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Lean in 13 Day 3

on May 2, 2013

1 pound

I’m sexy and I know it…now, if you could see the “moves” that go along w/ that you’d know I got to partake in my obsession today.. Z-U-M-B-A

BTW..there was NO hip’n NOR hop’n in my home last night as honey decided it would be a good night to sit on the couch and sleep through some TV..which means I got to off track twice yesterday (my Costco samples AND no workout!) 😛

Today’s eating got somewhat off track as well and for the first time I FOUND MYSELF HUNGRY~

Having gotten up earlier than usual (4:30am) my regimen started earlier which threw my eating times off.  Plus, having that hour long Zumba class and then I had to get my nails done (the Princess needed her toes painted)…therefore, knowing it was going to be 4 whole hours between snack & lunch, I added in a 2nd Spark (3 catalyst).  (Because my timing was off, my planned meals got pushed around as well).  BUT, let me tell ya, I had some AMAZING energy Whoop, Whoop

Spark (30 mins before breakfast MNS, 3 catalyst, 2 thermoplus)

BREAKFAST:  MR Shake +1tsp chia seeds w/ 2/white MNS

SNACK:  1/2 c roasted almonds

2nd Spark (3 catalyst)

LUNCH:  1 c rotissere chicken, 1 c cucumber, tomatoes, cashews, 1.5-2 c garden salad (Y’all remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine was hooked on “the big salad”? HaHa I MADE THAT SALAD TODAY and I think I could’ve eaten two of ’em)

SNACK:  Muscle Gain Shake +1 tsp almond butter (NOW..the Muscle Gain is rather expensive BUT for just 1/4 of the cost you could get Walmart’s Pure Whey Protein, it doesn’t have as good of a flavor but the ratios are the closest I’ve ever found)

DINNER:  Chick Fila Garden Market Salad w/ DRIZZLE of fat-free honey mustard  (THIS WAS NOT A PLANNED EVENT…found myself OUT w/ my mother before church and due to the fact we were so early for church, “Why not eat?” right LOL~)

Dinner was where I really felt like I blew it today, though this was a small salad was just a 170 calories it included Thai Honey almond pieces (shoudn’t have honey), it had blueberries, strawberries and apples.  I have never liked fruit on my salad so not realizing before ordering (it’s a new menu item) I just removed them to put aside (at this point hadn’t even thought of I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE FRUIT) but the strawberries were so red I just had to eat them, then I didn’t wanna waste the apples..blueberries got trashed.  Oh & it had blue cheese which GAG I can’t stand but I did scoop all that off!

I’m excited for tomorrow…not just because I get to legally add fruit but because at the rate I’ve been going, I MAY REACH MY NEWEST LOW on the scales HeeHee

On a more serious note, I have a diagnostic mamo appointment tomorrow due to a “spot” showing on my annual mamo last week…so would you please remember me in your prayers.  I’m really not THAT CONCERNED as I know..MY GOD REIGNS~


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