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I’m NOT prepared

on December 19, 2013

My son comes home TODAY and I’m so totally NOT prepared for going gluten free~

My plan was #1 to have gone through my cabinets to inspect all labels for artificial everything!  Ya know, for about the last year (or more) I’ve removed MOST sugar from our diets as well as processed/pre-packaged items, but ocassionally you can still find some of these items.  I still have REFINED WHITE SUGAR (b/c my husband insists…but lil’ does he know 99% of my baking is done w/ Stevia/Truvia).

#2 I was going to have a “meal plan” in place!  I believe that breakfast foods will be the hardest on our family!  I get up EARLY to COOK breakfast 6 days a week but Sunday mornings the kids have been allowed to eat cereal (Princess usually goes w/ Cheerios but my son wants the good stuff, Frosted Flakes)!  However, cereal is the “go-to snack food” for him on the weekends; if I’m not around to say have this or that, I’ll walk in to find him scarfing down 2-3 bowls of the stuff…he IS a growing boy that IS hungry ALL the time!  My fridge is full of fruits and veggies and he’s better at choosing raw veggies for snacks than she is but I have to verbally say, “Why don’t you have…”, he won’t just pick it (know what I mean?).

#3 I wanted to have my “speech” written down before I sit w/ him to discuss exactly what’s going on.  I mean he’s not gonna come home and be like WHAT HAPPENED HERE, I’ve been talking to him a LOT lately regarding paying attention to what he eats but now I need to go over reading labels w/ him so he can be fully aware of what’s best for him to avoid.  HE’S A 13 YEAR OLD BOY, THIS WON’T BE EASY!  I know that his dad will NOT be jumping on any kind of band wagon..E-V-E-R but I believe that it means enough to my son that if he can tell the difference in his “reactions” when he’s home that he’ll be more apt to TRY to stick to it while he’s at his dads (they eat out a LOT, there’s soft drinks, bubble-gum & candy.  IF dad ever “cooks” its from a box!).

I have taught my son how to cook (he can fix eggs and follow a recipe, though he’s not great at paying attention to exact measurements), he does his own laundry, he doesn’t mind vacuuming and he CAN clean a bathroom just chooses NOT to (haha) and he will help “around the house” if I ask him to or offer to pay him 😉  (I struggled w/ doing these things when he was small; I wondered am I teaching him to do a “woman’s job”, shouldn’t he be out chopping down trees? LOL~ BUT the way I see it, though I HOPE he has a woman in his life that will love him enough to do these things for him, he’s got to know how to do them until she shows up!  He’s going to go off to college some day, he’ll have to know how to take care of himself!)  I think IF HE sees a difference in how often he’s ticking w/out certain things, it’ll trigger something inside him to ask his dad to at least help him stay on track (but then again, dad is a very-selfish person so..).

According to everything I’ve been reading, DYES are a BIG issue (ex: red dye 40, blue 1, etc.).  MOST of the information I read regarding TIC Disorders following along the same ideas as ADHD, though he’s never been diagonosed w/ this it looks as if most of the time the two can go hand-in-hand.  Ya gotta start somewhere right?

Before he left last week I’d already started him on AdvoCare OmegaPlex (which are his fish oils/fatty acids) and magnesium, now I’ll be honest and say it could just all be in my head but I swear to you he seemed a lil’ more “at ease” when he left (but then again I’ve been saying for a long time that he tics are NOT as bad toward the end of his week here as they are when he first comes home…I attribute that to STRESS!  His dad is a STRESS person!  His ex-wife told me the other day, “He knows he stresses people out, he thinks it’s funny!”).  I’ve found him a homeopathic allergy supplement to take in place of antihistamines (but he has to take it four times a day..which will be hard FOR ME to remember).  I’m going to start giving him Valerian Root which is for “sleep” BUT I believe it will help to “calm” him, maybe alleviate some of the stressors that cause him to tic.

I realize this will all be a long, drawn out, trial & error type process but we’ve got to start somewhere!  I’m following Pinterest for food ideas 🙂  I’m just kinda learning as I go!

christmas ad

NOW, along the lines of AdvoCare…do you know what time it is??  Welp, it’s ALMOST cleanse time again (whoop whoop).  Couldn’t come at a better time, New Year’s Resolution time.  Come January, 2014 (WOW, that looks strange…I still catch myself writing 2012 sometimes) I will be doing another cleanse.  Do you know what the TOP 10 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS are?  Exercise, lose weight, drink more water, quit drinking, get organized, get out of debt, enjoy life more, make more family time, help others, learn something new…I’m sure you could add a few others to that huh?!  Like maybe find some way to boost metabolism or increase energy?  Let me help you stick to your resolution and turn it into your LIFESTYLE!  Join me for a 24 Day Challenge and let’s see what we can do!  Sound like something you can handle?  Don’t think you can do this?  Want to know how AdvoCare can help you achieve those other New Years Resolutions like helping people or getting out of debt?  ASK ME  HOW!  Join me, starting Monday, January 6th.  Your journey w/ me w/ include Daily Accountability (FB group), Instructional guide, daily tips and how to’s, meal plan ideas w/ recipes, exercise regimen, inspiration and encouragment.  Let’s get you signed up and products ordered.  Go to and order your 24 Day Challenge TODAY!  Your challenge products will include:  10 Day Herbal Cleanse, Omegaplex, (2) boxes of Spark Energy Drink, Meal Replacements Shakes  and Metabolic Nutrition System Vitamins (MNS) with optional add-ons available like Catalyst and Thermoplus (I have found that Catalyst will help curb my sweet tooth while Thermoplus puts my metabolism into over-drive!)  😀

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of  Essential Oils and when purchasing I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

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