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Trim Healthy Mama (aka THM) and then some

on November 12, 2013

Y’all who know me, feel free to skip to the end 🙂  but for newcomers who DON’T know my story….  I started my health/weight & wellness journey in July, 2012 at 203 lbs and wearing a size 16!  Trust me, this was NOT a pleasant sight!  FAT3  I wasn’t just over weight (at 5′ 10″), I was unhappy and extremely unhealthy!  I’d struggled w/ my weight for a long time and it yo-yo’d A LOT through the years but once I hit 40 and the scales started going up…they just kept going UP!  I was addicted to sugar (rather FOOD in general), NO energy and highly allergic to exercise (haha)!  I went to bed exhausted every night, woke up tired, tired all day and napped most every afternoon.  It was the vacation we had in June, 2012 where the above picture was taken.  When I saw THAT PICTURE of myself I cried!

Returning to life as usual after vacation my sister started texting me (our only form of communcation) about this product she’d just gotten involved w/ called AdvoCare.  **sidebar** As I must tell you a lil’ about my sister..5′ 9″ 135 lbs! LETHARGIC!  This chick has NO waist & flat belly but God blessed her w/ our family hips (nothing you can do about it), face was gaunt, & very dominant collar bone so thin! Beautiful girl I’m not biased, always “fixed” and “dressed to impress”, pastor’s wife, mother of 4, homeschooled, closet-eater and if she sat down…OUT LIKE A LIGHT!  Picture of UN-healthy~  My sister was telling about getting up at 5 AM TO GO WALK & RIDE BIKES!  She told me about something called Spark and how much she loved it.  She was cooking 3 meals a day and EATING!  Not just eating but eating HEALTHY..fruits, veggies, protein, snacks that did NOT involve chocolate or closets lol 🙂  What was happening to her?  I was the one that cooked everyday (what seemed like all day)!  She was not NAPPING!  SHE NAPPED EVERY DAY W/O FAIL!  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing reading.  Talked to my husband about these changes and how it all started w/ a Spark.  His response you ask?  “You can do this on your own!”  Uh heller, LOOK AT ME?  Was it no obvious that I needed “something”?  I know love is blind & all but…

Everyday I was listening about AdvoCare, AdovCare, AdvoCare and I was getting really tired of the fact that SHE was doing SOMETHING and I felt stuck b/c my honey didn’t wanna hear it!  I went on a 3 day diet, guaranteed to lose up to 10 lbs!  I STARVED MYSELF!  It was a legitmate “diet” administered by hospitals for heart patients that had to drop some weight fast before surgery.  I had to keep myself locked up in the bedroom to keep out of the kitchen.  It was a miserable THREE, LONG days!  (Sister complained everyday, “you’re not eating enough”, “if you can follow THIS plan..”, blah blah blah).  I LOST 8 LBS!  Yes I did, I was so proud (remember, pride cometh before the fall)…gained 4 lbs back in less time than took me to lose 8!  It was this time when I told her honey wasn’t gonna let me join her w/ this product stuff and as happy as I was for her I just needed her to stop sharing it w/ me.  I could tell I was getting “jealous” w/ her success and honey had no interest so…she stopped telling me about Advo.  Week or so later I had the opportunity to take my mother for a visit to see her (4 hour drive between us).  I saw my beautiful sister looking more healthy & vibrant than ever before.  There was a bowl of fruit on the counter at all times, she prepared 3 squares/dy, offered healthy snacks between meals, drank lots of water, and when we sat down in the evening after getting kids to bed SHE WAS AWAKE!  She got up to meet her friend for exercise at 4:30-5AM for two days before I finally invited myself to go along.  I called honey (now we RARELY talk on the phone, he’s just too busy and I’m too tired) and talked non-stop w/o taking a breath for 20 mins sharing w/ him what I was watching take place (of course he listened & laughed when I finally paused).  My sweet, lil’ sister, on her dime, started me on the AdvoCare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse!  By day 3 honey said, “You gotta do this!”.

Looooong story but I’m coming to an end…. W/ the 10 day cleanse I lost 4 lbs (which doesn’t sound like a big deal) but 7.5″!  Listen to what I’m saying to you, I LOST 3″ AROUND MY WAIST IN 10 DAYS!  I was EATING every 2.5-3 hours!  I had E-N-E-R-GY!  I got up early on a Saturday morning and walked around my neighborhood while the birds were just starting to chirp and dew still on the roses 😉  I continued on w/ the entire AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  At the end of my 24DC I was down 14 lbs!  I…FELT…AMAZING!

Fast forward to Jan, 2013:  DSC04132 158 lbs, Size 8 cothing (wearing some size 6’s),Dr said whatever I’m doing to keep doing b/c “ALL your numbers from labs are phenomenal!”, skin is CLEARNO NAPPING, and just ENJOYING LIFE~

The jist of the AdvoCare eating plan is high protein, low carb!  But I miss “sweets”.  I’m alllll about the no sugar concept b/c having had bible studies on sugar (yes i’m serious) I know the adverse effects of it on our bodies and believe it’s KILL’N US!  **side bar** Losing/maintaining weight is harder when you’ve lost a lot already.  It’s harder to stay on track & say NO to the bad choices.  I do not want to revert to my old ways.  Therefore, I was on a quest for some new recipes and/or eating habits to incorporate w/ my AdvoCare regimen!  I still use AdvoCare products daily and as long as The Lord continues to provide I will continue doing so (Spark, MNS, Catalyst, Thermoplus, sometimes Muscle Gain, O2Gold,  and every 90 Days I add another Cleanse for details and/or ordering information).

I must add—-Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If an individual has a medical condition or is pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that the individual consult his or her healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen. 

Lo and behold I introduce to you TRIM HEALHTY MAMA aka THM!  This is the most amazing book!  I’ve gleaned such information from this 600+ page book that is so worth every penny I scrounged up to pay for it! THM is a low glycemic lifestyle written by two amazing sisters (Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison). Pearl & Serene spent 5 years putting together this fabulous plan. The jist of this plan is to eat low glycemic foods that are sugar free & grain free. Foods are separated into fuel types: Fats (S/Satisfying meals) & carbs (E/Energizing meals).  You can eat whatever food items fit into these categories just NOT AT THE SAME TIME, leaving 2.5-3 hours inbetween swapping to a different fuel group.  Now, there are FP’s (Fuel Pull) & CO’s (Crossovers) but I cannot begin to go into the details of the science behind it all w/o thoroughly confusing myself and others! But believe me, it’s amazingly interesting what these sisters have spent years studying and putting together.  THIS IS NOT A DIET!  I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DIET!  This must be a lifestyle change, just as AdvoCare has to be a lifestyle change.  I truely believe implementing these TWO plans/products is going to change the life & health of my entire family and even they will start to understand the benefits!  (We have not been to a fast food joint in MONTHS and even my 5 yr old (now 6) would say, “We cannot go there, they use chemicals”)  **side bar** I must add that “sugar free” does NOT mean bland, no sweets, no desserts…there are PLENTY of dessert type recipes to be enjoyed by all and NOBODY even knows there’s NO SUGAR included!?!

ecard There’s a THM Facebook!/groups/trimhealthymamas/ as well as lots and lots of Pinterest boards dedicated specifically to THM!/groups/trimhealthymamas/ (is my own..but so many more)

Now, I ain’t gonna lie, I believe that what you PUT INTO YOUR BODY is 80% of our health/weight issues and 20% of what you do w/ it (via exercise) but due to the fact I just had major surgery I’m unable to exercise so that 80% has GOT TO COUNT & BE GOOD STUFF!

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

The information on this site is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations is at the choice and risk of the reader.


8 responses to “Trim Healthy Mama (aka THM) and then some

  1. So…you use Spark on THM with no problems?

    • chellemills says:

      I cannot live w/out my Spark!! 🙂
      Obviously if I was a “purist” I wouldn’t have Spark in my diet and due to the maltodextrin it would not be considered “THM approved” haha but we have to choose our battles in life…and I choose to fight for this one 😉 It has not caused issues w/ my meneires disease, there’s no hindrance w/ my weight loss/maintaining so consensus says NO PROBLEM 😀
      Spark is so full of goodie for me vitamins and minerals! I consider this an E drink due to the 11g carbs and “look” at it as one of the drinks or sippers 😉
      BUT THAT’S JUST ME, you have to make your own decisions to determine what works best for you!
      (My ONLY complaint about Spark is the maltodextrin and sucralose!! If I could just talk to the SciMed doctors about that one lol)

  2. Susan says:

    Have you used Advocare meal replacement shakes when rushed for a THM e meal? Wondering if I can do both plans. Lost 30 with Advocare and have been stuck because of missing my treats and butter and bacon. 🙂

    • chellemills says:

      Susan, I’m so sorry I’m seeing this msg 17 days late (yikes, I’m way too busy) YES! You absolutely CAN do both!!!! And YES I have used the shakes while following THM (the main problem w/ the shakes are they do contain sugar) When you think about it the two “meal plans” do go hand in hand. You need to avoid SUGAR (basically all things WHITE) and the same thing w/ THM. THM offers several “bread replacements” which come in handy when ya just gotta have it 😉 I love the philosophy w/ separating the fats and carbs, it makes total sense. HOWEVER, you cannot become overly obsessed with it (that’s where a lot of people start to spiral outta control). I lost 43 lbs on Advo and started THM to get the last 7 off. I got slack with my eating habits before summer and have gained back 10! Just purchased the NEW THM book and cookbook and excited to start over (however, now that we know my son has so many food allergies I can’t use a LOT of the recipes but I know how to adjust things to suit him as well as the philosophy of “splitting”) ❤ Good luck! You CAN do this (and btw…WHO told you you couldn't have butter or bacon on Advo? Real butter is always a much healthier choice to replacements and bacon bacon is less processed than turkey bacon…though I still wouldn't recommend it as a daily staple)

  3. Cindy Nohe Garrity says:

    So happy to find this sight. I have been using Advocare’s Spark and Meal Replacement Shakes for about 1 1/2 years. I haven’t lost weight 😦 but love both of these products. Today I just purchased the THM Plan and Cookbook and was worried that I’d have to give up my spark and shakes. I’m reading through the book and hoping to start Saturday or Sunday but fear I’m going to have a lot of questions as I go. Is this a good place to go for answers or do you suggest another place?

    • chellemills says:

      Hey sugar lump so glad you stumbled across hotsparkmama 🙂
      Let me start by saying the AdvoCare products will work best in conjunction with the entire regimen. You should contact your Advisor for helping you get that set up. Second, I have to admit that i am NOT a die-hard THM! A die-hard or purest will say DROP the Spark/Shakes because it has sucralose which is unapproved by the THM community (and the ONE/ONLY thing I do NOT like about my Advo!)
      I am happy to help you with any questions you may have (and there will be plenty haha) but joining their Facebook page is going to be your BEST bet because they have moderators who check multiple times a day to keep up with things (y)
      On a side note—I started w/ the original THM book and couldn’t put it down (on vacation) but have JUST started reading the new book (yes, I am a glutton for punishment, my mind kept telling me “new and improved” so I had to see what the big deal was haha). Thanks for stopping by Cindy and good luck on your Advo/THM journey, feel free to check back w/ me anytime ❤

  4. Megan says:

    Hey there! I was just reading and I too had the same questions. I just started reading and learning about THM through a friend who had great success with it. She came to visit recently and asked me if I made coffee. I don’t drink coffee, or tea, and don’t even have a coffee maker. I never have. I offered her Spark and she told me she couldn’t drink it because of the sucralose. I did advocare a couple years with great success but fell off that wagon. I LOVE spark and continue to purchase it, along with MRS shakes. Now that I’ve started THM, I’ve not been using either because of the sugar/sucralose. I know it said in the book that when you give up sugar that you can have some ill effects. Everytime I’m not drinking spark I get horrible headaches and its my fix it. Its not like I can switch to coffee or tea because I don’t care for either. Are you saying you use Spark and MRS with THM and how do you do that? I Just stumbled across this blog…do you have a more detailed blog post? Any help would be appreciated because I would love to do both and still carry the benefits!! also, what are your thoughts on the Zevia Soda. I do like that but is that something that is safe to do?

    • chellemills says:

      Hey Megan, I DO still Spark! As far as your question of “how do you do it?” well…it’s a personal preference thing. You have to determine where your own “curve” will be. As a whole we have removed all sugar (except for fruits and I do use honey) and artificial sweeteners. EXCEPT for MY daily Spark 🙂 THM would NOT consider Spark approved but this is where YOU have to determine how Serene you are lol. I rarely have the MRS shakes anymore simply bc they taste so sweet to ME (& 12g sugar) but I still drink Spark most every day 🙂 I love Advo and I love THM and I choose to implement them together whereas a “die-hard” may not do the same (y) I have many posts on Advo and THM together and you should be able to “search” that. I do not know anything about Zevia b/c I’m just not really a “soda” drinker anymore (kinda like you w/ the tea & coffee). I always say all lifestyle changes should be made based on what YOU (your body) are comfortable with regardless of what any “plan” or “blog” says. Keep a journal and go by how you feel and what your body tells you is “safe” ❤

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