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on December 26, 2013

“They” say that the average person will gain 3 lbs during the holidays (meaning between Thanksgiving & Christmas)…I, however am NOT your average person, I AM AN OVER-ACHIEVER, I gained 5 lbs (JUST OVER CHRISTMAS!)   Yep, the very 5 I thought I’d never get off…those last 5 that hung on for dear life…the last 5 I was determined to find a way to get rid of!  Now, two years ago, I would’ve been freaking out! HaHa But this year, I’M NOT WORRIED!  I’ve got all the tools I need to help me maintain what I’ve lost AND lose this “last” 5… AGAIN lol~

Do you know what one of the few only things still left in the grocery store w/ trans fat in it is?  FROSTING!  Ya know, that quick & easy, pop the lid off ready to apply frosting that some people could sit & eat w/ a spoon (blecccck).  **Trans fat raises bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol, and causes inflammation, which can lead to belly fat and diseases ranging from heart disease to diabetes. On top of that, tub frosting is loaded with sugar, and high-sugar diets contribute to premature wrinkles. Yikes, not more wrinkles, PLEASE!

Let’s talk about some other store bought items that should be on our “NO-NO” list:

BAGELS!  I remember when I thought bagels were “healthy”!  Bagels have a massively high glycemic index, which increases insulin and leads to increased inflammation in the body, which is shown to possibly accelerate aging and worsen acne and rosacea (trust me worsened rosacea makes your face look like you have chicken pox!)

Those pre-packaged mini muffins, doughnuts, and dessert cakes that I used to add to the kiddos lunch boxes will add tons of calories and loads of unwanted sugar to your diet, plus they aren’t easy to digest. These foods are filled with high sugar content and preservatives (longer shelf-life; they can literally sit there forever).  We know sugar increases inflammation in the skin, which on top of irritating acne and rosacea, can make you look puffy and bloated.

Soft-drinks aka soda aka pop: One can is like a can of water with 10 packets of sugar in it… ‘nuf said?

A bowl of Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, or Cap’n Crunch (MY FAV) might taste scrumptious and remind you of your childhood, but it’ll wreak some havoc with its high amount of inflammation-causing sugar and gluten content. Gluten can exacerbate breakouts, leading to increased redness and MORE breakouts.  I used to KEEP frosted flakes AND cap’n crunch in my cabinet at ALL times.  Trying desperately to weed out the gluten for my son’s sake…it’s tough!  tam cereal  Instead opt for some homemade granola topped w/ greek yogurt and/or an assortment of fruits and chia seeds 😀 (Doesn’t that look scrumptious?!  Picture is compliments of my baby girl’s lovely breakfast)

Stick shaped margarine – Margarine is usually loaded with trans fat!  Keep cholesterol levels in check and use a pat of regular butter.

One thing I DON’T think of having high sugar is TOMATO SAUCE!  But the store bought jars have a ton in it!  Make your own to be safe

Maraschino cherries?  These have artificial colors, like red-40 and red-3 dyes, that add no nutritional value and wreak havoc on a child w/ a TIC disorder!  My children love bing cheeries, a naturally sweetened option, the “real deal” cherry!

Soy sauce is low in calories and has some good vitamins and minerals like riboflavin and vitamin B-6, BUT the extremely high sodium content will leave you bloated and at risk for conditions like hypertension. There ARE some low-sodium version but they’re STILL loaded so use even the “light” stuff sparingly (even a tablespoon of the low-sodium soy sauce is about 600 milligrams.)  Braggs Liquid Amino Acids is a better option!

I ain’t gonna lie…the bad stuff tastes so good!!  But it’s KILL’N US~

Never you fear, January 6th is near and we’re about to break bad on getting healthy.  Don’t forget to place you order for the 24DC, getting mine in TODAY @


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