… S-U-G-A-R!  Wait, you weren’t thinking sugar, where was your mind? lol~

While I was away over the weekend, I received a couple of questions that I’d like to answer:  “How many thermo do you take in a day?”   That’s a good question!  You can take up to three ThermoPlus a day.  When I started taking Thermo I took three right off the bat and WHOA MAMA, I don’t recommend that!  I felt awful!  Like I needed to lay down, take a nap kinda awful.  I don’t know WHAT it was but my guess is that my metabolism was racing so that my head was spinny and I thought I was having a true “hot flash”.  I stopped taking them until I regrouped and restarted by taking ONE before breakfast (w/ my Catalyst & 1st MNS), when that seemed to go well I started taking a 2nd one before lunch (w/ my last MNS).  I currently have settled on TWO w/ my Spark, Catalyst & 1st MNS before breakfast and it woks wonderfully for me.  There was a time I took a 3rd pill before lunch but I think TWO seems to be the perfect combo for me 🙂  You just have to “play around w/ it” and determine what works best for  you…but I do suggest you start slow.  IF YOU TAKE THE MNS-E, I do not think you NEED the Thermoplus.  At least for me the thermogenics in the E vitamins was more than enough to keep my energy/metabolism rev’d.

“Can I mix spark w/ warm water?”  You can mix your Spark w/ warm water if you like, that would definitely help it dissolve better.  Then, if you’d like it cold you can add ice.  I personally only like my Spark ICE COLLLLLLD!  I actually put a bottle water in the freezer and get it a lil’ icy before mixing my Spark.  Yes, it’s true that it doesn’t dissolve well but I don’t have a problem w/ reapplying the lid to mix between swallows 🙂

“What is Catalyst good for?”  Catalyst is an amino acid supplement that supports the body’s ability to burn more calories .  It preserves and helps tone muscles.  It helps repair and protect muscle tissue.  I have found Catalyst to be a great aid in reducing signs of cellulite and it helps to curb my cravings (in the late afternoon or early evening when I have time to slow down and “think” about sweets and/or start to “crave” things I know I shouldn’t have, I can take 3 Catalyst and w/n minutes my cravings are GONE. 

If, you ever have questions and can’t find the answer doing a “search” please feel free to message me and one way or another I will get your questions answered.  I ain’t gonna lie, it may not be in the time frame you want it in, but it will be in a “timely manner”.  Now, go Advo 😉


**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

The information on this site is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations is at the choice and risk of the reader.



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