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Day 4 / AdvoCare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse w/ THM

on October 24, 2013

Another Day (4) COMPLETE!

The COLD seems to be getting better..but I’m still having coughing spells so hard that I gag…AND PEE ON MYSELF~


AM: Spark + 8 oz water + 3 catalyst
BREAKFAST: Individual Protein Oat Puff Pancake (E) was like eating CAKE~ (& I didn’t even use a topping)
SNACK: Oh Yeah (E) bar again..these are like eating a candy bar (I have only found these at Costco; 2 flavors in box)
LUNCH: Camille Salad (S) (grilled chicken, tomato slice, diced cucumbers, O/V) and NO, I promise I do NOT have these EVERY day 🙂
SNACK: Spark + 8 oz water
Because I got to take my sister lunch and spend a lil’ time w/ her my timing for today was a lil’ off. I have felt a lil’ weird today as well (I’m betting it’s just the sudafed I started taking yesterday), top of my head been kinda tingly, stomach has felt a lil’ funny…which is a good thing in the fact that I didn’t WANT to stray off-plan! I had no desire for anything sweet or sugary. While visiting my sister at her MIL’s house she was telling me how delicious this “chocolate cake” was and I wasn’t even tempted. Walking thru the kitchen to leave she kept insisting I had to take a bite and after declining several times she handed me a “sliver” equivalent to three tiny bites…not only did it do nothing for me as far as excellence it made me feel like I’d just eaten a whole pie! (Trust me, I know, I’ve done it). This made me NOT want a “snack” or even dinner when that rolled around. I feel like I’ve been needing more water to flush it out lol~
DINNER: Spaghetti (S) (Princess has been asking me to fix spaghetti for WEEKS & then just NOT thinking about my cleanse, b/c I didn’t have the fiber drink this morning, I thought, “Ok, that’s quick & easy”)

*NOTE: Regarding pasta/noodles w/ spaghetti…w/ Advo we’re taught to stay away from simple carbs, as in the case w/ spaghetti a good option would be to have your sauce over quinoa/grain. In THM we learn about DREAMFIELDS pasta. “The creators of this product patented a way for the carbs to leave the body the same way as fiber does. Basically, they ride on the back of the fiber on their way through the body. Under a microscope, this cooked pasta looks more like a protein than a grain, and it acts the same way in the body.”

ADVOCARE CLEANSE BONUS: By Day 3 I always feel more healthy! That mean cravings are gone! I actually have NO DESIRE for anything sweeter than my spark (& even today THAT seemed a lil’ sweet)..this is MY FAVORITE TIME! This is when I feel motivated to stay on track and to keep it going! WooHoo~

**Due to my upcoming surgery I’ve spent the last two full days away from home w/ pre-op, doctor appointments & running errands so the exercise has basically been null & void BUT tomorrow I’m back on track w/ the sweat factor. Because of my cold and these massive coughing attacks I haven’t atempted to go to ZuuuuuuuuuuuumBA (& my strength/flexibility class is over..I think I only made it to 4-5 of the 12 classes!!). I’m considering giving it a try tomorrow but it really depends on the pee factor in the morning HaHa IF I don’t make it, I’ll opt for 30 Days to Shred DVD. I ain’t gonna lie…I don’t see me going to class but I’m hopeful!

TOTAL WATER CONSUMPTION: (Low) 94 oz / & I’m feeling “thirsty” so there will be more before nights end

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

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