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Lean in 13 Day 8

on May 7, 2013

Whoa…really?  Day 8?  That’s hard to believe!!!  Where has the time gone… DAY 8 & I’VE YET to have a lack of energy!  Now, I ain’t gonna lie, when I get still in the evening I have to fight to hold my eyes open…but the rest of the day I’M GOOD TO GOOOOOOO

There’s nothing better than spending a day w/ my girls “playing” in the rain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they keep me on track.  Princess is a stickler for watching what I eat or listening to what kinda food I talk about eating and baby girl makes sure I EXCERCISE by doing it w/ me!  I’ve got the best girls as my own and am so blessed!

Ya know, my oven has been broke for a while now and it’s really start to effect my plan here!

advo ecard spark


Spark (3 catalyst, 2 thermoplus, 1st MNS)

BREAKFAST:  MR Shake +1 cup up strawberry (2/white MNS)

SNACK:  1/2 c almonds + banana

(last MNS)

LUNCH:  Grilled chicken salad

SNACK:  MG Shake + apple

Spark (3 catalyst + 1 thermoplus)

DINNER:  Grilled chicken w/ side salad + tomatoes (due to the fact that I was eating “out” for lunch & dinner both I felt best to stick w/ salad and not adding a carb that might be loaded w/ salt &/or preservatives)

Around 8 pm I REALLLLLLY wanted “something” but I added 3 more catalyst and that sweet tooth subsided (i just love that stuff!)

**I was low on my water consumption coming in at just 100 oz

My workout was “30 Days to Shred” (as you can see I havent’ quite stuck w/ the “plan” on the exercise schedule but to me as long as I’m doing “something”, I’m making progress 🙂


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