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Lean in 13 Day 2

on May 1, 2013

LET ME TELL YA’LL HOW STRONG I AM I CAVED TODAY…. HaHa, no seriously!  I went shopping at Harris Teeter, just needed a few things from the sales flyer and I did NOT have one sample; NOT ONE!  Of course it helped that it was early in the morning and they didn’t have any out yet…but the point is I wasn’t even looking!  THEN, I went to Costco for my veggies and the samples were plentious!!!  STILL DIDN’T HAVE ONE….till I got to the end and there they had “Kale” chips so I’m thinking “that’s healthy right?” AND IT WAS ONLY ONE..welp, that just made me wanna go home and have chips w/ hummus (I have just, since my last Costco trip, discovered that I like hummus, even though I’ve been buying it for my men for months).  But beside that they had dark chocolate blueberries, I don’t even like blueberries but generally ANYTHING covered in chocolate is fabulous..not so much!  BESIDE THAT they had trail mix…W/ WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS..but again, I only had 2 almonds, few cranberries and 3 chips from the lil’ cup…so all in all, I still say, “I’m the man…er..uh WO-man” because that’s nothing to sneeze at haha

Before I started the Lean in 13 my sister told me I’d hate it that due to the lack of carbs I’d have no energy.  I am here to tell ya, it hasn’t been nearly as tough as I’d thought it be!  I haven’t been hungry!  I haven’t had a lack of energy and actually I’m getting up even earlier than I was before (and I still take the MNS3) Whoop Whoop 😀

NO, I DIDN’T COME HOME FOR CHIPS & HUMMUS…though I sure wanted to 😉

5:30:  Spark (3 catalyst, 1 thermoplus & b4 breakfast MNS)

BREAKFAST:  MR Shake & 1/2 tsp chia seeds (2 white MNS)

SNACK:  1/2 c almonds

LUNCH:  1 c rotissere chicken, 1/2 c tomatoes & 1/2 c cucumbers

SNACK:  Muscle Gain shake (which I would’ve added almond butter to but we had baseball and no way to “mix” it)

4:00ish:  Spark (didn’t have any catalyst w/ me)

(30 mins before dinner 3/Fibo Trim)

DINNER:  5 oz tuna, hard-boiled egg & 1 c broccoli

I consumed 123 oz of water (& will probably have a lil’ more before going to bed)

*Generally I try not to have the same thing 2 nights in a row but it was late getting home after game and broccoli was the quickest veggie to prepare

Now I’m about to do my “moderate cardio” w/ some HipHop Abs (don’t laugh, you know you wanna try it)

dont give up


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