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Lean in 13 Day 4

on May 3, 2013

bad good

Whew…i’m glad this bombed day is over… I have felt sluggish, irritable and even a lil’ depressed…DESPITE the good new I received at the doctor’s office today 🙂  Honey took me out to celebrate a good report twice today, early lunch and movie (of course it was a movie I knew HE’D enjoy b/c Lord knows it didn’t do a thing for me.  I don’t even like Tom Cruise..I know, I just lost some of you over that comment)

Morning started off w/ a bang when I woke up LATE which meant two days in a row of being off my timing schedule.  Then, I was so excited about adding a lil’ fruit into my day that I really got thrown off kilter (I’ve missed my fruit).  I’ve got so used to eating at certain times during the day…I CANNOT GET OFF TRACK ANYMORE~

6:30 Spark (3 catalyst, 1 Thermoplus, B4 breakfast MNS)

BREAKFAST:  MR Shake (berry + cut up ONE strawberry; 2 white/MNS)

SNACK:  Almonds (that I couldn’t finish b/c I was so nervous about my tests and forgot to take my apple for same reason)

LUNCH:  2 scrambled eggs w/ ONE slice of whole wheat toast (we reached doctor’s office early and they ACTUALLY TOOK ME IN EARLY..which meant I was done 5 mins after “scheduled” appointment time.  Since we couldn’t pick up the Princess from play-school yet…ok peep, what do we do when we’re out and have extra time..EAT, of course..Ugggg; I so gotta work on that)

(I didn’t have time to take my before lunch MNS actually before lunch b/c our plan to stop was so last minute.  I took the last MNS pack 30 mins before my MG Shake)

SNACK:  Muscle Gain Shake + 1 tsp almond butter + several bites of cantaloupe (MAYBE 1/2 c)

4:30 Spark (3 catalyst)

DINNER:  1.5 c grilled chicken and half whole wheat bun w/ lettuce & tomatoe (AND POPCORN…I cannot possibly see a movie and NOT have popcorn can you?!)

I consumed 140 oz of water today 🙂

Ok, so looking back, it doesn’t look quite as bad (except for popcorn) as it felt…but I ain’t gonna lie, I think that bread did me in!!  Worst part of my day is NO WORK-OUT b/c I’ve literally felt like poooooo.  I have to remind myself that ONE BAD CHOOS’N DAY doesn’t make me fat just like ONE GOOD CHOOS’N DAY makes me thin (can I get an Amen?)

TOMORROW…Z-U-M-B-A (no, I’m not excited!)


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