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Lean in 13 Days 6 & 7

on May 6, 2013

Man alive, I had so much going on yesterday I hope I can remember what all I had or did…it was CrAzY!

SPARK (3 catalyst, 2 thermoplus, 1st MNS)
BREAKFAST:  MR shake +1 tsp almond butter (2/white MNS)
SNACK:  1/2 c nuts

LUNCH:  Turkey wrap (not let me tell ya, I’m at a Nutritional Seminar right so you think there’s gonna be a great/healthy lunch provided right? NOT!  This whole wheat wrap (best part about it) had processed lunch meat (& LIL of it at that), w/ some kind of “sauce”..i tore off half the wrap!  It came w/ plain Lay’s chips and a pre-packaged 200 cal cookie…neither of which I ate even though I was starved by the time lunch rolled around)

SNACK:  MG shake (which I spilled all over myself mixing in the parking lot..thinking the whole time, “I’m bound to arrested one day over possesion of unknown powdery substance”) +3 catalyst

DINNER:  Panera grilled chicken salad (NOW..let me explain why I didn’t go home & make my own!  Princess had a hanker’n for Papa Johnson (aka Johns lol) which meant daddy really wanted pizza…where I stopped to get it was ridiculously busy..they had MORE THAN 20 employees in this tiny place.  I ordered them each their desired pizzas (only of course because they were both on “special”) and was told they’d be ready in 20 mins.  Well I’M STARVED so I go to Panera to eat while I wait!  Go into PJs…and they can’t FIND my order…I’m there maybe 7-8 mins before the find the girl who took the order and she tells them, “It’s out for delivery”..that’s funny..I didn’t give them an address, where are they delivering to??   BACK UP 2 YEARS..I had them meet me in the Kohl’s parking lot know now, ya call up and they already know yer name based on yer phone nunber.  They decide to remake my pies..25 mins later I’m still there…TO MAKE A LOOOOOONG story short..I went home w/ 4 large pizzas, an order of cheese sticks an offer of a 2 liter and 4 “fund raiser” cards HaHa~)  I ONLY had ONE cheese stick (which is small slice of cheese pizza w/o the sauce) and ONE bite of lil’ bits 1st piece.  Neither of which was worth the time I waited!

Exercise?  Oh uh…well I ain’t gonna lie…unless you count my constant movement on the 4 hour round trip drive I didn’t get it…but I COUNT IT!

Sun/Day 7

Spark (3 catalyst, 1 thermoplus, 1st MNS)

BREAKFAST:  MR shake +1 tsp almond butter (2/white MNS)

SNACK:  1/2 c almonds

LUNCH:  Grilled chicken salad

SNACK:  MG shake

SPARK (3 catalyst) 

DINNER:  Baked chicken w/ spinach & tomatoes (Simple, Mmmm good)


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