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I guess YOU NEVER get off track

on June 5, 2013
Having had stomach issues since I succumbed to that STARBUCKS (tall, lite) frappucino last Thursday (FIRST time in 6 months tho I do believe LAST as well) I’ve opted for a fruit “fast” if you will.  I can’t believe I used to drink those almost daily in a VENTI size!  Friday was soooo bad & I was so bloated that my size 10’s felt tight & painful…I’ve been wearing 6’s or 8 ya’ll!!  Sticking to my MNS/Spark regimen but after doing some reading I simply decided to alter my diet to include A LOT of fruit (JUST TO GET THRU THE PAIN…AS I WHOLE HEARTEDLY BELIEVE WE NEED PROTEIN) the next day which (was Saturday)
Did you KNOW fruits contain more vitamins than vegetables?  Most fruits are exceptionally cleansing and alkalizing, helping to elimnate toxins from the body and to regulate the digestive system by stimulating movement of the digestive tract and improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients…which is why fruits are always best during a cleanse!  Though, I’m not currently on a “cleanse” I definitely NEEDED TO DETOX!!  I actually mixed my Spark w/ a fiber drink that morning…& ENJOYED IT! For breakfast I was going to go w/ grapefruit as it is loaded w/ antioxidants and is a powerful detoxifier BUT my grapefruits were OLD and looked “dry” inside.  Therefore I went to the Vitamix! (whoop whoop) 1-Banana, 5/large/frozen strawberries, 1-orange/peeled but pithy, small handful spinach & greek yogurt (I started thinking I really needed some kind of protein).  I don’t know if y’all have ever had a McDs smoothie but that’s what this tasted like…SOOOO YUM-O! It was almost lunch time & just getting around to snack (SLOW moving Sat. since I was feeling so bad that morning but finally starting to come out the fog) I mixed up a Berry smoothie 4-5/frozen strawberries, 20-25 blueberries, scoop chia seed & 1-tbsp agave (this was my newest concoction haha).  Now, I started feeling better by the afternoon so I had to be careful NOT to go hog-wild on what I was eating.  I had 2 baby showers that afternoon where I nibbled on the fruit tray BUT I must confess that I did have a small strawberry cupcake!  My daughter had dance recital (it is the cutest thing ever seeing the Princess on stage in front of 100’s of people; she did great but after 2nd routine she said, “When I did that pose I got frozed up for justa minute and thought uh oh I better keep up.”) LOL  It was a late night getting dinner and she chose Chili’s so I got a simple side salad.  I ain’t gonna lie…I WANTED A BIG FAT CHICKEN SANDWICH OOZ’N W/ CHEESE & BACON.  Still “took it easy” on Sunday but dang if my family didn’t want Subway for lunch!  I split a 12″ w/ the Princess as she’ll eat a turkey sub w/ lettuce & tomatoe (oil & vinegar).

Monday rolled around & Chuga chuga…Choo Choo~  I’m back on track and feel’n FAB!  Started my morning w/ another Spark/fiber mix, berry MR shake w/ fresh berries blended, almond snack, rotissere chicken & asparagus for lunch, 2nd snack was…(drum roll please) HOMEMADE-strawberry shake..made w/ HOMEMADE strawberry almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 c fresh strawberries (got use while I got ’em), 1 c ice and 1 tsp flaxseed.  Dinner consisted of a beautiful green salad & salmon patty (honey will be having corn on the cob, parmesean asaparagus and rotissere chicken and NO, I don’t generally fix more than one meal at a time but I planning to get out for Zuuuuuuuuumba so I wanted light and he’ll be ready for LARGE)

It’s a good thing I don’t have to check my sugars b/c I’m sure after two whole days w/ all that fruit they’d have been through the roof!!!  I LOVE fruit and when NOT on the Lean in 13 I have it everyday but NOT ALL DAY.

Now here comes your ah-ha moment when you can say, “Learn something new everyday”…

Someone asked me JUST LAST WEEK what’s the difference between fresh and frozen veggies…well…many people believe that frozen vegetables are less nutritious than fresh vegetables, since foods which have been processed are often less nutritious than ones that have not been. That said, it appears that frozen vegetables are at least as nutritious as fresh ones — and in some situations, they may actually be more nutritious.
Part of the confusion probably arises from the fact that vegetables lose much of their nutritional value when certain preparation techniques are used. Proponents of a raw food diet will discourse at length about the health benefits of eating vegetables that haven’t been heated past a certain temperature. Canned foods are often less nutritious than fresh, because they are cooked for a very long time, and then often packaged with a great deal of salt. Vegetables to be frozen, however, are not heated and so do not undergo the same denaturing of proteins or loss of vitamins in waste water.
The term “fresh vegetables” needs to be looked at a bit closer to determine whether frozen vegetables might actually even be more nutritious. Truly fresh vegetables, of course, are those that a person picks out of his own garden, or are perhaps purchased at a farmer’s market the day they’ve been harvested. These vegetables are ideally picked at the peak of their freshness, and if a cook prepares them that evening, they will be full of minerals and vitamins.
When most people talk about fresh vegetables, however, they mean vegetables purchased at their nearby supermarket, an aisle or two away from the frozen foods. These vegetables aren’t nearly as fresh as those from a person’s own garden. In many cases, they’ve spent days or weeks in transit, and then some time in the produce aisle. Over that time, vitamins and minerals have leeched out, and by the time a cook buys and prepares them, they are often far from their peak ripeness.
Frozen vegetables have usually been picked at the peak of their ripeness and immediately flash frozen. As a result, all of the minerals and vitamins are locked in, ready for the consumer’s benefit. This means that in some cases, these vegetables might be more nutritious than those purchased from the produce aisle that have been sitting for weeks. They may also have the outer cellulose layer already broken as a result of the freezing, making it easier for the body to digest them.
There are some things that may make frozen vegetables less nutritious than fresh, however. Shoppers should avoid products that have sugar or salt added — good ones should just have the vegetables listed in the ingredients. Also, cooks must take care that they don’t leech out the good nutrients by boiling the vegetables for a long time — the less produce is boiled, in general, the more vital ingredients it will retain.
When chosen thoughtfully, vegetables that have been flash frozen are no less nutritious than fresh. Of course, fresh vegetables usually have much richer flavors, and most people find the texture preferable. When these considerations don’t bother the eater, however, and he prefers the convenience of frozen products, nutritional issues shouldn’t be a concern.

Go ahead, say it…ok, I’ll say it for you AH-HA LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY (teehee).  Well, it was new for me anyway 🙂

No one “diet” is perfect for everyone. To best determine what is appropriate for your unique body and lifestyle, you will need to go through experimenting with new foods and learning to listen to your body’s responses.  Of course when trying new things “ya never know what yer gonna get” (run Forrest run haha).  I had an experiment FAIL yesterday morning w/ what looked like chocolate oatmeal (quinoa, almond milk, unswt cocoa, honey, vanilla & banana).  The flavor was good but the consistency of the texture sent it to the trash. Started the day w/ my awesome Spark (MNS, catalyst, thermo) Breakfast turned out to be half grapefruit & slice of 15 grain toast w/ tbsp homemade almond butter (MNS).  Can’t remember what my 1st snack was but I do remember chewing lol~  (30 min b4 MNS) Lunch was quinoa patty (but it didn’t stick together so was more like crumbles) over spinach salad…actually VERY TASTY.  2nd snack 1 serving/5 cashew clusters (my newest obsession!!). A late afternoon 2nd Spark (b/c I CAN & it’s delish!! w/ catalyst & thermo). Dinner was grilled chicken w/ steamed broccoli and just 1/2 c of mashed taters (cuz I couldn’t resist)
I had all intentions of starting another round of Lean in 13 this week however I’ve just decided to “wing it” and see how it goes.  If you’re a “wing it” kinda person just remember #1 LOTS of water!  #2 Eat 5-6 small meals a day consisting of @ least 10g protein and less than 30g carbs at each #3 The more you “put into” it, the more you’ll “get out of it”
*Side bar* Let’s talk…
What do you wanna see here?
How can I best help you on your health journey?
I share w/ you what & how I’m doing which helps me!  It helps to hold me accountable
What best works for you?
Would you like me to go back to meal plans & recipes?  Do you need help w/ exercise?  What motivates you to “do better” and give it your all?
(pictured below is the FAIL..looks good right? Ehhh wrong answer.  Or, maybe it’s just an acquired taste & I DON’T HAVE IT)
 quinoa oatmeal

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