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Lean in 13 Day 12

on May 11, 2013

Welp, when ya PLAY ya PAY!  What’s meant by that?  Just keep reading…


Uh…what happened to being my accountability partner? Where’s my motivation to do right?
They say confession is good for the soul but ya know I didnt feel any better about telling ya’ll I had that cookie dough cheesecake last night than I do about that popcorn I’m fix’n tell ya about.  Is a hotdog an approved protein? lol
Today Enthusiast & I celebrated his birthday w/ a “mommy date”… I am of the mindset if my 13 year old son STILL wanna spend time w/ his mama, I will knock myself out to make it happen…because tomorrow he ain’t gonna want me around!

Spark (3 catalyst, 2 thermoplus, 1st MNS)
BREAKFAST:  MR Shake + 2tsp almond butter (2/white MNS)
SNACK:  apple + 1/2 c almonds
(before lunch MNS)
LUNCH:  Turkey patty + asparagus
SNACK:  Movie popcorn (shuda been half grapefruit + nuts)
DINNER:  (2 carb-ease plus) 1/2 footlong hotdog + 8 fries + cookie dough cheesecake square

Is it the actual eating bad that makes me feel like poo or is it the GUILT from eating the bad?  Either way, I FEEL BAD!  Not just physically sluggish with a headache but emotional & mentally I feel “negative”.  I don’t even want to go outside and WATCH my young man shoot hoops.  This is our “date” night, Honey and Princess are gone and still “bleeeeck”

Picked up the Enthusiast from school and HE had a hot fudge sundae.  Went to see Iron Man 3 and we shared a popcorn.  Then he wanted Doss’ (local mom’n pop hotdog & ice cream joint)..oh boy.  We again SPLIT a footlong & few fries before HE had a scoop of ice cream.  Is it bedtime yet? haha

**I consumed way more water than usual due to the sauna we had our hour long zumba class in this morning (72 oz by 11 am) 171 oz  (HIT me just a bit ago that I won’t get to go to zumba for another entire week..whatever will I do?)

After the last two cheat DAYS (basically) I had my son suggest that I SKIP my scheduled/day 14 cheat day..which makes sense right?  But uh, I had such BIG plans for Mother’s Day.  I wanted SpecialK cereal for breakfast!  I wanted a Cookout milkshake after lunch!  I wanted graham crackers w/ peanut butter for evening snack!  Regardless of how I handle Sunday/14 come Monday I start the Lean in 13 all over again from Day 1!  & YES’ir I AM excited!  (After my cheat last night w/ the cookie/cheesecake I was feeling a lil’ concerend so I HAD to step on the scales this morning…I was down to  158.8! THAT’S MY LOWEST LOW!  MY LOWEST IN 13 YEARS!  MY SIZE 8’S ARE LOOSE AND 6’S ARE SAYING “COME ON OVA” (Y’all gotta remember now, I’d reached 203 lbs and though I carried it off due to my height, it was VISIBLE and PHYSICAL!)



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