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Lean in 13 Day 9

on May 8, 2013

Oh my word…I HAVE BEEN SO HUNGRY TODAY~  I don’t understand, I’ve done everything as usual…I actually had to have 6 meals/snacks today and I’M NOT USED TO THAT.  I told my mother just an hour after we ate that I felt kinda funny, like maybe I hadn’t eaten enough today.  I’ve had same energy levels I’ve been holding to the last 9 days…wait, did I say NINE?  This time has literally FLOWN BY (of course we allll know, the older we get the faster it goes.  Today Princess said, “You’re older than daddy that means you will die 1st” – well that was a lil’ morbid – I reminded her of daddy’s age and that indeed HE IS 4 YEARS OLDER, she responded w/ “Oh so HE will die first?”  I simply told her that maybe the Lord would come and we would just all go together.  She was good w/ that.  Such a sweet, lil’ loving heart and for a 5 year old she knows her bible..and what she don’t know, she makes up LOL but usually right on)

Spark (3 catalyst, 2 thermoplus, 1st MNS)

BREAKFAST:  MR Shake + 1tsp almond butter

SNACK:  1/2 c almonds

LUNCH:  Turkey patty, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber and large piece of lettuce

Spark (3 catalyst)

SNACK:  MG Shake

DINNER:  Baked chicken and cauliflower (was actually a quinoa califlower dish)

PM SNACK:  1/2-3/4 c grilled chicken w/ lettuce and 2 slices tomatoe

**I have not measured my water well today which means I did not have enough I’m sure…figuring off the top of my head (watch out) I’d say I only had maybe 80-85 oz

AND I’ll definitely have to kick it into high gear tomorrow w/ the zumba because due to my son’t 1st guitar recital I did not get in a workout 😦


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