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iPhone fail…A Cheat OR No Cheat

on August 17, 2013


Altho I had no idea how much I actually used the iPhone, I’ve come to realize JUST TODAY that it occupied all of my “free” time in that it went where ever I did.  I started taking a bath in the evenings w/ Netflix and readying myself in the mornings w/ Pandora.  I kept in touch w/ my baby girl and obviously maintained a “relationship” (via text) w/ my honey.  My enthusiast is out riding his bike in the rain today and I can’t even reach him to say it’s 4 PM and he hasn’t had lunch yet…

SO WHAT HAVE I DONE W/ MYSELF TODAY….I’ve baked!  Uh Oh right?  Well, you be the judge…

My princess has been begging me to make a strawberry cake.  Which BEFORE ADVOCARE would’ve been a sinch right?  Box of cake mix, box of jello, butter, sugar, BA-bam!  This would’ve also included cream cheese icing made w/ confectionary sugar.  But now…AFTER I’ve learned what all that sugar is doing to our bodies HOW do I bake a cake?  Well first of all, my weight loss journey has been MORE ABOUT HEALTH & NUTRITION for my entire family and not just about losing weight… Meaning?  I stopped buying pre-boxed items.  I make everything FROM SCRATCH!  Everything that I can anyway…almond butter, almond meal, almond milk, cashew milk, heavy cream, buttermilk, peanut butter, cake mix, brownie mix, uncrustables, hot pockets, chips…ok, so you get the picture 🙂  I had a bunch of strawberries that I was going to use for jelly but NOT having a phone and being a lil’ bored I looked up some alternatives on Pinterest (**sidebar** Pinterest is a wonderful invention conjured up by a man to keep his wife AT HOME always, always cooking, cleaning, organizing, updating & working-out.  This amazing, intriguing, addictive website will consume EVERY SECOND OF YOUR DAY if you’re not blind after the first hour).  I found the following recipe for “healthy strawberry cake” and simply altered by REMOVING the sugar and replacing it w/ Xyiltol (natural sugar-replacement)

1 1/3 cups cornmeal
2/3 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup unsalted organic butter
1 1/4 cups raw sugar
3 tbsp lemon juice, divided
Zest of 1 lemon
4 eggs
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup plain low-fat greek yogurt
1 cup strawberries (sliced fresh)

What came out was this scrumptious, “sweet” cake that made me feel like I should walk the treadmill for an hour!  Then honey came in and tried it stating, “Altho it’s good, why don’t you put something ON IT?…Hmmm, how bout that rum glaze?”.  OK, so I added the rum glaze which made it just melt in your mouth good!  Now, listen, I don’t usually use so much butter at once but this was a special occasion…princess was getting her strawberry cake, honey didn’t realize it was sugar-free and I was happily occupied 😉

Rum Glaze:  1 stick unsalted butter, 1 c xylitol, 1/4 c rum, 1/4 c water..boil 3 mins and pour over hot cake

I ain’t gonna lie, you can taste the butter from the glaze, it would’ve been better to use coconut oil which I WILL NEXT TIME!

(oh and the picture incluced above is said cake… the “v-e” is messed up from sticking to the pan..thats the part we ate to try it out before adding the glaze)

Sooooo…whattaya think…CHEAT OR NO-CHEAT? You be the judge…

**I am an Independent Distributor of AdvoCare nutritional supplements and when purchasing through my website I will receive a commission.  I’d love to talk to you about how you can save 20-40% off retail prices 🙂   **I am an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils and when purchasing I will receive a commission.  I’d love to be your guide through the journey of essential oils, let me tell you how to save 25% on all your essential oil purchases ❤

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