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Don’t we ALL struggle sometimes?

on December 16, 2013

To be quite honest, I’ve struggled lately w/ what to post!  That is due to the fact that lately I’ve struggled w/ nutrition in general!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still die-hard AdvoCare, I’m still on my regimen.  I still like the guidelines that THM/Trim Healthy Mama promote.  But what’s RIGHT and what’s WRONG?  What is THE BEST way to eat?

I believe that God gave us all foods for a reason (I’m talking the natural stuff, not the manufactured processed), mainly speaking about wheat…yet I’m considering taking it OUT of our diets.  I think that big conglomerate companies have stripped and refined even a lot of the “good” stuff to the point that it’s no longer good for us!  So unless you have a farm of your own where you raise your own meat, collect your own milk, grow your own fruits, vegetables & herbs WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE?

I know what I’ve always been taught about food & nutrition versus what I now know about food & nutrition versus what I’M LEARNING about it, don’t always coincide with each other.  I am also aware that you can find a plethora of information backing up whatever it is you believe in!

My son has a complex TIC DISORDER!  At age 2 he started sniffing (of course at the time it just seemed like a cold had turned into a habit).  We went through 4-5 more years of changing “habits”.  It wasn’t until he started having verbal “habits” that I started turning to the internet for research.  DON’T DO THAT!  It’ll scare the bejesus out of ya!  I had personally diagnosed him w/ Tourettes Syndrome.  It was probably another 6 months before we found ourselves visiting a Pediatric Neurologist for an EEG and blood work.  We found out that he had a Vitamin D defeciency.  Well, for those of you who don’t know, something like 90% of the population have this, no big deal, get more sun 😉  This doctor told us he did NOT have TS (Tourettes), that our son would “grow out of it”, that he did NOT recommend any medications due to the overwhelming side effects and that he did not believe any type of diet change would matter (even then, I totally disagreed w/ that, I’m the one that had to bring it up).  He seemed to be able to “control” his ticcing to an extent because none of his teachers ever seemed to notice anything odd, nor did the doctor visibly see anything happening.  Dr. mentioned that he found it hard to believe that his TICs were too drastic simply because he had very lil’ sign from the patient.  However, when the child is “home” he let’s loose.  I truely believe due to the fact that he’s trying desperately to control it at school, his focus on actual academics suffers (he struggles in reading, writing and math; he gets in trouble for talking and not being able to focus) and then when he’s “comfortable” he just “let’s it all hang out”.

**side bar** I AM A NOISE FREAK!  I CAN’T STAND NOISES!  Mouth noises that ppl make, say chewing w/ their mouths open, chomping gum, clicking teeth, ANY sound that comes from your mouth will drive me insane, like fingers down the chalkboard kinda piercing crazy!  I can’t stand tapping, whether it be feet, pencils or fingers, jingling jewelry, constant beeps (OUR motion detector that’s so sensitive a stink bug can set it off), or drippy faucets.  This is MY PROBLEM, MY PET PEEVE~

My son is now 13. His ticking is more verbal than ever!  He has a repetitive phrase which will increase in volume as well as pitch the more he says it.  I can’t sit to watch TV w/ him.  I can’t sit to help him w/ his homework.  It’s gotten to where I can’t sit w/ him in church (not b/c of his verbals, while at church his ticcing consists of facial alterations; it’s b/c he wants to “mess” w/ everything he can get his hands on, he wants to divert my attention to how he can contort his fingers or that he’s got a “spot” on his skin or he moves his feet b/c one or both has fallen asleep).  I have JUST THE LAST TWO WEEKS started really diving into the changing diet for him ideas.  I’ve spent numerous N-U-M-E-R-O-U-S HOURS reading, studying, researching HOW to help him….WHY NOW?  B/c I’m having a hard time being around him 😦

Please don’t judge!  Unless you have a child w/ this debilitating issue you have no idea what it’s like!  I don’t want hate mail over this, I’m sharing my heart, I already feel like a monster rather than a mother!  The last two times he’s been home (he splits his time 50/50 between his dad & I) I’ve literally had to lock myself away in my bedroom b/c I can’t be around him.  I KNOW HE CAN’T HELP IT!  I’ve begged his forgiveness and acknowledged it’s not his fault but MY problem.  His ticcing doesn’t bother him as much as it bothers me (and for that I’m grateful!  I guess if it seemed to be an “issue” w/ him I would’ve jumped on the diet change band wagon years ago…and maybe then we wouldn’t be HERE w/ me bearing my soul)

FOUR years this issue has had a strong hold over him!  FOUR years ago there were drastic changes in his life.  FOUR years ago his dad re-married and w/ her came a daughter just one month younger than my son (they have since divorced, bringing more change..then there’s a new girlfriend, even MORE change).  FOUR years ago he started spending 50% of his time at dads rather than just every 3-4 days.

I’ve always tried to tell his dad that his ticcing is worse w/ SCHEDULE CHANGE, STRESS, EMOTIONS, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, VIDEO GAMES, BAD EATING, SUGAR, PICKLES, ANXIETY, NERVOUSNESS, there’s a myraid of triggers but these seem to be the biggest!  (UPDATE:  Recently discovered DAIRY is huge!!) His father (being who he is, a HYPOCONDRIAC) has been trying to find a doctor willing to put him on ADHD medication and actually switched his pediatrician w/o my knowledge FOUR years ago BECAUSE of the medication issue.  HOWEVER, that pediatrician even said, “I think you need to just keep doing what you’re doing rather than going the medication route due to the side effects.”  Yet, he’s still trying to convince me (on an almost daily basis) that drugs “to slow his brain down” are what he needs.  I don’t believe that!  I’ve talked to his dad about a diet change but that would change HIS lifestyle and he’s not willing to put forth effort to help his son, medication would be “easy”, a “quick fix”, he thinks a “miracle cure”.  Upon my recent studies, I’ve discovered that the ADD/ADHD medication (btw did I tell you my son has never been diagnosed w/ that?  Or anything other than a Tic Disorder!) would cause his tics to worsen!  OH…I also just found out that the Claritin/Zyrtec I’ve been giving him for allergies could be is probably making it worse!  From all the “advice” I’ve received from other parents w/ TIC/TS children they’ve seen a significant reduction of symptoms by removing ALL gluten!!   I plan to contact an allergy specialist for testing.  I’ve contacted our chiropractor (I’ve read that an upper cervical sublaxation of the cervical vertebrae can cause issue w/ the brain stem therefore onsetting tics).  I’m trying to decipher the difference between homeopathic and naturopath.  I’ve heard that IF his TICs do not get better then he will as an adult most likely wind up w/ full blown TS.  I am ready to exhaust EVERY avenue for the health & well being of my child!~

IF any of you have experience in this area…please CONTACT me!  I need all the help I can get 🙂

Y’all, I ain’t gonna lie…it’s about to get real up in here!  Stay tuned…

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

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